The rabbit-toothed man glanced at Aizier

Who knows, Ai Zier has long run away and

Seeing that things were falling apart, when the rabbit-toothed man was about to run away

he was surrounded by a group of people.

Ai Zier was also chased back by the people.

Next, the two were beaten to death.

Inside the big mansion,

”Young master, you
e back? ”

Seeing Alex back in the house, the servants bent down to welcome him.

Alex ignored them and went on his way.

Until Alex was far away ,

Only then did the servants show their true colors.

”That fool.

Still really thinks hes above it all? ”

”Yeah! Ive been looking at him dislike for a long time. ”

”Now that the lord is still alive.

If he dies, Cyrus, his favorite son, will probably take over the position.

Then Alex will be in trouble. ”

”Yes, Cyrus is the most likely to succeed the head of the family, he is the most outstanding among the young generation in terms of strength and qualifications. ”

The servants were not shy about showing their disdain for Alex in their hearts.

Alexs father, the boss of the mansion, had three wives and four concubines,

He had two sons and a daughter, Alex the eldest, Claire the second and Cyrus the youngest.

The father, Bill, was a free-range parent to the older son.

After all, Bill did not have high expectations for Alex,as long as Alex lived his life honestly and didn cause any trouble to the residence, Bill was satisfied.

Alex returned to the Hall of Recreation where he lives.

”Young master! You
e back! ”

The housekeeper who was cleaning in the courtyard bent down and said respectfully when he saw Alex coming back.

”Hmm! ”

Alex agreed.

For several years, this butler was quite down-to-earth , and

Alex did not treat him badly either.

Alex cultivated up inside the garden, feeling the supreme soul inside his body.

The butler next to him saw the scene in front of him and looked incredulous.

This is incredible, is the young master cultivating?

In the butlers impression,

Alex was either playing or sleeping inside the courtyard, the first time he saw Alexs change, he looked at Alex with dumbfounded.

With the blood circulating and agitating under the body, Alex inhaled and exhaled,

nourishing the supreme soul inside his body.

”Breakthrough! ”

An overwhelming stream of air exhaled from Alexs body, affecting the surrounding plants and trees.

The butler collapsed to the ground in fear, his face rising in panic.

Three-star official mage ! I have elevated to a three-star official mage!

Alex had a smug smile on his face.

After all, he was only a one star official mage yesterday, and today he had raised so much in one go, Alexs face was ecstatic.

Mage levels are divided into

Legendary mage

Divine mage

King mage

Marshal mage

Warrior mage

Official mage

Inside each mage level, from the lowest level of one star to the highest level of five stars, if you break through the five stars, you can enter the next higher level.

Alex closed his eyes, as if immersing himself in the void of space, nourishing his whole body.

Young master! You must go for it!

I don know what changes the mansion will have in the future.

At least you can save your life, if you have the strength

The butler murmured as he looked at Alexs back.

A few minutes later

”Young master! Master called you over! ”

A maid came up and said.

Alex thought to himself what on earth is it about?

He put away his magic, opened his eyes and said

”Good! Ill come over in a moment! ”

Inside the center of the mansion, in the spacious living room inside the largest house

”The childs father! We have to finish this marriage in a hurry.

You know that this matter cannot be delayed. ”

The woman sitting next to Bill with a pretty face and a charming body said to the man also sitting next to her.

”But I still have to ask Alexs wishes! ”

Bill said in a low voice.

”Still need his answer?

Honey, you are the master of this mansion.

If you order him, he, as a member of the house, will have to agree! ”

The woman added her voice.

Alex slowly approached, wondering why his father was meeting with him.

Alex remembered that his father had ignored him ever since he could understand.

He spent his days drinking and found many stepmother for Alex.

Now the stepmother on the hall may be the fathers last wife! This stepmother not only has a hot body and outstanding looks, but she is also a back-stabber.

The important thing is that she also gave birth to a male son for Bill.

In the mansion her status is really the highest, Bill treats her like a princess, rather than the ordinary relationship between husband and wife.

”You and Sarahs thing is going to hold, ”

Bill said in a serious tone.

”Sarah! That bitch!

Im not having it. ” Alex decisively refused.

Everyone in the room was dumbfounded, not expecting Alex to reject his own father, who was not like this before.

He was not like this before, he would agree to anything if he was given money.

But now he ignored his fathers honorable image.

He said no, leaving everyone puzzled.

”You have to take it even if you don want it! ”

A harsh female voice came from the stepmother, who was sitting beside Bill watching the show, shouting, her eyes full of anger at Alex.

”I don want it, anyway.

If you really want that bitch, if you really want that daughter-in-law, you can ask your son Cyrus to marry her, ” Alex added.

”Damn! You! ”

The stepmother was speechless.

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