”Actually Tang Girl has requested to meet you. ” Grandpa Sang told Grandpa Mu.

”Requested to meet me? ” Grandpa Mu turned and looked at Yu Qi.

Actually, I want to talk to you about some business. ” Yu Qi said.

”Business? ” Grandpa Mu asked.

”I ’m planning to buy the land own by Mu Group.
I wonder if Mr Mu wants to sell that land? ” Yu Qi jumped straight to the point.

”Land? Which land? ” Grandpa Mu wanted to know which land that his granddaughter wanted to buy.
He might give it for free to her.

”The land located at Yanlong. ” Yu Qi answered.

”Yanlong? ” Grandpa Mu remembered that land was at the place that not very strategic for the development.
He wondered why she wanted to buy the land.

I wanted to buy that land. ” Yu Qi displayed a smile.

”For what? The place is not very good. ” Grandpa Mu stated.

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”No, it is not.
It is perfect for my business plan. ” Yu Qi said.

”What do you want to build over there? ” Grandpa Mu asked.

”Greenhouse. ” Yu Qi told him.

”Greenhouse? ” Grandpa Mu was dumbfounded with his granddaughter ’s answer.

Greenhouse for the herbs. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”You really love the herbs. ” Grandpa Mu smiled for the first time in front of Yu Qi.

It brings money too. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Grandpa Sang laughed when he heard that.
”That ’s right.
Who does not love money, right? ”

”I will prepare the contract by tomorrow. ” Grandpa Mu finally said what Yu Qi wanted to hear.

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The food came and they were having a good dinner while chatting.


”Li Zei, I think I had seen your father in the Moonlight hotel. ”

Mu Li Zei received a call from his friend.

Mu Li Zei: ”So? ”

Mu Li Zei did not think that anything was weird about it.

Friend: ”But I saw him with a woman. ”

Mu Li Zei: ”What? With a woman in the hotel. ”

Friend: ”I think that woman is very beautiful.
I don ’t see her face just her figure. ”

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Mu Li Zei: Is that woman young? ”

Friend: ”I ’m not sure about that since I only just her back.
But in my opinion, it must be a young woman. ”

Mu Li Zei: ”Thank you for telling me. ”

Friend: ”You can thank me in different ways. ”

Mu Li Zei: ”Okay. ”

Mu Li Zei knew what his friend ’s meaning was.
He was not fooled.
His friend wanted some projects.
He would just give them to him.
Right now, the most important thing was to find out about the woman beside her father.

”Li Zei, come and see your daughter quickly. ” Su Yu Qing entered his study room.

”What ’s wrong with you? Have I not told you, not to enter my study room? ” Mu Li Zei was angry.

It is important.
” Su Yu Qing was crying.

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”Just tell me. ” Mu Li Zei did not like the sound of the crying woman.

”Rong Xie, she is scratching her skin saying it is very itch.
The more she scratches, the more the itch feeling.
Right now, she has scratched her arm until the blood come out. ” Su Yu Qing explained while crying.

”Let ’s go and look at her. ” Mu Li Zei walked away from the study room with Su Yu Qing.

”It is itchy so much. ” Mu Rong Xie screamed.

Su Yu Qing ran to her daughter.
”Rong Xie, don ’t.
Don ’t scratch anymore. ” Su Yu Qing approached Mu Rong Xie and caught her hand.

She then turned towards the maids.
”I order you to hold your second young miss. ” She screamed.

but second young miss started kicking us.
So, …
We let…
Her go… ” One of the maids explained in scared tone.

Su Yu Qing looked at Mu Rong Xie.
Her daughter ’s face was full of the blood due to the scratches.

”Mum, let me scratch.
It is itching very much.
Please mum. ” Mu Rong Xie begged while crying.

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Mu Li Zei who was just standing there kept silent and suddenly ordered the maids.
”What are you waiting for? Call the doctor right now. ” Mu Li Zei shouted.

The maids were about to run away from the room until the second order came.

”Just one person goes to call the doctor.
The rest of you go and hold your second young miss. ” Su Yu Qing shouted angrily to the maids.

One maid ran away quickly before others could react.
So the rest of the maids needed to hold their second young miss.

”Mum, please let me go. ” Mu Rong Xie begged again.
She could not stand the itchy feeling.
Like something moved under her skin.

”Be patient my dear.
The doctor will come soon.
You need to hold back. ” Su Yu Qing said to her daughter.

”Mum, what has happened here? ” Mu Yian asked before she saw Mu Rong Xie.

After she looked at Mu Rong Xie, she was shocked.
”Rong Xie, your face… ” She could not finish that sentence.

The doctor came with a nurse.
They were the same as Mu Yian.

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”Quickly come and examine my daughter. ” Mu Li Zei said to the doctor.

Okay. ” The doctor quickly approached Mu Rong Xie.

However, who thought that even Mu Rong Xie was held by four people, she managed to let herself go and started scratching again.
She used more force when scratching again.

Su Yu Qing held her daughter ’s hand again to stop her from scratching her face.

”Quickly doctor, knock her out. ” Mu Li Zei said.

The doctor did his job and gave medicine to make sure Mu Rong Xie was unconscious.
The nurse then started to clean the bloody face and place where Mu Rong Xie had scratched.

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