The library wasn all shelves lined with books.

On the third floor of the library is an empty area that

there were no bookshelves, no books.

This is the testing ground for magic testers.

People can take magic books from the first floor and practice or test magic here.

Alex brought the highest level of magic books from the first floor.

He wanted to test whether he could use it.

There were twice as many people on the third floor as on the first.

After all, the only way to learn magic is to try it.

[What you don know about high level magic?]

Alex turned to the most difficult page in the book, which contained a particularly complex rune of magic.

If one wanted to understand such magical runes

Not only does a mage need experience, but talent is also extremely important.

Alex looked at the magic runes in the book, and every stroke and every detail was flowing in his mind.

Alex aimed his palm at the giant disc of stone in front of him.

Just wait for Alex blink, the giant disc stone inside slowly emitted movement, the

The sound of breaking stones was heard from inside.

Then the disc stone collapsed, emitting a violent noise.


”Good! ”

Alex nodded, originally thinking this magic needed to be tested two or three times.

It went well in one go making Alex very satisfied.

Alex went on to test the hardest and most useful spells in each book.

He finished the test very smoothly.

In the magic testing room,

Some people were happy and some sighed.

After all, testing magic requires not only patience but also dedication.

Seeing the disappointed expressions on the faces of young girls and teenagers,

Alex thought back to his formerself.

But he understood that they had to eat these hardships, so that they could gradually become stronger.

”The exam is next month, and I can learn how to learn! ”

The young girl Rose sighed, her face full of pity.

”Hey, look. Isn that Alex?

The most famous loser in New Hope City! ”

Amber next to Rose said in surprise.

Rose noticed Alexs movement, too.

How did he come here.

In Roses impression, Alex had always been a playboy.

The word ”hardworking ” had nothing to do with Alex.

”Hey Alex, what are you doing here? ”

Amber shouted as she rushed forward.

Her loud voice attracted the other people who were testing magic.

They all looked over curiously.

”Is he the one known all over town as

young master of waste, Alex? ”

”Haven you seen him? ”

”He represents New Hope City! ”

”Why? ”

”When someone mentions New Hope City.

someone would not think of the beautiful scenery of New Hope.

His name is the first thing that comes to mind. ”

”He is such a god! ”

Alex instantly became the focus of the audience, and everyone muttered.

There was a noise around the quiet area.

”Youve been out of school for months since last year.

What? Are you possessed today? ”

Amber asked with a flirtatious smile.

The girl was indeed a bit attractive, but her personality was so bad that

Alex muttered as he recalled his memories of Amber.

Amber knew Alexs personality.

In front of her, Alex would be too shy to even let out a fart.

It was impossible for him to talk.

”By the way, the exams are coming up next month.

You don know when and where they are yet! ”

Amber said indifferently.

”You won be there anyway!

But as a classmate, Id like to remind you that

This is a very important exam.

It represents the end of three years of higher education. ”

Amber frowned.

”If we finish the exam and get good results, we will get the official mage certificate.

From now on, well be mages on high.

But you
e not like us.

Youll continue to be the young master of the house! ”

Amber said seasoned.

”The annual exam! ”

Alex replied neatly.

”Of course Im taking it! ”

Alex didn graduate from high school in his previous life.

so had a very bad life.

Now he can live again, of course, he has to do something meaningful.

”What, Alex is going to take the annual exam?

Thats a big story thats going to rock the city! ”

The people around were talking, and they had been listening carefully to what was happening since the beginning.

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