Countless flashes of dazzling red light from the sky

back and forth over a body.

”Ah! ”

Alex screamed as his body was opened with several holes by the red light

and his whole body was covered with blood.

Collapsing on the ground, his breath gradually faded.

”Today I will take the soul of the supreme being inside you! ”

An enchanting female mage stood out, her face full of disdain.

a look of superiority.

Dozens of figures appeared rashly and

faces covered with cynical and sarcastic expressions.

The woman who spoke to Alex is a legendary magus,the most greedy legendary magus, and behind her stood other mages.

The pain coming from the wound made Alex sweat.

”The supreme soul! Ill take it! ”

The female magus said without ceremony.

Then she sucked away the supreme soul inside Alexs body!

”Ah! ”

Alex, who had been sucked out, became so thin and weak that he was unconscious on the ground.

A man with a supreme soul is destined to dominate the universe.

If he dives into cultivation, he can reach the pinnacle of the magus level.

Universe supreme!

In fact, the gifted Alex was the most promising to become the strongest legendary mage,Universe supreme.

Alex has made too many wrong choices over the years.

This has led to a difficult road for Alex to improve his strength.

”If I could be reborn! I would change myself.

I would change myself and become beyond anyone. ”

A few decades ago.

”Ah ah,,, you move a little lighter! ”

”Haha. My thing is big and thick.

You feel good, right? ”

A man and a woman were in a bed, performing indescribable actions.

Both of them have smiles on their faces of pleasure.

Sweat was pouring down their faces.

The important thing is that both of them are naked.

Alex heard the sound from outside the room and covered his mouth in disbelief.

”Why, why would you do such a thing? ”

Alexs face was babyish, having just turned eighteen.

Suddenly a mysterious power came from the sky.

The force was very unstable, shaking and tugging.

It flew into Alexs body.

Alexs body twitched, along with the energy spreading to his whole body.

A few moments later

Alexs sluggish eyes changed instan

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