The morning light leaked into the room through the cracks in the curtains, and Mu Xiaoke woke up from a night of sweet dreams.
The dark room was dotted with several rays of sunlight, like a dream, making Mu Xiaoke unable to tell whether the dream was real or not.

Chu Han slightly tightened his arms around Mu Xiaoke’s waist, buried his head on the back of Mu Xiaoke’s neck, kissed him a few times, and asked softly in a hoarse and low voice: “Are you awake?”

Mu Xiaoke held Chu Han’s hand, and Chu Han held his backhand and clasped his fingers tightly.
“Did you sleep well, baby?”

Mu Xiaoke looked at him sideways and told Chu Han clearly with a smile on his face that he slept well and slept beautifully.

Chu Han was stunned, Mu Xiaoke’s face was haggard and tired before.
Although it was still thin and pitiful, that face seemed to have a radiance, it was extremely beautiful.
The light in those big eyes attracted Chu Han, making him unable to pay any attention to his surroundings.

In the past, Mu Xiaoke hadn’t grown up yet, so it seemed that he was indeed inferior to Mu Kai’s aggressive beauty, but now that the child has grown up, his glance and smile are so lovely.

Mu Xiaoke noticed that Chu Han was in a daze, so he tilted his head to look at him and asked him what was wrong.

Chu Han was “severely injured” by this small movement of tilting his head, why is he so cute?! “Why is my baby so cute?” He said, kissing Mu Xiaoke heavily on the cheek.

Mu Xiaoke blushed.
Why did Chu Han suddenly become frivolous? He seemed to be familiar with such nasty love words.
Some strange switch must have been turned on!

Chu Han smiled and hugged him to get up to wash.
The two of them put on their coats.
Chu Han opened the floor-to-ceiling windows on the right side of the room.
Only then did Mu Xiaoke discover that there was a terrace of more than 20 square meters.
The sun shone down and drove away the cold winter morning breeze.
Looking around, there are magical buildings and traffic on both sides of the river.

“This terrace is the best viewpoint of this house, isn’t it beautiful?”

Mu Xiaoke nodded vigorously, it is so beautiful, this kind of scenery can be seen by pushing the door at home, the beauty of this house is so amazing as much.

“Xiao Ke, I hope to live here with you in the future.”

Is this… is this a promise to stay together for a lifetime? Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han, and Chu Han’s gaze was firm and sincere, which made Mu Xiaoke’s blood surge, “As long as I am alive, I will be with you.” Mu Xiaoke responded in sign language.

“You will live a long life, and so will I.” Chu Han hugged him tightly, “Don’t talk about life and death lightly, with me here, I will not let your pessimistic thoughts appear in reality.”

Mu Xiaoke tightly pursed his lips, holding back the tears caused by being moved, “Okay!”

Chu Han caressed Mu Xiaoke’s cheek, and his eyes were full of longing, “So, have you decided what you want to say to me? “

Since we have decided to be together, we must try our best to keep this happiness, and blindly concealing and avoiding it will definitely not solve the problem.
Mu Xiaoke knew that sooner or later he would have to tell Chu Han about the past, but he didn’t know how to speak or where to start.

“For example, why are you so afraid of Rong Yanzhe? Is it because of the power of the Rong family?”

Chu Han could always see Mu Xiaoke’s thoughts and began to ask questions to guide Mu Xiaoke.

Mu Xiaoke nodded lightly, the Rong family has strong financial resources, at least in the circle that Mu Xiaoke can get in touch with, it is one of the best big financial groups, so Mu Xiaoke is afraid and feels powerless to fight back.

“Then if I say, my father’s surname is Shao?”

Surnamed Shao? Surnamed Shao! Mu Xiaoke’s eyes widened, what did Chu Han say? Is that what he meant?

Chu Han smiled slowly, “It’s the Shao you think of.
The last president of the Shao Group is my grandfather.

Mu Xiaoke was confused for a while.
Chu Han’s father’s surname was Shao.
Was his grandfather the president of the Shaw Group who had just passed away? “Then why isn’t your surname Shao, and why is the Rong family controlling the Shao family?”

Chu Han hugged Mu Xiaoke and took him back to the house, lest he gets too excited or blows the cool breeze for too long.

“My parents were plotted by the Rong family couple, and my father died in the scheme of the Rong family couple.”


Mu Xiaoke was so angry that he couldn’t believe what he heard, the Rong family couple… were murderers! “Didn’t they be arrested?”

Chu Han shook his head, “The tragedy at that time was regarded as an accident.
My father died abroad.
It is difficult to find out why this kind of thing happened abroad.
The Rong family tried their best to cover it up.
Even my grandpa was almost deceived by them.”

Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help clenching his fists when he heard this, the Rong family is always so despicable, they are simply demons, they can wantonly trample on other people’s dignity and even their lives for money and their own desires.
Well, with a son like Rong Yanzhe, of course, it is because of worse parents as an example that this son can learn to be so arrogant!

