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The romantic situation was interrupted by the bell on the door.
Long Hui went to open the door.
Their dinner had already arrived.
Long Hui brought the dinner in their room.

”Qi Qi, let ’s eat first. ” Long Hui called Yu Qi.

”Okay. ”

Long Hui set the dinner near the window so that they could eat the dinner while enjoying the night view.
The dinner was indeed delicious accompanied by a bottle of red wine.

Yu Qi drank wine.
It was her first time drinking the red wine in this lifetime.
It was indeed tasty.
Yu Qi drank until Long Hui pulled her glass.

”It is bad to drink so many of it. ” Long Hui reminded Yu Qi.

”Oh, okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.
She already felt the dizziness.
But the dizziness made her wanted to drink more.

Long Hui put the wine aside.

”I will clean up first, okay? ” Long Hui wanted to take a quick shower.

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”Okay. ” Yu Qi firmly answered even though she was already dizzy.

Long Hui went to the bathroom.
Well, he was actually excited.
His little brother already half awoke.
He did not want things to go further, so he wanted to take a cold shower to calm his little brother.

While Yu Qi was finding something in the shopping bag that they got.
She wanted to know about the free gift that they had gotten from the shop from where they had bought the dress.
Because of the red wine, her action slowed down already.

She opened the box of the free gift.
Then she took out the gift.
When she saw the gift, she was dumbfounded.
What should I do with this? Not like I can wear it.
What is the saleswoman thinking when she has given this to me? ’

The free gift was transparent black lingerie.
It was so s.e.xy and had a mature seducing aura if a woman wore it.
Yu Qi imagined herself wearing this lingerie.
’So shameless. ’ She repeated those words many times in her mind.

”Qi Qi, I have finished.
It ’s your turn. ” Long Hui appeared from the bathroom wearing the bathrobe and revealed some of his s.e.xy chest.

Yu Qi was shocked.
She quickly hid the lingerie behind her.
She could not let Long Hui see that lingerie.
What would he think when seeing her hold that lingerie?

Long Hui felt weird after watching his beloved Qi Qi ’s behaviour.
Looked like his beloved Qi Qi was hiding something from him.

”Qi Qi, what are you hiding behind your back, hmmm? ” Long Hui said with sweet voice seducing his beloved Qi Qi.

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It is just the dress that you have bought for me.
I ’m letting it out to see once again. ” Yu Qi tried to put the lingerie back into the shopping bag.

However, Long Hui managed to snatch the lingerie from his beloved Qi Qi ’s hand.
He was stunned to see the lingerie which he was holding.

”This is… ” Long Hui ’s eyes shined.

”It is the free gift that the saleswoman has given to us. ” Yu Qi tried to explain.

”Qi Qi…
Can you wear it for me? ” Long Hui made the request.

”What? Wear them? ” Yu Qi ’s face blushed hard.

Can you? ” Long Hui made the puppy face.

When Long Hui made that face, Yu Qi felt that she could not reject his request.

”Please, I just want to see it. ” Another puppy face abandoned one.

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But let me clean up first. ” Yu Qi grabbed the lingerie and ran away to the bathroom.

Long Hui was humming in a happy tone.
He poured some red wine into the glass and enjoyed it while waiting for his beloved Qi Qi to show up with the lingerie.

Fifteen minutes had passed.
Yu Qi appeared wearing the bathrobe.
Long Hui showed a disappointed expression.
He thought that his beloved Qi Qi would wear the lingerie for him.

Yu Qi exited the bathroom with a red face.
She actually wore that lingerie under the bathrobe.

”Qi Qi… ” Long Hui called Yu Qi.

Yu Qi ’s hand was holding the edge of the bathrobe.
When Long Hui saw it, his eyes lifted up.
He immediately understood.
His beloved Qi Qi was actually wearing the lingerie for him to see.
He approached his beloved Qi Qi.

”Qi Qi, can I see it? ” Long Hui whispered in Yu Qi ’s ear and licked it a bit.

You can ’t lick me there. ” Yu Qi m.o.a.ned.
That was her weak point.

Long Hui quickly pulled the bathrobe from Yu Qi ’s body, leaving only the lingerie on his beloved Qi Qi ’s body.
Yu Qi was standing shyly.

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Long Hui was stunned.
His beloved Qi Qi looked very s.e.xy and beautiful.
The black lingerie perfectly suited her white skin.
Long Hui became to feel his blood rushed to one area.

”How is it? ” Yu Qi shyly asked.

Hearing his beloved Qi Qi ’s shy question, Long Hui grabbed Yu Qi and threw her onto the bed.
He quickly got onto his beloved Qi Qi ’s body.

”Qi Qi, you look very s.e.xy.
I can ’t believe that you are mine. ” Long Hui caressed his beloved Qi Qi ’s face while saying the sentence with a restrained voice.
Like he was holding back on something.

”I ’m embarrassed. ” Yu Qi moved her legs a little bit.

The action made Long Hui more heated up.
Long Hui placed the kiss on Yu Qi ’s lips.
He kissed Yu Qi aggressively.
His tongue pushed his way into Yu Qi ’s mouth.
His tongue played around with her tongue.

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