s been a playboy.

The word ”hardworking ” had nothing to do with Alex.

”Hey Alex, what are you doing here? ”

Amber shouted as she rushed forward.

Her loud voice attracted the other people who were testing magic.

They all looked over curiously.

”Is he the one known all over town as

young master of waste, Alex? ”

”Haven you seen him? ”

”He represents New Hope City! ”

”Why? ”

”When someone mentions New Hope City.

someone would not think of the beautiful scenery of New Hope.

His name is the first thing that comes to mind. ”

”He is such a god! ”

Alex instantly became the focus of the audience, and everyone muttered.

There was a noise around the quiet area.

”Youve been out of school for months since last year.

What? Are you possessed today? ”

Amber asked with a flirtatious smile.

The girl was indeed a bit attractive, but her personality was so bad that

Alex muttered as he recalled his memories of Amber.

Amber knew Alexs personality.

In front of her, Alex would be too shy to even let out a fart.

It was impossible for him to talk.

”By the way, the exams are coming up next month.

You don know when and where they are yet! ”

Amber said indifferently.

”You won be there anyway!

But as a classmate, Id like to remind you that

This is a very important exam.

It represents the end of three years of higher education. ”

Amber frowned.

”If we finish the exam and get good results, we will get the official mage certificate.

From now on, well be mages on high.

But you
e not like us.

Youll continue to be the young master of the house! ”

Amber said seasoned.

”The annual exam! ”

Alex replied neatly.

”Of course Im taking it! ”

Alex didn graduate from high school in his previous life.

so had a very bad life.

Now he can live again, of course, he has to do something meaningful.

”What, Alex is going to take the annual exam?

Thats a big story thats going to rock the city! ”

The people around were talking, and they had been listening carefully to what was happening since the beginning.

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