He opened his eyes.
It was totally blissful for him to start the day when seeing his beloved Qi Qi ’s sleeping face which would be the first thing in the morning he would see.
The last night experience was very fantastic.
His beloved Qi Qi behaved very boldly when she was drunk.
Long Hui chuckled.

Yu Qi made some sound but her eyes were still closed.
She then moved closer to Long Hui ’s chest.
Feeling comfortable, she fell back to sleep.

”Qi Qi, you are so cute. ” Long Hui whispered.

Since his beloved Qi Qi still wanted to sleep, Long Hui hugged Yu Qi tightly and went back to sleep.

One hour later, Yu Qi opened her eyes.
The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was Long Hui ’s chest.

What did happen last night? ’ Yu Qi ’s drifted left and right finding her answer from her memories.

At first, she did not remember.
After a few times of searching, the flashback about what just happened last night came in her mind.
Her eyes were opened widely.

”Oh, oh, oh…
It was embarrassing.
Why do I remember all of that? Can I forget them? ” Yu Qi whispered.

Then Yu Qi lifted up her face to see Long Hui.
She was very surprised to see Long Hui already opened his eyes and was looking to her.

”Morning my Qi Qi. ” Long Hui smiled.

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Why are you not saying anything if you already wake? ” Yu Qi pulled the blanket covered her head and turned her back facing Long Hui.

Long Hui laughed when seeing Yu Qi was acting shyly in front of him after what had happened last night.
He wanted to tease his beloved Qi Qi.

”Qi Qi, you were sure acting boldly last night.
I really liked it. ” Long Hui whispered slowly to Yu Qi ’s ear.

Yu Qi screamed in her mind.
Long Hui ’s morning voice was very very seducing for her.
How would she manage to survive when they would get married later? And about last night, it was, yeah, TOTALLY embarrassing when she remembered what was she doing to Long Hui last night.

Long Hui ignored Yu Qi ’s thought.
He hugged his beloved Qi Qi from behind.
Because they were in one blanket, he could feel the heat emitted from his beloved Qi Qi ’s body.
The scene from last night played in his mind.

After his beloved Qi Qi made a comment after his release, she fell to sleep.
It would not be comfortable to sleep with the sticky body, so, he lifted up his beloved Qi Qi to the bathroom and cleaned up her body together with him.

Then he put a clean bathrobe on her body and put her in the bed in a comfortable position.
After that, he laid down beside his beloved Qi Qi.
He could see that she was in a deep sleep.
He ended up falling into sleep while staring at his beloved Qi Qi ’s face.

And now, it was a total blessing to him for waking up seeing his beloved Qi Qi ’s face in the morning.
It was even fun for him when she mentioned that she was embarrassed and wanted to forget what had happened last night.

Long Hui chuckled.
When Yu Qi heard him, she became more and more embarrassed.
She came out from the blanket and when straight to the bathroom.
Long Hui laughed louder when he watched Yu Qi.

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”Can you stop smiling like that? ” Yu Qi glared at Long Hui who was not stopping his smile when he looked at her.

”My beloved, I just smile at you.
Not another woman.
Should I smile to another woman? ” Long Hui tested his beloved Qi Qi.

Hearing Long Hui would smile to another woman besides her, Yu Qi ’s eyes narrowed.
Her Hui had already successfully seduced women just standing there.
If he started to smile, he could probably make those women wetting for him.

”Don ’t you dare smile to other women. ” Yu Qi said in a cold tone.

Long Hui chuckled.
His beloved Qi Qi was indeed a jealous woman.
However, he did not mind because when a woman was jealous, then, it meant that she had indeed loved the man so much.

”Okay, my beloved.
I will follow your order. ” Long Hui pulled Yu Qi ’s waist to make her closer to him.

”We already did so much.
I could never find another woman besides you. ” Long Hui whispered gently in his beloved Qi Qi ’s ear and licked it once.

Yu Qi distanced herself when she felt that Long Hui had licked her ear and used her hand to cover her ear.
Her face blushed.

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Long Hui smiled.
”Let ’s go and eat breakfast.
I will send you back to university after that. ”

They entered the hotel ’s restaurant while holding their hands together.
It was buffet breakfast.
They could choose their breakfast from a variety of foods.
Yu Qi went to take a bowl of wonton while Long Hui chose a lot of food.
Yu Qi knew the men are in need of a lot of food, not to mention, he was a soldier.

They had a peaceful breakfast despite the onlookers had kept watching them.
The women were staring at Long Hui while the men were staring at Yu Qi.
Both of them ignored others and keep talking to each other.

After breakfast, Long Hui went to their room to take the shopping bag that they had left inside before proceeding to check out.

While Yu Qu was waiting at the lobby.
She was looking around.
And she caught some unwanted attention from someone.

”Bong Bon, bring that woman to me. ” A young man ordered his men.

”Yes, young master. ” The man named Bong Bon said.

Bong Bon went straight to the woman who had caught his young master ’s attention.

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