The appearance of Wu Yi changed Mu Xiaoke’s mind.
In the past, he just thought it was his and his mother’s bad luck, so he met his father’s enemy, was kidnapped, and his mother died to protect him, so he couldn’t blame anyone else.
But now that things are connected in series, he can’t calm down.


    Chu Han knew Mu Xiaoke’s mood at this time.
He had experienced such a thing more than ten years ago.
The death of his relatives collided with coincidences one after another.
He couldn’t convince himself that those were accidents.
The enemy who killed his father was right in front of him, but he couldn’t sanction him.
This feeling was too painful, Chu Han never thought that Mu Xiaoke would experience the same pain as him.


    “Xiao Ke…” Chu Han hugged Mu Xiaoke tightly, “Don’t be sad, the matter is still unclear, and it’s not too late to make a conclusion after finding out.”


    Mu Xiaoke pondered, yes, all those twists and turns were all his own speculation.
He still has to ask what is going on.
After he asks, maybe… Maybe he misunderstood others.


    Chu Han rubbed Mu Xiaoke’s head, comforted him, and gave him a sense of security, “No matter what the truth is, you still have me.
Don’t worry, don’t be afraid.” 


    Chu Han’s hug tightly wrapped Mu Xiaoke.
It gave Mu Xiaoke the illusion of being curled up in the warm quilt.
Yes, he is there, he is not afraid.


    “I want to go home.” Mu Xiaoke showed firm eyes, and Chu Han knew that he was calm and determined at this moment.


    “Okay, I’ll accompany you.”


    “No, I can’t let Dad know your identity, he and the Rong family…”


    Before Mu Xiaoke finished typing, Chu Han pressed his hand, “Rong Yanzhe already knows that I’m with you, and it doesn’t make any difference to the Rong family whether your father knows or not.”


    Mu Xiaoke suddenly felt sad, if it wasn’t for him, maybe Chu Han would have been lurking until he was able to succeed with one blow, but because of him, Chu Han was exposed to the guns of the Rong family in advance, no matter how Chu Han comforted him, he felt guilty.


    However, the matter has come to this point, neither he nor Chu Han is complaining.
In that case, they should attack in advance!


    The next day, Mu Xiangyang, who was still in a company meeting, suddenly received a message from Mu Xiaoke, saying that he was going home for dinner.
Mu Xiangyang didn’t even start the meeting and hurriedly made a video call to Mu Xiaoke.


    When Mu Xiangyang called, Mu Xiaoke and Chu Han had just arrived at the home of “Chao Yueming” (the community where Chu Han’s River View House is located).
Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han, and Chu Han nodded.


    In order to prevent Mu Xiangyang from finding out where they were, Mu Xiaoke answered the phone in the open study next to the living room.
In this way, Mu Xiangyang could only see a quaint bookshelf and nothing else.


    Mu Xiangyang looked very happy.
He hadn’t been able to see his youngest son on New Year’s Day before, and he had been depressed all the time.
He didn’t expect Mu Xiaoke to contact him and said he wanted to go home for dinner.


    “Xiao Ke, are you on vacation…” But what surprised Mu Xiangyang was Mu Xiaoke’s thin face, “What’s wrong, are you sick! Why did you lose so much weight? Did you get bullied at school? “


    Mu Xiaoke didn’t know whether he should be moved by Mu Xiangyang’s rare fatherly love.
Thinking of his mother who passed away, it was difficult for Mu Xiaoke to show a smile to Mu Xiangyang.


    Mu Xiangyang became even more anxious.
If there is nothing wrong with Mu Xiaoke, he would show him a perfunctory smile.
Why did he look so tired and sad now?


    “What’s the matter?”


    “I have something to tell you, let’s go back to talk tonight.
Also, I hope there is no Mu Kai at home tonight.”


    Mu Xiangyang was stunned, he actually wanted to find Mu Kai to go home just now.
He also wanted to enjoy the so-called family happiness, but Mu Xiaoke just said this.


    “You and your…”


    Mu Xiaoke quickly interrupted him, “I don’t have a brother.
If you want to keep pestering me, I don’t need to go back.”


    Mu Xiangyang quickly compromised, “No, Xiao Kai has been filming in other places recently.
He won’t come back if I don’t call him.
Come back, Dad hasn’t seen you for a long time.”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded and said in sign language: “See you tonight.”


    Mu Xiangyang was slightly regretful, but he was also happy after all, “Okay, see you tonight.” 


    In the evening, Chu Han drove Mu Xiaoke back to Fenglinyuan.
When they arrived at the gate of the community, the gate guard stopped them.
Fenglinyuan generally does not allow foreign vehicles to enter, and Chu Han’s license plate has not been registered, so naturally, he will not be allowed to enter.


    Fortunately, the security guard on duty knew Mu Xiaoke, and after Mu Xiaoke explained to him, he was able to enter the door.


    “It seems that I have to tell the property management to register my car.” Chu Han drove the car to the yard of Mu Xiaoke’s house.
Mu Xiaoke looked at him and gestured with a smile: “Whose house will it be registered?” Then remotely control the garage and let Chu Han park the car in.


    “Who else can I register with? I’ll be yours from now on.” Chu Han parked the car and turned to pinch Mu Xiaoke’s nose.
Mu Xiaoke dodged with a smile and started fighting with Chu Han.


    At some point, a person stood in front of their car.
Mu Xiaoke took a closer look, and it was his father, Mu Xiangyang.


    Mu Xiangyang’s expression was very ugly.
He came out happily to greet his child, but he didn’t know that when he came out, he saw his son and a strange man flirting with each other in the car.


    Mu Xiaoke and Chu Han looked at each other and they got out of the car together.
Chu Han walked to Mu Xiaoke’s side and stood in front of Mu Xiangyang.


    Mu Xiaoke took the initiative to hold Chu Han’s hand, and gestured to Mu Xiangyang: “Dad, he is my boyfriend, Chu Han.” 


Chu Han lowered his head slightly, and stretched out his hand to Mu Xiangyang, “Hello, Uncle.”

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