”I advise you to be peaceful and not cause trouble, ”

Lori, the stepmother, got alert and said with a frown.

”By the way, what about that Sarah and Cyrus marriage?

Dad! Are preparations being made already? ”

Alex looked at Lori playfully and asked with the corners of his mouth twitching.

”Yes, Lori.

Gotta get ready fast!

I can wait to hold my grandchildren, ”

Bill said as he turned his head to look at Lori.

”Geez, hubby.

e still young!

Those things don matter.

Its the family rivalry thats important now, ”

Lori hurriedly turned Bills attention to the family rivalry.

Cyrus, who was sitting on the sidelines, had mixed feelings.

Two figures appeared at the front door of the mansion.

Then, led by the two of them

A group of people came in with great force.

It was Zaki and Lucie.

The two most powerful young boys and girls of the four clans residence.

Alex took a look from his seat and

He immediately distinguished the two figures that appeared on the main entrance.

Although Zaki had just turned 18, he was very tall.

But his body is very tall.

Unlike the younger generation of the four clans

Zakis complexion is a bit dark.

Next to him, Lucie is also elegant and graceful.

She has a unique charm and

The body and temperament are excellent.

”Hello Uncle Five! ”

Zaki and Lucie greeted the two elders with respect.


Bill nodded his head.

”By the way.

Why are you two the only ones here today?

Where is your father and mother? ”

Bill looked at the people standing in front of him and asked.

”Oh! Thats right.

Today is a family competition.

The competition is between young boys and girls.

They are busy at the residence.

So they won be here to watch the battle today. ”

Lucie replied.

Today is such an important day.

Theres no way they won come.

e underestimating us.

Did they already think they would win.

So they didn come to watch the game?

Bill muttered in his heart, gnashing his teeth.

But as the head of the Five Clans residence.

He did not show his discontent.

He could only silently bear the pressure.

”Cyrus, you are also representing the Five Clans this year, right? ”

Zaki came closer and said with a deep smile.

”Yes! This year, I have increased my magic power.

The winner this year is definitely the Five Clans! ”

Cyrus said with courage.


No regrets if you only try, ”

Zaki replied perfunctorily.

Zaki glanced over and spotted an interesting figure.


Its been a long time.

Every time the family rivalry was held.

You always hide away.

Whats wrong with you this year, you want to come here to watch the battle? ”

Zaki asked with some curiosity.

”Im not here to watch the game, Im here to compete. ”

Alex replied simply and brutally.

”What? ”

Zakis pupils dilated, showing a surprised expression.

Bill and Lucie next to him panicked and

They hurriedly said that

”Alex, what are you talking about?

Shut up! ”

Fearlessly, Alex continued, rightfully so.

”I said. Im going to fight representing the five tribes in the battle

! ”

Cyrus and Claire also looked at Alex in astonishment.

Alex, you can eat your food, but you can talk nonsense!

Bill anxiously pulled Alex to the side and reminded.

Alex stepped forward and

faced the outsiders, Zaki and Lucie, and said

Dad! Watch out!

Todays victory will definitely belong to the five clans.

Alex continued, ignoring Bills tense expression.


Lucie showed a surprised expression and muttered in his heart.

Then everyone went back to their seats.

The competition was about to begin!

Alex was sitting in his seat, snorting, indifferent to the game.

”Alex, have you lost your mind, ”

Lori unsatisfied came over and lectured.

”Auntie, you
e blocking my view, ”

Alex responded nonchalantly.

”What you call me Auntie, ”

Lori was devastated.

Her own age was still young, only 33 years old and

is a young and beautiful age.

This Alex not only didn call herself mom , but he called herself aunt.

He called herself Auntie! This is too much.

Murderous in the arena,

Although the two are related by blood,

But in this kind of battle about the fate of each mansion,

No one dares to slack off,

Only by working hard can you get a place in the mansion to which you belong.

”Come on! ”

Zakis face, which had been a playful face

, was instantly strong and resolute.

As if a soldier who is about to defend himself against a thousand horses.

Cyrus, too, focused his attention on Zaki.

Come on!

They stared at each other, their auras majestic, their magical powers instantly diffused.

Wow! The magic power is so strong!

Feeling the magical power floating around.

The crowd watching the battle sighed in admiration.

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