”You wouldn even let Cyrus marry a woman like that ,

let alone me.

I don want it.

If you have nothing else to do, Ill leave now, ”

Alex shrugged and prepared to leave the living room.

The first time he saw Sarah, Alex was a bit tempted.

Alex was still a little bit tempted, Sarahs beauty is also beautiful.

At that time, Alex was still very young and did not know how to refuse.

But now Alex has seen clearly the womans hidden secrets.

The stepmother had cheated the whole house, including her husband Bill.

The stepmother had packaged Sarah as an exotic aristocratic lady.

But Alex, who knows the whole story, knew that the woman was in fact a prostitute who wandered from house to house every day.

Not only could Alex not stand that kind of woman, but

The stepmother herself couldn stand it either.

When confronted by Alex about why he wouldn let her son marry Sarah.

The stepmother was not calm.

”Alex, weren you quite fond of her at the beginning? ”

A confused Bill asked.

”Dad, Ive talked to her.

I like the slow life, she pursues that exciting fast life

Not suitable, by the way

Our views and habits don match. ”

Alex said with a helpless face, shaking his head and sighing.

”Hey, Sarah is such a nice girl, its a pity that

Since Alex doesn like it, I don want to force him.

The uninformed Bill looked embarrassed and glanced at his wife.

”But I don want to miss such a good girl.

Honey, Cyrus must have turned 18 this year.

Hes not too young, either. ”

Bill said in a whisper.

”No! ”

The stepmother refused in a panic.

She knew Sarahs background.

How could she let her own son marry that kind of maid, it would be a family shame!

”Mom! You haven even asked me if I want to? ”

Suddenly, a loud and clear voice came out.

Then a figure appeared out of thin air.

”Since my big brother doesn want it, Ill take it! ”

Cyrus fanned the wind while walking gracefully over.

”Son, you truly want to? ”

Bill asked carefully as if he had seen hope.

”Dad! Ive already made my position known, ”

Cyrus said with a fresh, non-greasy smile.

”Good! Now that youve said yes.

In order not to offend Sarahs in-laws.

Cyrus, you will marry Sarah instead of Alex! ”

Bill ordered in a high voice.

”No. Wait. Wait a minute. ”

Just as the stepmother was about to speak.

Bill signaled to end this conversation, and just like that

Sarahs marriage was changed to Cyrus.

Alex got out of it.

You sowed your own evil, you eat it!

Alex muttered without changing his face.

The stepmother had mixed feelings and did not know how to end this drama.

Seeing her mothers dull and unhappy expression,

Cyrus came over.

”Mom, whats wrong with you?

Shouldn you be happy for me, ”

Cyrus asked.

”Sarah is a lady of exotic nobility.

And Im a young man of the house.

e a good match, aren we? We
e a good match, aren we? ”

Cyrus said with a smug look on his face.

Damn it, I made up a lie.

The one who believed my lie was my son.

The stepmother was in tears not knowing how to explain the ins and outs.

In fact, she was. ”The bitch. ”

The stepmother trembled and said what she wanted to say.

Hearing his mothers words, Cyrus expression froze.

Then he said with a smile.

”Mom, you
e not kidding.

How can Sarah be a slut? ”

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