”Well, I guess we have already cleared this misunderstanding, haven ’t we? ” Yu Qi smiled to Su Ke Ke.

Su Ke Ke nodded shyly. 

”Okay, when that stupid brother of mine wants to talk to you, please give him a chance, okay? He may be a genius in his work but rather pretty stupid when it comes to love. ” Yu Qi praised her brother at the same time and condemned her brother. 

Su Ke Ke smiled when she listened to Yu Qi.
She did not expect that Doctor Tang Jin Wei was close to his cousin and consulted his love problem with his cousin.

I think I have to go now. ” Yu Qi looked at her watch.
”Miss Su, thank you for giving your time to listen to me. ” Yu Qi bowed.

”No, no, no.
It should be me to thank you because you have cleared this misunderstanding. ” Su Ke Ke waved her hands strongly.

”See you again. ” Yu Qi turned and left.

She already decided to go to Traditional Medicine Department.
She wanted to see the doctor there and asked about her product ’s review.
Actually, she had developed the scar cream which would make the scar disappear within one week.
She had given the cream to the doctor there, last month ago.

She just wanted to know the people ’s reviews of the scar cream.
She had already planned something with it.

The doctor named Kang Sun ran to greet Yu Qi as he saw the girl came into the Traditional Medicine Department.
He was very excited to see this girl because her scar cream got so many attention from his patients.

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At first, he did not have much expectation from the scar cream.
He only followed her order since she was the granddaughter of Doctor Tang Jiang Man.
But when he had tested the scar cream on himself, he was very surprised that his scar which he had gotten many years disappeared in one week after he had applied the scar cream. 

After that, he began to promote the scar cream to the patients who came for his treatment. 

”Miss Tang. ” Kang Sun greeted Yu Qi.

”Well from your reaction, I can guess that the scar cream has gotten a lot of attention. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Yes, Miss Tang.
It is very good.
Some of my patients want scar cream for their families. ” Kang Sun said.

”Well, for the time being, I don ’t have the stock.
I will inform you later. ” Yu Qi looked around.

”Yes. ” Kang Sun nodded.

Yu Qi planned to explore another sector for the business.
Cosmetic products based on Chinese treatment and herbs.
She already had the products but she needed to manpower and facilities to make them to the market.
But she could not produce hundreds of products by herself.

Yu Qi spent some time at that department.
Then she received a call from Tang Han Lee.
’Big Brother Han Lee ’s call. ’ She quickly picked up the call.

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Tang Han Lee: ”Little Sis, where are you? ”

Yu Qi: ”Wait.
I ’m at the Traditional Medicine Department.
Where are you? ”

Tang Han Lee: ”At the parking.
In front of the main entrance. ”

Yu Qi: ”Okay.
I will be there. ”

Yu Qi left the department after saying something to Kang Sun and the nurse there.
She went to the parking as mentioned by Tang Han Lee.
She knew which car was Tang Han Lee ’s.

She entered the passenger ’s seat. 

”Sorry for making you wait. ” Yu Qi said.

”It ’s nothing.
Let ’s go for lunch. ” 

Tang Han Lee started the car and went to a famous restaurant which would need a booking before coming. 

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”Do you already plan to eat here today? ” Yu Qi asked.

”No. ” Tang Han Lee shook his head.

”But, this restaurant needs its customers to book for their table first before coming here. ” Yu Qi told him.

” You don ’t have to worry about it. ” Tang Han Lee signalled Yu Qi to come out from the car.

Yu Qi followed her brother. 

The waiter who guarded the restaurant ’s main entrance stopped them.

”May I get your name, sir? ” The waiter asked politely.

”Tang Han Lee. ”

Hearing that name, the waiter became more polite.
He wanted to flatter Tang Han Lee almost. 

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”Welcome to our humble restaurant, Mr Tang.
We have been expecting you. ” The waiter smiled. 

Yu Qi was surprised when she heard the waiter.
It seemed Tang Han Lee had some reputation here.

The waiter asked another waiter to lead them to the private room.
The waiter gave the menu book for them to choose their food.
They made their choice.

”Big Brother Han Lee, do you know the owner? ” Yu Qi asked Tang Han Lee after they sat down.

He is one of my patients.
He has told me that I can come to eat here whenever I want to. ” Tang Han Lee explained.

”You are really the best. ” Yu Qi gave a thumb up to Tang Han Lee.

Not long after that, the waiter came and delivered the food. 

”How did your talk go with Jin Wei ’s girl? ” Tang Han Lee asked.

”It went well.
We might get sister in law soon. ” Yu Qi said happily.
”How about you, Big Brother Han Lee? ”

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Yu Qi remembered that Tang Han Lee had a thing with her friend, Ding Na An.

Tang Han Lee coughed several times.
Yu Qi handed a glass of water to Tang Han Lee.

”Are you okay, Big Brother Han Lee? ” Yu Qi patted his back.

”I ’m okay. ” Tang Han Lee seemed to calm back.

”So, how is my other sister in law? Are you going steady? ” Yu Qi grinned.
She did not want to drop the topic so easily.

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