Xiao Heng was fat and chubby, and was bigger than other children when he was just born.
It was all because Yin Hui didn’t understand during pregnancy, ate too much, and raised the child well.
She even forgot the pain after giving birth.
At that moment, Yin Hui was holding her healthy and lovely son, and there was only warmth in her heart. 

Thinking about it carefully, she used to strictly act cautiously.
It was the same with her son, which caused the child to suffer a lot of grievances at a young age, and the relationship between her and him became more distant.

As she already understood that forbearance and seeking for perfection would not gain any benefits, she decided not to bear it any longer, and she would not teach her child to blindly forbear.
Even if someone looked down on her son because of her background, she would let him understand that he had a mother who cared and protected him the most. 

Xiao Heng lay on his mother’s arms on his back, and suddenly smiled at her. 

Yin Hui also smiled, lowered her head, and gently kissed her son’s little cheek. 

The mother and son only had each other in their eyes, and Wei Luo, who was sitting opposite and eating silently, looked that way several times in silence. 

He could feel her deliberate neglect of him. 

They had been married for a year and a half.
In the past, as long as he appeared in front of her, Yin Shi (Madam Yin) would treat him as if he was always there, and whenever he went out, every time they parted, Yin Shi would look at him with reluctance.
She would tell him all kinds of things in a long-winded manner, as if he didn’t even know how to take care of himself.
But that day, she only teased her son while eating, never looked at him, and never even tried to talk to him. 

Wei Luo put down the bowl. 

The sound of the bottom of the bowl gently touching the table made Yin Hui look up slightly.
Seeing that Wei Luo had finished eating, Yin Hui gestured at the golden and silver cups serving on the side. 

The two maids immediately stepped forward to serve the third master to rinse his mouth. 

After which, Wei Luo walked to Yin Hui’s side, took Xiao Heng and held him in his arms. 

Xiao Heng liked his mother more, as seeing his father, the boy tilted his head, whimpering and wanting to return to his mother. 

Wei Luo pursed his lips, turned around, handed his son to the nurse, looked outside and said, “Let’s go.” 

Yin Hui followed. 

Prince Yan’s palace was magnificent, and like other princes’ mansions, a long east-west alleyway in the middle divided the whole palace into a layout of the front court and the back bedroom. 

The former dynasty was the place where Prince Yan dealt with political affairs and summoned officials which was a formal place.
The latter bedroom was the place where Prince Yan and his family lived, exquisite and gorgeous. 

Prince Yan’s bedroom was located in the center of the harem.
The West Sixth House was allocated to his wives and concubines, and the East Sixth House was allocated to his children.

Yin Hui walked out of Chengxin Hall and headed west.
When they passed Yizhi Hall, the elder brother Wei Yang and his wife Xu Qingwan came out side by side, followed by three children. 

Yin Hui and Wei Luo nodded to Wei Yang and his wife, “Brother, sister-in-law.” 

The eldest brother Wei Yang was wearing a white robe.
He was shorter than Wei Luo, but his expression was warm and calm.

He smiled and said to Wei Luo, “Have you packed your bags?”

He was talking about the trip to the capital. 

Yin Hui walked beside Xu Qingwan. 

Xu Qingwan was the niece of Princess Yan’s natal family.
Both aunt and niece came from the first-class honorable family in the capital, the Zhen Guogong Mansion.
When she arrived at Prince Yan’s palace, she paid close attention to Xu Qingwan’s every move, and imitated her words and deeds.
After a year or two of persistence and imitation, Yin Hui’s etiquette was almost as good as Xu Qingwan’s, but she no longer resembled herself. 

The maids laughed at her in private, but Xu Qingwan’s attitude toward her was consistent, polite and never rude, or arrogant, but in fact she never took Yin Hui seriously. 

Usually when meeting in private, except for the most basic greetings, Xu Qingwan would not take the initiative to say anything to her while Yin Hui racked her brains to find some topics. 

That day, the two masters were walking in front, chatting very happily as brothers, Xu Qingwan also talked more, and said to Yin Hui in a gentle voice, “Don’t worry, my husband and I will take good care of the third brother, you can take care of Wulang at home.” 

The grandchildren of Prince Yan’s palace were all called according to their seniority, and Yin Hui’s son, Xiao Heng, was the fifth, and everyone called him Wulang (Fifth kid).
Xu Qingwan gave birth to two sons, Da Lang (eldest), who was six years old, and San Lang (third), who was only three years old.
At that time, the two brothers followed behind, and there was another five-year-old girl who was Wei Yang’s kid from a concubine. 

Because of the early marriage, Yi Hall had the largest number of grandchildren.

Yin Hui looked at Xiao Heng in the nurse’s arms, and said with a smile, “I’m sorry, brother and sister-in-law.” 

The voice was soft and casual, without the cautious restraint of the past, as if she and Xu Qingwan were from the same noble background. 

A person who had been cautious all year round suddenly became free, and those who were familiar with her could naturally detect that change. 

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