When Chu Han returned home, Mu Xiaoke hurried to pick him up, and asked him with sign language: “How was your today?”

    Chu Han put down his things and hugged Mu Xiaoke into his arms, “You have seen all the comments on the Internet, there is no problem, now several high-level executives are having a meeting, and I said that I would come back to take care of you, and Mr.
Chen dared not keep me.”

    Only then did Mu Xiaoke feel relieved, as long as he wasn’t embarrassed by Mu Xiangyang.
Maybe Mu Xiangyang is not in the mood to trouble them now.

    “Luo’an has already arranged for people to prepare bigger revelations.
Tonight, Wu Yi and the others may not be able to sleep.”

    The breaking news arranged by Cen Luoan was obtained from Mu Xiaoke and Li Fengming.
They contacted entertainment news more than ten years ago to connect Wu Yi’s story of having children unmarried and concealing her illegitimate son from marrying into a wealthy family.
He wrote a dog—blooded post, and now he is just waiting for the number of posts to circulate to increase, which will ferment the incident.

    The center of the incident was the Mu family, and Mu Xiaoke couldn’t settle down, so he held his mobile phone all night, and he had to rely on Chu Han to feel at ease, so the two of them hugged each other at night and lay down together.

    Chu Han kissed Mu Xiaoke from time to time, “Don’t worry, baby, Cen Luo’an has already asked people to watch the situation on the Internet.
If someone involves you and your mother, they will deal with it immediately.” Mu Xiaoke nodded.

    When it was almost 9 o’clock, Li Fengming called suddenly.

    Chu Han helped to answer the phone, “Xiao Ke, there is an online drama that wants to cooperate with us.
You are also on vacation recently, so let’s make a set of design drawings.”

    Mu Xiaoke opened his eyes wide, does this mean to let him take the project alone? Chu Han rubbed his head, and helped him to ask his doubts: “So this project is for Xiao Ke to take on by himself?” “

    “Yes, I asked him to be an assistant before to train his coping ability.
I have always been sure of his design and craftsmanship.”

    Mu Xiaoke jumped out of the blanket excitedly, and Chu Han laughed, “He is very happy, and he will complete this task well.”

    Li Fengming also laughed on the other end of the phone, “I believe in him.
Xiao Ke, go for it.”

    Mu Xiaoke turned around and threw himself on Chu Han.
After Chu Han and Li Fengming said hello, he turned off the phone, hugged him and kissed him, turned over and pressed him under his body, and made out with each other.

    After a deep kiss, Mu Xiaoke looked up at Chu Han with big shining eyes, his eyes were full of deep love.
Chu Han couldn’t help kissing those beautiful eyes.
After a long time, both of them were calm After a long time, both of them calmed down.
Chu Han hugged Mu Xiaoke and said to him seriously: “Finish this project well, and leave all the things on the Internet to me.” 

“Okay!” Mu Xiaoke nodded solemnly, he trusted Chu Han wholeheartedly and he would listen to Chu Han’s suggestions.

    On the night when the relationship between Wu Yi and Mu Kai was exposed, the mother and son were so overwhelmed that they couldn’t fall asleep, but Mu Xiaoke slept beautifully in Chu Han’s arms.

    When Chu Han arrived at the office the next day, he found that all his colleagues were exhausted as if they had been hollowed out.

    “Did you not sleep last night?” Chu Han’s seemingly ignorant look made his colleagues grit their teeth.

    “You kid is really good at avoiding things.
You actually went home to accompany your wife at such a critical time last night.”

    Chu Han unconsciously showed a smile unique to those who are in love.

    “Oh my god, my eyes! What are these? They’re going to blind my dog ​​eyes!”

    “Don’t be poor, Xiao Chu, you can’t be lazy today.
There is a tough battle to be fought today.
There are so many new rumors on the Internet.
Now, we have to fight back.”

    “Okay, send me the plan.”

    Chu Han saw their discussion—the plan they came up with at night.

    They wanted to treat this matter as a premeditated rumor.
Anyway, as long as there is no paternity test for Mu Kai and Wu Yi, they cannot press their heads to make them admit it.
Now the water army has begun to spread the same copywriting and matching pictures on major websites.
They have carefully prepared comparison pictures of stars who look similar but have no blood relationship in the entertainment industry.
There can be more than a dozen pairs of such stars.
This is enough to prove that there is such a coincidence in the world – there are situations where people look similar without a blood relationship.

    Chu Han frowned slightly, this could indeed explain the similarity between Wu Yi and Mu Kai, but…Chu Han smiled, did Wu Yi forget that her husband would not believe these far-fetched explanations?

    Wu Yi has now returned home after taking leave from the film crew, and her real estate tycoon husband is waiting for her.

    “Husband, you’re home.”

    Wu Yi said without confidence at this time, the servants at home came to help her take off her coat as usual, but at this time Wu Yi did not want anyone to help her.
She hesitated and Bao Yu suddenly roared angrily: “Come here!”

    Bao Yu’s voice overlapped with the sound of the dragon’s head stick stomping on the ground, scaring Wu Yi so much that she lost all her souls.

    “Honey, listen to me…”

    “No need to say it! Sign this and get out!”

    “Dad!” A teenage girl ran down from upstairs, trying to rush to Bao Yu’s side.

    Bao Yu stood up on crutches—push the girl away, and looked down at the girl indifferently, “From now on, you will live with your mother, and you don’t need to call me father anymore!” 

Wu Yi knelt on the ground directly, “Husband, Yuan Yuan is your daughter…”

    “I, Bao Yu, don’t need a wife like you, let alone a daughter of unknown origin!”

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