Wei Luo could only think of one thing. 

He thought that she was acting that way because he was going to Beijing with his eldest brother, and his elder brother was taking his wife with him, but he wasn’t going to take her. 

“Xiao Heng is too young, and with us not around, we may worry.” 

Yin Hui didn’t understand why he suddenly mentioned his son, and she didn’t remember whether Wei Luo said that ten years ago that night, so she was stunned for a moment.

Yin Hui turned her back to him and said, “Third Master, don’t worry, I will take good care of Xiao Heng.” 

Wei Tong: “Well, go to sleep.” 

Yin Hui immediately closed her eyes. 

Maybe when she woke up the next morning, she would return to Shu Palace instead of staying in that absurd dream. 

“Madam, madam, it’s time to wake up.” 

Yin Hui woke up suddenly, opened her eyes, and in front of her were Jinzhan and Yinzhan, the maids who had served her since childhood. 

Both were sixteen years old, Jinzhan was pretty, and Yinzhan was elegant and quiet.

Yin Hui pinched herself again under the quilt, and it hurt a lot. 

That was not a dream anymore, she really returned to ten years ago. 

“Wang… When did the third master leave? Why didn’t you wake me up?” Yin Hui sat up and asked restlessly. 

Jinzhan smiled and said, “It was the third master who told the maids not to disturb you.” 

Although she was also surprised that the madam didn’t wake up to serve the third master to change clothes after a long sleep, it was rare for the third master to be gentle to the master, and Jinzhan was very supportive of it.

Yin Hui looked out the window, “What time is it? Did the third master leave?” 

Jinzhan said, “Later, all the masters in the mansion are going to see the third master and the others off.
How can this slave let you sleep until then? It’s just that if you stay in bed, we’ll be late.” 

Yin Hui hurriedly sat up.
Even though she didn’t understand why that happened, she couldn’t be rude in front of the entire Yan Palace. 

Washing, changing clothes and combing hair, Jinzhan and Yinzhan were very skillful.
After a quarter of an hour, Yin Hui ordered Yinzhan to go to the kitchen to deliver the meal, and then sent Yinzhan to invite Wei Luo over. 

The wet nurse and Xiao Heng lived in the side room of the backyard, and so they also brought the young master over. 

Yin Hui couldn’t wait to take her son over. 

Xiao Heng was only four months old, he was fair and clean, and looked a lot like Wei Luo. 

The little boy smiled happily when he saw his mother, his eyes bent into a pair of crescent moons. 

Yin Hui almost cried. 

Her father-in-law was strict with his grandchildren, and all young masters had to go to the school to study when they got four years old.
After that, her son’s temper got more similar to that of Wei Luo, and he rarely smiled in front of her, just like a little sun but turned into a clear and cold moon. 

When Wei Luo came over, he saw his wife who always valued etiquette holding her son in her arms, bowing her head and touching his face. 

Seeing him, his wife frowned, and stood in another direction with her son in her arms. 

That strange feeling came again. 

She was always cautious toward him lest he would punish her if she did something wrong.
Since the previous night, her attitude had obviously changed.
She was no longer respectful, but seemed to be resentful. 

Wei Luo was not very happy.
It didn’t matter if a woman threw her temper occasionally, but he had already explained why he couldn’t take her to Beijing.
As a woman, she still blamed her husband for it. 

She was too ignorant.

Although the people around her, including herself, were ten years younger, the Chengxin Hall and even the entire Yan Palace had been her home for many years, and the people around her were all too familiar.
Yin Hui quickly accepted that shocking event. 

After Wei Luo took his seat, Yin Hui also handed over her son to the wet nurse. 

Wei Luo would be away from home for more than two months soon, and she had plenty of time to be close to her son. 

The maids in the kitchen prepared breakfast quietly and skillfully. 

Yin Hui glanced at the dishes. 

The meat stuffed pancakes were fried until the skin was golden and slightly burnt, the rice porridge soup was less sticky, and even the eggs in the ham scrambled eggs were fried too much. 

It was not that the cook in Chengxin Hall couldn’t control the heat well, but that Wei Luo liked to eat that kind of food. 

Yin Hui liked to eat steamed stuffed buns for breakfast, liked to drink porridge with even soup and rice, and liked to eat tender fried eggs. 

Before she got married, the chef of the Yin family served all her favorite food.
As the daughter-in-law of Prince Yan’s palace, Yin Hui took into account Wei Luo’s preferences in every way, and dared not make any requests that were beneficial to her, for fear of being talked about as not following the rules. 

But her prudence and obedience did not win Wei Luo’s heart in the end. 

So why be cautious? 

Forget about that meal.
At noon, she would ask the cook to cook a table of her favorite meals.
Even if Wei Luo came back, there would be things that the husband and wife each liked to eat on the table in the future, and she would never wrong herself again. 

After eating something casually, Yin Hui put down her chopsticks and asked the wet nurse to bring the baby over. 

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