”Doctor Tang, is that you? ” One of the girls in the room asked.

Yu Qi turned to the girl who had talked to her.
She remembered the girl.
She was one of her patients before.

”You are also captured here? ” The girl asked.

”Unfortunately yeah. ” Yu Qi sighed.

”Dinner time. ” One man came and put a plate that contained some bread into the room. 

The girls did not move.
They were just staring at the food.

Yu Qi reached out the bread. 

”You dare to eat their food? ” A girl asked.

Yu Qi did not eat the bread immediately.
She sniffed the smell of the bread to make sure that the bread had not been added with something else.
Yu Qi confirmed that the bread was safe to eat.

”We can eat this bread. ” Yu Qi said.

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”What? Are you sure? ” A girl quickly asked.
She was probably hungry.

I have already confirmed that they have not put anything in this bread.
Trust me. ” Yu Qi nodded.

All the girls grabbed the bread and are it.
They were very hungry.
While they were eating, they exchanged information about them.

The girls had been kidnapped and brought here today.
One of them had claimed that she had been called by someone who had impersonated as her friend to a place which somehow fewer people.
Then she was knocked out and woke up in this room. 

The second girl said she had been threatened by the men saying they would kill her family, so she followed them here in order to save her family. 

Then the third girl said she had been knocked out by those men while she was working at her garden.
The third girl was the one who has called Yu Qi earlier. 


Meanwhile, at Dongfang Mo ’s place, they had already finished controlling the situation.
They gave the medicine to the patient which Yu Qi had prescribed.
The patients drunk the medicine and vomited all the things that they had for today. 

After vomiting, the patients needed to eat something warm and lighter.
So, someone made some porridge and gave it to the patients. 

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”Have you seen Yu Qi? ” Dongfang Mo asked one of the nurses who had followed them today. 

”To think about it, I have not seen her for about 3 hours ago. ” The nurse thought about it. 

”What? Really? ” Dongfang Mo began to panic. 

He ran and asked around about Yu Qi.
All of them claimed that they did not see her at all.
Dongfang Mo began to panic more.
Then someone told him that he saw a kid pulling a female doctor to go somewhere.
When Dongfang Mo asked where the kid and Yu Qi had gone, the person said he did not know about that. 

Dongfang Mo needed to go back to inform the medical station about this.
When he arrived at the medical station, there were a lot of people at the medical station.
He ignored all of them and reported the situation to Zheng Yiwu.

”Yiwu, Yu Qi has gone missing. ” Dongfang Mo reported.

”What? ” 

Out of nowhere, the shocked voice could be heard.
It was not Zheng Yiwu.
It was Long Hui who had inspected the medical station today.

”Did you said that Yu Qi had gone missing? ” The dangerous aura could be sensed leaking out from Long Hui ’s body. 

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Yes… ” Dongfang Mo could not stand the aura given off by Long Hui. 

”When was the last time that you saw her? ” Long Hui posted another question.

”Three hours ago. ” Dongfang Mo answered. 

”I suggest it might be human trafficking again.
We used our source to locate them but still could not find them. ” The captain said.

”Human trafficking? ” Long Hui narrowed his eyes.

”They have been active for the last two years and have become more and more active recently.
Their targets are girls in a range of age from 5 to 25 years old. ” The captain explained the situation. 

”You mean you could not find them since then? ” Long Hui glanced at the captain.

The captain answered in trembling.
”Yes. ”

Long Hui did not ask any more question.
He seemed to be in deep thinking.
Others also did not talk.
They were pitying Yu Qi who had gone missing.
Ding Na An was in an extremely shocking state when she heard that Yu Qi had gone missing and probably in the hands of human traffickers. 

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”Do you remember what is she wearing today? ” Long Hui suddenly asked a question.

They did not answer immediately.
Then Ding Na An stepped forward and answered that question.

”She is wearing sports attire.
The shirt is dark blue and the pant is black. ” Ding Na An told him.
She remembered what was Yu Qi wearing today. 

”Anything else? ” Long Hui wanted more information. 

Ding Na An tried to remember more about Yu Qi wore this morning. 

”Oh, I remember her wearing her usual watch. ” Ding Na An said.

Long Hui ’s eyes lifted up.
”Do you have a computer that has a good internet connection? ” Long Hui asked Zheng Yiwu.

”We have one. ” Zheng Yiwu nodded.

”Let me use it. ” Long Hui ordered.

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This way. ” Zheng Yiwu led Long Hui to his room. 

Long Hui started his hand working on the computer.
His hand became faster and faster as he typed on the keyboard.
He needed to be faster since his beloved Qi Qi had gone missing three hours ago.
He assumed that Yu Qi would be put in one place with other girls before transported to somewhere.
He needed to find her before that.

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