Alex manipulated the iron needle in the air.

Under his control,

the iron needle floated smoothly in the air.

”Its not challenging! ”

Alex shook his head, showing a disappointed expression.

Ambers gaze was dull and speechless.

The words that she wanted to mock were blocked inside her mouth and she couldn say them.

”This needle is for you, Amber. ”

Alex sent the iron needle to Ambers hand.

Looking at the sharp iron needle in her hand.

Ambers face stiffened.

Under the astonished gaze of the others, Alex quietly left.

”This fool…. How could. ”

Seeing the guy who used to be more foolish than herself.

He was able to achieve the magic that she could not achieve so far.

Amber couldn accept that.

She squatted down, painful snot.

”By the way, do not forget the magic resources 10,000.

Remember to send them to my house! ”

Alex shouted, and then walked out from inside the library.

”No way, Amber actually lost the bet. ”

”Yeah! Lost face, yo. ”

The few people who had gathered around scattered.

”This is what she found by herself,

She needs to slowly adapt to my changes, ”

Alex muttered with a slightly raised corner of his mouth.

After walking down the street for a few minutes,

there were quite a few people standing in front of a bookstore up ahead.

This was a common occurrence.

But Alex was still curious and went forward.

A man with rabbit teeth displayed a book of magical runes in his hands, attracting people who kept coming and going in the street.

”This is the magic rune book written by Professor Aizier of Sun Magic University.

Buy it today only.

Don miss it if you pass by. ”

Magic rune book?

The government and the top mages have made a very strict law.

The common people are not qualified to learn magic.

Magic was the exclusive right of the upper class people.

But some people who did not resign themselves to their fate did not give up the opportunity to learn magic.

Because learning magic was their only chance to change their fate.

Since there was no formal channel to learn magic,

Among the common people,

this kind of improper teaching of magic became popular.

Some unscrupulous people aim at this opportunity and use vulgar means to cheat the bottom class of their hard-earned money.

”Wow! Is it true? ”

”How much is a copy? ”

The scene started to get lively.

”Its 50 dollars for one copy.

If you guys miss it, you won get it! ”

Rabbit Tooth reminded with a dark smile.

”Its a bit expensive! ”

Some people hesitated.

”Wow! How did this magic rune lose its color. ”

Alex picked up a book and flipped through a few pages before

asked to the rabbit-toothed man.

”This is a rune drawn by Professor Aizyel himself.

What makes you say there is a breakage, ” the rabbit-toothed man asked in confusion.

Receiving the magic rune book in Alexs hand.

There were several pages of rough and badly made magic runes.

It looked like random scribbles.

”The only chance for people to change their lives is to become a warrior or a mage.

e taking advantage of peoples ignorance to do these evil things. ”

Alex said in a serious voice.

”This is the book of magic runes of true talent.

It also comes with a magic boost pill. ”The rabbit-toothed man continued to confuse the crowd.

Alex couldn stand to see people who were doing such bad things.

”Good! If you can point out my magic rune book.

I will compensate these people who bought my book and pills, ”

A figure appeared, his face showing displeasure, but still pretending to be high and mighty.

But still put on a superior look.

Alex twirled his fingers, and the runes on the table wandered into the air.

The rune book opened automatically, and the runes inside moved.

Seeing the wonderful sight in front of them, the crowd of spectators shouted in surprise.

After a period of activity, the runes stopped moving without any wonderful changes.

”Look, Im using these magic runes.

But not only did they not react in any way.

They didn appear magic.

This proves that these magic runes are fake. ”

Alex looked at the panic-stricken Ai Zier and said.

”What do you mean by this?

My books are only readable by talented mages. ”

Ai Ziers face panicked as he argued.

”Genius Magus!

Then I ask everyone do you read and understand? ”

Alex turned to look at the common people and asked.


I can read it …. ”

There were voices in the crowd.

”Since the audience you created this book for is genius mages.

Why do you have to come here to sell it? ”

Alex said with the corners of his mouth hooked up.

”You can go to the number one magic university in the country to sell it! ”

Damn ….

Aizier bit his mouth and tried to restrain his panicked expression.

He had met an extremely powerful opponent to cause trouble for himself.

”Lord Aiziers book is not what you say it is?

The rabbit-toothed man who has received benefits from Aizier came forward, ”

defended Ai Ziyier.

Alex teasingly looked at the rabbit-toothed man and asked

, ”Can you read it? ”

The rabbit-toothed mans whole body trembled, glanced at Ai Ziyier at the side, and

stuttered and said.

”I …. Of course I understand. ”

”Then we have this gentleman to show us! ”

Alex said,without hesitation.

”Ah … Ah! ”

The rabbit-toothed man panicked.

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