f everyone.


The corners of Ambers mouth rose slightly as she concocted a ploy.

”Wait, before you show your magic, lets make a bet! ”

”One hundred magic resources!

As long as you can finish it, I can give you magic resources for one hundred, ”

Amber shouted with confidence.

”One hundred magic resources?

Thats too little! Lets play a bigger game.

How about ten thousand magic resources? ”

Alex asked with a bored expression.

”What? 10,000 magic resources? ”

”Thats a few months of cultivation resources for a magus! ”

”I can help it, who made them a famous family! ”

Some people envied them, and some said indifferently.

”Good! A deal is a deal, well use the audience on the spot as a witness, ”

Amber shouted.

Alex, I admire your courage.

But having courage and having strength are two different things.

Amber muttered in her heart.

”Well, let me show you now! ”

Alex put down the book in his hand and said in a flat tone.

”What are you doing? ”

Amber said with a flustered face.

”You just glanced at the magic runes, right! ”

”Yeah! ” Alex said playfully.

”Are you sure you can achieve magic? ”

Amber asked with a questioning face.

”Hey, lady, can you stop asking, ”

Alex said helplessly.

”Alex hurry up and perform! ”

”Yeah we can wait for you to make a fool of yourself. ”

”Right! ”

Alex, unaffected by the shouts coming from all directions

still calmly walking up and

From the magic facilities on the table, he took out an iron ball.

Alex controlled the ball with ease.

Under Alexs control, the iron ball floated in the air.

As the crowd watched, the

The iron ball underwent a transformation.

The area of the iron ball emanated.

It turned into iron juice, rolling and swimming, fusing together, and

A long, thin iron needle floated in the air.

The crowd was amazed and could not stop watching.

This magic is an advanced level of difficulty, how is it possible?

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