In the picture, there was Yu Qi with another man.
The angle of this picture was taken making Yu Qi and the man look like they were kissing each other.
The photographer of this picture really knew how to take the picture.

Sitting beside his beloved Qi Qi, Long Hui also saw the same picture.
His face was changing.
His expression became bad.
The temperature around seemed to have decreased. 

Then, the voice from the unknown number started to speak again.

Unknown number: ”Miss Tang, do you get the picture? ”

Yu Qi did not respond.

Unknown Number: ’ ’ I ’m guessing that you are looking at it. ” 

Yu Qi: ”What do you want? ”

Unknown Number: ”Break up with Long Hui. ” 

This time, Yu Qi was laughing.

Yu Qi: ”So, this is your aim? ”

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The person did not respond. 

Yu Qi: ”Nice try.
But I have to disappoint you because I will never leave him for the rest of my life. ”

Yu Qi did not wait for the person to reply back to her.
She ended the call immediately.

Yu Qi turned and looked at Long Hui.
He was also staring at her.
His expression was not so bad as earlier.

”This picture is taken during my club activity.
It is Mr Qin. ” Yu Qi began to explain.

”Him? ” The jealousy could be detected from Long Hui ’s voice.

”That time, I just finished performing for my club.
Suddenly he came and hugged me.
I resist.
Then, he let me go.
He had apologized for hugging me like that.
He said he had mistaken me for someone.
This picture is taken from a certain angle which makes us look like, we are having a kiss. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Really? ” Long Hui looked at Yu Qi.

Yu Qi smiled.
”You don ’t need to worry.
Since my heart already belongs to you. ” Yu Qi gave a quick kiss on Long Hui ’s cheek.

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Sensing it was not enough for him, Long Hui made a sneak attack on her lips.
Then he retreated.
He licked his lips with his tongue while looking seductively at Yu Qi.

”Delicious. ” Long Hui said.

’This man.
How does dare he seduce me right now? ’ Yu Qi glared at Long Hui.

Long Hui ’s mood became better.
He knew that his beloved Qi Qi was a beautiful girl.
He knew that men would like to get a woman like his beloved Qi Qi.
He just needed to believe his beloved Qi Qi.
But he could not help but to feel angry and jealous as he saw the picture.

”Stay away from him. ” Long Hui gave a warning.

Yu Qi nodded obediently to Long Hui.
She knew who Long Hui had meant by ’him ’. 

”Good. ” Long Hui smiled.

Their food was ready to take away.
So, they went to Minwa Lake and having a picnic date there.

It was afternoon.
So, there were not many people hanging up around the lake.
Since the weather was very nice, they decided to sit on the ground directly.
Then they had their lunch there.

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”It is nice.
The breeze is nice. ” Long Hui said while enjoying the breeze.

Yu Qi also agreed with that.
The breeze was indeed nice.

”I want to lay down. ” Long Hui without any shame, put his head directly on Yu Qi ’s lap. 

Yu Qi did not have enough time to do anything.
So, she just obediently let Long Hui lay on her lap.

”It is my blessing. ”, Long Hui said happily.
He closed his eyes.
”Laying on my beloved ’s lap. ”

”Just keep quiet.
It is embarrassing. ” Yu Qi said with a red face.

Long Hui opened his eyes.
Right now, he was staring up at Yu Qi ’s face.
The angle from where he had never looked at her.
Since she was shorter than him, he always stared down at her.
But right now, it was different. 

”Even, from this angle, my beloved Qi Qi is so beautiful. ” Long Hui praised Yu Qi.

Yu Qi put her hand on Long Hui ’s eyes blocking his view.
Long Hui did not push the hand away.
He just let her do that. 

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Bai Yu watched the couple from the far.
He had never thought that her boyfriend was a good looking man who did not lose to him. 

It made him wanted her more.
Wanted to break the couple.
Wanting to snatch her from the man.
Bai Yu smiled while looking at the couple who was enjoying their time together.

The couple never knew that someone strongly wanted to break them.
Someone who wanted to snatch the girl.

’This is getting more and more interesting. ’ Bai Yu left with his men.


In another place…

A girl was smirking while looking at her phone.
The call that she had just made was a good plan.
It was a good thing that she followed Yu Qi.
It was a good thing that she managed to take a picture of Yu Qi with another man.
It also was a good thing that the picture was taken from such a nice angle.

”Miss Tang, Miss Tang…
Looks like your good reputation will be ending soon. ” The girl laughed.

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She took many pictures of them.
One of them showed like they were having a kiss. 

”You have a lot of men who wants you.
You can leave Long Hui to me. ” The girl talked to herself.

This time, she doubted that Yu Qi could clear her name.
Nothing could prove her innocence.
Anyone who graded her as someone good would think twice again after the pictures were spread.

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