Ming Xuehai took the training very seriously.
He succeeded in doing the 5 km jogging in the morning.
Even though, the time he took was longer than Yu Qi usually took. 

After breakfast, he did the 50 sit ups and 50 push ups.
Yu Qi said that she would come and train him at 10 o ’clock in the morning.
During the push-ups, he had almost given up but he clenched her teeth and finished the 50 push ups. 

Yu Qi came and they went to a place near the lake.
Yu Qi taught basic training first.
One hour of physical training, then they were meditating for about half-hour.
Then, began the physical training again for a half-hour.

Yu Qi left for lunch and returned back.
They were doing the same as the morning.

It had been a week since Yu Qi was training Ming Xuehai.
Ming Xuehai showed amazing improvement from day one until now.
He even could spar with Yu Qi.
Yu Qi was indeed impressed with Ming Xuehai.


In the Long Family ’s Side Branch, 

Jang Su Ren nearly had a heart attack when the police had suddenly turned to the front door of their house.
The police came and wanted to arrest Long Hua Hong and Long Cui Lang. 

Since Long Cui Lang was in the hospital, the police wanted Long Hua Hong to follow them to the police station.
Jang Su Ren did not want her only daughter to go to the police station like this.

Long Hua Hong was going downstairs when she had heard all the commotion.
Then, she saw that the police had entered her home despite her mother ’s block.

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”You can not arrest my daughter. ” Jang Su Ran shouted.

Long Hua Hong ran towards her room when she heard her mother shouting that the police wanted to arrest her.
She entered the room and locked the door.
She sat at the corner of her room while hugging her legs.

The fear of the police came to arrest her caused her a mental broke down.
It must be because of the r.a.p.e cases.
When Grandpa Long told his men to investigate their crimes, she thought nothing would happen.
And it came true.

For the last two weeks, she came back to her life as usual.
So, she had assumed that Grandpa Long was just acting on the surface because the Tang Family had pressured him but he protected her from the side.

She had never thought it was calm before the storm.
Right now, the police came and wanted to arrest her.
If she was arrested by the police right now, she would become a talk around the neighbourhood. 

She could not be caught.
She stood up and thinking about how she could escape from this place.

She looked at the balcony.
Perhaps she could escape through the balcony.
She assumed she could jump from here. 

Under the fear of the police, Long Hua Hong climbed the balcony.
However, she missed her steps.
She fell. 

”ARGHHH! ” Long Hua Hong screamed.

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Long Hua Hong fell on the ground.
She could feel the pain all over her body.
It was hurting so much.

The policemen who had been placed outside the house picked up heard the scream which Long Hua Hong had made.
They quickly came over to see who was screaming.
Then they saw a girl laying on the ground, hissing in the pain. 

The police quickly called the ambulance and informed the other policemen inside the house.

Jang Su Ren listened to the police ’s conversation.
Then, without waiting for the police to talk to her, she ran outside the house.
She saw her only daughter laying on the ground.

”Hua-er!!! ” Jang Su Ren went to her daughter ’s side.

Hua-er… ” Jang Su Ren called her daughter ’s name again and again while crying.

It hurts. ” Long Hua Hong cried.

Jang Su Ren then turned to the police who were standing over and shouted.
”You have forced my daughter to kill herself. ” She already did not care about anything.

The policemen were dumbfounded when they heard Jang Su Ren accusing them doing something like that.
It was her daughter who had chosen to run away from the police.
If she chose to surrender herself, something like this would never happen. 

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Long Chua returned to the house after receiving the call from one of their maids.
The maids said that the police came and wanted to arrest his daughter.
When he arrived home, he heard his wife shouted that his daughter killed herself.
He ran to the place.

”What has happened here? ” Long Chua asked panic.

”Husband, they want to kill our daughter. ” Jang Su Ren whined the moment she saw her husband had returned home.

Long Chua ignored his wife and directly asked the policeman around. 

”Mr Long, we have a warrant to arrest your daughter.
But we never expect that your daughter is very brave to jump over the balcony to escape from the police. ” The police said sarcastically while showing the warrant as the evidence.
He could not help but felt angry when the woman had accused them of something that they did not do. 

Long Chua heard the sarcastic tone of the policeman ’s sentence.
He could not replay back to the policeman.

”We have already called the ambulance.
They will come and bring your daughter to the hospital.
However, she and your son will be under the police ’s observation. ” The police explained.

Long Chua did not have anything to say.
His daughter and his son were wrong in the first place. 

”No, you can ’t take my daughter. ” Jang Su Ren protected her daughter.

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Long Chua could not stand anymore.
He approached Jang Su Ren and slapped her.
Jang Su Ren was very shocked when her husband had slapped her.
She looked up to her husband while placed her hand on the place where her husband had slapped just now.

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