The time that Yu Qi had been waiting for arrived, it was the weekend where the Tang Family would all be together.
Auntie Meng Yue managed to make her husband take the day off and Auntie Su Xiao did the same with her husband.
Her Big Brother Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei had also tagged along together.
Tang Jin Wei was happy when he was finally able to take the day off.

The most surprising thing was that her Brother Qin Hao was also able to tag along.
Tang Han Lee only need to say one sentence to make him joined this family gathering.
When Yu Qi asked what it was that Tang Han Lee said to Tang Qin Hao, Tang Han Lee said that it was nothing special.

”Well, I just told him that our whole family will be going to the onsen. ” Tang Han Lee said.

”Really? Only that sentence? ” Yu Qi asked one more time.

”Really? ” Tang Jin Wei also joined.

”Yeah. ” Tang Han Lee nodded.

Yu Qi and Tang Jin Wei looked at the person who was sitting quietly together with them.
It was none other than Tang Qin Hao himself.
He quietly sipped his tea before he turned to the two pairs of curious eyes that were looking at him.

”Is it really that weird for me to join? ” Tang Qin Hao asked.

”Yes. ” Tang Jin Wei said.
”I didn ’t think that you would like to do something like this. ”

”I like the onsen. ” Tang Qin Hao said.

”You will like my onsen. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”So, what are we waiting for? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

They were currently sitting at Godly Herbs, waiting for Feng Yue and her grandfather to come as well as Long Hui.
Yu Qi had managed to invite Long Hui after Long Hui saved her from the last incident.

”I ’m waiting for my friends to come, as well as Grandfather. ” Yu Qi answered.

After twenty minutes of waiting, Feng Yue arrived with Grandpa Feng.
Long Hui could be seen following them from behind.
Feng Yue saw Yu Qi and walked up to her.

”Yu Qi, I can not wait to go to your ryokan. ” Feng Yue said excitedly, shaking Yu Qi ’s hand.
Then she saw the three Tang Brothers.

Facing the three Tang Brother, she then greeted them one by one.
”Brother Han Lee, Brother Jin Wei, Brother Qin Hao, long time no see. ”

”Oh, you are Little Feng.
Long time no sees. ” Tang Jin Wei greeted her back.

Tang Han Lee smiled and nodded to Feng Yue while Tang Qin Hao only looked at her.
Feng Yue did not mind about Tang Qin Hao because she knew his character.
Getting Tang Qin Hao to look at you meaning he acknowledged your presence.
Even though she had not once talked with Tang Qin Hao, it was enough for Feng Yue that he nodded.

Grandpa Feng greeted his friend.
”You are still alive. ”

”Of course.
I will live longer than you. ” Grandpa Tang replied.

”All of your family members are here. ” Grandpa Feng looked at others.

Yu Qi ’s uncles and aunties, as well as her brothers, greeted Grandpa Feng.


It only took them 5 minutes by car before they arrived at Saisei Ryokan.
Since they had some elders in the group, Tang Han Lee suggested that they should go by car even though the distance was so short.
The workers of the ryokan quickly came out and greeted them.

Yu Qi nodded when she saw that her employees did such a great job when it came to greeting them.
They really practiced a lot.

”Welcome to Saisei Ryokan. ” Chui Mei Fung, as the Okami of the Saisei Ryokan, welcomed them again.
”Please come inside. ” Chui Mei Fung invited them inside.

”We have already arranged the rooms as Yu Qi- sama requested.
We will guide you to where you will be staying ” Chui Mei Fung said.
Then she quickly arranged for some of the employees to guide the guests to their rooms.

Grandpa Tang and Grandpa Feng got the premium room, as well as Auntie Meng Yue and Auntie Su Xiao who each got a room for each of the couples.
Meanwhile, the rest of them just got the normal rooms.

Feng Yue decided to share a room with Yu Qi and Yu Qi did not mind too much about that.
She was also felt happy to share a room with Feng Yue.

”Or you want to share the room with Brother Hui? ” Feng Yue whispered to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi blushed when she heard the question from Feng Yue.
She glanced at Long Hui and at the same time, Long Hui was also looking at Yu Qi.
He then smiled, causing Yu Qi to turned away.

Feng Yue, who was watching them, suddenly started singing: ”Love in the air, love in the air. ”

”Shut up. ” Yu Qi slapped Feng Yue ’s back.

Yu Qi, you are so strong. ” Feng Yue shouted in pain.

”Let ’s go to our room. ” Yu Qi pulled Feng Yue and went to their arranged room.

Feng Yue entered the room first.
She quickly went to open the sliding door at the back of the room.
The outside looked very beautiful and there was even a mountain in the background.

”Wow, it is very beautiful. ” Feng Yue claimed.
”Yu Qi, how did you think to make ryokan at this location in the first place? ”

”Well, after I got the money, I was thinking about to make more money, so, I decided to build a hotel.
And I like onsen.
So that is why I built the ryokan here. ” Yu Qi explained.

”No wonder my grandfather likes you, your mind is exactly the same as his. ” Feng Yue said.

They continued to talk until the sky started to change its color.
Then, Chui Mei Fung came to their room to inform them about dinner.

”Yu Qi-sama, Yue-sama, dinner will be served in thirty minutes at the dining hall since it has been arranged for all of you to dine together.
If you prefer, please change your clothes to the yukata inside the closet. ” Chui Mei Fung informed them.

”Thank you, Sister Mei Fung. ” Yu Qi thanked Chui Mei Fung.

After Chui Mei Fung left, Feng Yue opened the closet.
They could saw the yukatas that were mentioned.
Feng Yue grabbed one and decided to change into it.

”Are you not going to change too? ” Feng Yue asked when she saw Yu Qi did not change her clothes to the yukata.

”No, I will change after I go to the onsen. ” Yu Qi said.

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