”You and your dad are the same.

Doing nothing all day long.

Squeeze the peasants and kneel to the nobles.

To put it bluntly, you are a bunch of dogs bred by the nobility, ”

”Alex said without a swear word.


You are not qualified to criticize us. ”

Jim swung out his fist and pounced.

”You go to hell! ”

Sarah, who was on the sidelines, encouraged Jim by shouting.

”Jim, beat that guy to death! ”

Alex didn dodge, his face was calm.

As if everything that happened was in his control.

”Ah! ”

A heart-breaking scream rang out.

Jim felt the unparalleled pain from below his body.

It was as if his egg had been broken.

He fell to the ground and rolled over in pain.

”Aren you a good ejaculator?

Ill break your proud balls.

See how you can be arrogant and domineering in the future, ”

Alex said calmly.

”What are you doing, Alex, you …. ”

The next Sarah saw the scene in front of her eyes widened in fear and kept backing away.

Slap! A slap on Sarahs face.

The womans face was instantly red and swollen.

The strength of this slap was extremely horrible.

The strength of the slap was so terrifying that Sarah directly fell to the ground.

”You bitch!

Don think I don know how many people youve slept with. ”

Alex said fiercely.

”Butler. ”

Alex called out loudly.

The sound echoed around, creating a very strong aura.

”I told you to come out quickly! ”

A short and fat figure trembled and came over.

Because he was so panicked, he also fell down.

Seeing the scene in front of him, he opened his mouth wide and showed an unbelievable expression.

”Young master. This is…. ” the butler stammered and asked.

”Nothing! Hurry up.

Throw them in the garbage!. ” Alex commanded with an indifferent expression.

”Ah! ”

The butler recognized the two fainted men and said, trembling.

”But young master. Its not right!

They are, after all. ”

”Do you want to disobey my orders? Do not forget that.

Who is paying your salary, ”

Alex said with a fierce look in his eyes and gritted his teeth.

After getting Alexs strong attitude, the butler hurriedly called some servants to come together and

The two men who had fallen to the ground were carried away and thrown into the garbage.

After living for decades, I didn realize that I had

Supreme Soul!

I have to find a way to activate it.

Alex came out of the mansion and

walking in the street, looking at the people coming and going, and felt an overwhelming familiarity in his heart.

Those high ranking rulers and mages, you wait for me.

I will kill you before you are ready,

Alex was so unlucky that until he died.

Alex never found out that his body contained a horrible power, the soul of a supreme.

Alex was unlucky in his previous life.

In his previous life, he was not only weak but also easy to believe others words.

But this time is different.

Alex will be in charge of everything.

A huge plaque reads New Hope Library.

The spacious building caught Alexs eye.

”The runes of magic were quite backward in this period.

But in just a few decades, the

Magic formations and runes will see quite a huge upgrade. ”

Alex thought as he walked.

I seem to remember that there will be a magic rune competition this year.

The winner will receive many resources and contacts.

If I remember correctly.

It was Kelvin who won the championship at that time.

He became the director of the Institute of Magic.

But his behavior was so bad that

He took all the research results of the talented and hardworking students for himself.

The world of magic, which should have flourished, has been set back by decades.

Whats scary is not the presence of greedy people.

Whats scary is that they occupy the highest levels of society and act recklessly.

By winning the competition, I would have access to precious resources.

Then, Ill have the opportunity to activate the supreme soul.

And also gain important contacts.

Alex had a plan in his head for what to do next.

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