On this day, the residence was very lively and

The arena inside the residence was filled with people.

People were excited and noisy with anticipation.

But in the mansion, which was located in a remote corner away from the arena.

”Young master! ”

A man stood outside his room.

To the door of Alexs room.

knocking and knocking.

But there was no movement in the room.

It was as if the person was not there.

Alex was sitting on his bed, practicing his magic.

Alex opened his eyes instantly and a stream of air was immediately discharged around him.

Alex felt cool and refreshing all over his body.

Great, he was promoted to a five-star official mage!

Hearing a knock on the door outside.

Alex used his magic power to unlock the locked door and opened it.

The door was opened.

A figure came running over in a panic.

Seeing Alex sitting on the bed, he hurriedly said.

”Young master, what are you doing?

Have you forgotten what day it is? ”

The housekeeper asked in a panic.

Because of the past few days, Alex has been concentrating on cultivation.

”I don know what day it is.

Not to mention other things.

Why are you so panicked? Speak slowly. ”

Alex first let the housekeeper calm down, and then speak slowly.

”Its a family competition today! Young master.

Its not only the master and lady of the house.

Master Cyrus, Miss Claire.

And you too, young master.Youll have to attend, too. ”

”A family competition! ”

Alexs mind was flooded with information about this competition.

Bills father, also known as Alexs grandfather, Engin

He was a powerful and famous Marshal of the country.

Because of his great achievements, Engin received many titles and rewards.

Engin had five sons and daughters.

Because of their father, who was a god of war.

They were treated very well.

They not only gained important positions in the court, but also gained significant results in business.

When grandfather Engin retired, the family that won the first place in the family competition would be called the inner family by the other four families.

The Inner Clan will inherit the title of Marshal and become the first noble clan in the country.

Our house is ranked fifth in the family ranking, a proper penultimate ah!

Alex couldn help but shook his head and sigh.

”Good! Ill be right there, you go ahead! ”

Alex said to the butler.

”Young master, don run away like the year before,

Must come! ”

The butler said cautiously.

After the butler left.

Alex took out his clothes from inside the closet and changed.

In the street outside the mansion,

A procession was coming with great noise.

The people walking in the street could not help but be attracted by this group of people.

They smiled confidently and walked over.


I don think we all need to come to the Five Clans residence.

In the past few years, the Five Clans have not once defeated us. ”

A fine-looking boy in the lead mocked.

When the girl next to him heard this, the

icy face showed an unsettled expression.

She shrugged and said.

”No way?

After all, this is Grandpa Engins rule.

Engin-sama himself set the rules.

We can change it either! ”A man and a woman came in talking while driving a warhorse.

Its a big crowd!

Alex wandered down and looked at the people with anticipation.

”The Five Clans won lose again, will they? ”

”For sure! ”

”The Five Clans had been at the bottom for the past few years, and it was definitely impossible to change. ”

A few people were debating who would lose and who would win.

Alex happened to overhear their conversation.

The people they were talking to lived around the Five Clans residence.

The outcome of the clan competition was of great importance to them.

If the Five Clans could be promoted to the Inner Clan, the opportunity for the people living around them will have more opportunities and chances, so they actually want the Five Clans to win in their hearts.

”Don worry, the Five Clans will definitely win. ”

Alex came over and said kindly and forcefully.

The people who were talking looked in the direction of the voice.

When they saw Alex in front of them, they were overjoyed and overwhelmed.

They were overjoyed and overwhelmed.

”Master Alex. Hello! ”

”Hello guys. ”

Alex replied.

And then.

”Young master, what are you doing? Come quickly! ”

The butler saw Alex wandering around down there

ran over quickly and reminded.

”Bye, Ill leave now. ”

Alex said goodbye to the people and headed upwards.

After Alex was gone.

”Id like to believe what Master Alex says, but he doesn have the strength! ”

The people talking continued to discuss.

Alex walks to the VIP table at the front of the arena.

There Father Bill and others were already sitting.

When he saw Alex coming, he said

”Hey, I thought you weren coming? ”

Cyrus said in surprise.

”How could I not come?

I am the representation of our mansion. ”

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