Chu Han recalled the past.
His mother refused to let go after receiving the news of his father’s death.
She didn’t believe it was an accident because the timing of his father’s accident was too sensitive.
His father went abroad with some domestic politicians to investigate overseas in order to invest in foreign infrastructure projects.
If those projects were won, the reputation and market value of the Shao Group would soar to a level unmatched by similar companies.

And if this project is completed by his father, then Shao Group will basically be in his father’s hands.

At such a critical time, his father died in a foreign country, and the smell of conspiracy was too obvious.

His mother’s insistence did cause the company to question Rongzhao and his wife a lot, but what everyone didn’t expect was that Chu Han’s grandfather did not agree with Chu Han’s mother spreading the word that the Rongzhaos and his wife were suspects with great fanfare.
In a rage, Chu Han’s mother took Chu Han out of the country and settled abroad, even changing Chu Han’s surname.

“My mother was very disappointed with my grandfather and many senior executives in the Shao Group, so she left in a fit of anger.
But, unfortunately, her health was not good, and she left me after half a year abroad.
Grandpa took me back, and my name has not been changed.
My grandfather often said sorry to me and my parents.”

“Have you found any evidence, have you found any evidence to confirm that Rong Zhao and the others are murderers?”

Chu Han shook his head, “After that time, those certified physical pieces of evidence have long been impossible to investigate.
However, Rong Zhao himself admitted that he designed the car accident that killed my father.”

There are such rampant people?! What kind of shameless devil is Rong Zhao?

“There was a business reception, my grandfather appointed Rong Zhao to represent the Shao Group, and I happened to be attending a class reunion at the same hotel.
I was curious about how Rong Zhao would behave outside, so I followed Rong Zhao all the time.”

Coincidentally, Rong Zhao and his accomplices had a rare encounter.
They hid in a secret corner and talked about what happened not long ago.

“That old man of yours is so fair.
Even though his daughter-in-law was making trouble he still asked you to come to such an important occasion, hahaha.”

“What’s that bitch knows? She just knows how to yell around.
How could the old man believe her unfounded crazy words? She died so quickly as retribution.”

“But the old man brought back his precious grandson, look at that kid, if he grows up, he may not be worse than his short-lived father.”

“Hmph, what can he do as a young brat? What’s the use of studying well? If he messes with me, I’ll send him to reunite with his parents in a few days.”

“Take it easy.
his parents just died, and even his son also followed the death, you can not really get away with it.
Come on, it’s enough to kill him.
I don’t want you to make some mistakes and drag me into the water.”

“Look at you like that ……”

Chu Han, who was only 13 or 14 years old at the time, almost collapsed after hearing those words, but he covered his mouth with amazing perseverance to prevent himself from being exposed, and even recorded the audio.

“I gave the recording to my grandfather, but the lawyer told us that this recording cannot be used as direct evidence to prove that they killed someone, and the case cannot be handled across borders in China.
Unless we find real criminal evidence, it is possible to prosecute from the country.”

“Since then, grandpa taught me a word…”

Mu Xiaoke looked into Chu Han’s eyes, and his heart ached.
He hugged Chu Han tightly, he knew that Chu Han had learned the word his grandfather taught him—forbearance.
He has endured it for so many years, how painful it must be to bear the bloody hatred alone and not be able to retaliate?

Chu Han’s maturity and stability are the results of being tortured by suffering.
Just thinking about it, Mu Xiaoke feels extremely sad.
In the future, he must treat Chu Han doubly well, and must be by Chu Han’s side, and bear everything with him, not let him continue to be alone.

Chu Han buried his head on Mu Xiaoke’s shoulder, that thin shoulder looked so reliable and strong at this moment.
Chu Han was extremely attached, turned his head, and kissed Mu Xiaoke’s neck lightly.
He loved Mu Xiaoke’s strength and stubbornness very much, and he loved the awe-inspiring appearance of him carrying everything with his small shoulders.

“I’ve endured it for more than ten years.
After my grandfather passed away, I’ve still endured it until now.
Xiao Ke, I’m not afraid of the Rongzhao family.
I’ve been dormant all this time just to strike a blow.
Do you understand?”

Mu Xiaoke nodded.
He understood.
He believed that Chu Han must have been doing something over the years, and he also believed that Chu Han would be able to make the Rong family pay the price.
“What are you going to do in the future, tell me, let’s do it together.
Didn’t you say that I belong to you, then share your pain with me, and I will bear the pain with you.”

Chu Han was moved by such moving love words and such decisive vows, “Why are you so stupid? You have to suffer with me before you get the happiness I give you.
How can I…”
Mu Xiaoke gently covered Chu Han’s lips, looked at Chu Han with gentle eyes, then stood up and kissed Chu Han.

It’s me, how can I meet and fall in love with you?

“I love you.”

Mu Xiaoke sign to Chu Han.

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