”Yu Qi, what are you doing? ” Xin Rin saw Yu Qi who was reviewing some doc.u.ments.

She also noticed that sometimes Yu Qi doing some paperwork that was not related to Yu Qi ’s work. 

”Oh, I ’m reading some reports. ” Yu Qi said.

”Reports about what? ” Xin Rin glanced a little at the doc.u.ment. 

”Wait? Is this about Qi Qi Brand skincare? ” Xin Rin said excitedly.

”You know? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Of course, I know.
It is a newly established brand.
But it is spreading its influence on a high rate.
I love it. ” Xin Rin sang the praise of the Qi Qi Skincare.

Yu Qi smiled and thanked her.

”Why are you saying thank you to me? ” Xin Rin ’s eyes suddenly became bigger.
”Don ’t tell me, it… ”

”It is exactly what you are thinking, Senior Rin. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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What? You are the owner? ” Xin Rin ’s mouth had opened wide.

”I ’m glad to hear that someones like my brand. ” Yu Qi laughed.

”Oh, Yu Qi, you are my goddess. ” Xin Rin hugged Yu Qi.

”Xin Rin, are you turning into a lesbian? Yiwu, look at your wife. ” It was a coincidence that Dongfang Mo and Zheng Yiwu walked into their medical station. 

”Are you an idiot? ” Xin Rin let Yu Qi go but she still hugged Yu Qi ’s arm.

”Yiwu, listen to me.
Owner of Qi Qi Skincare is Yu Qi. ” Xin Rin told Zheng Yiwu excitedly.

”Qi Qi Skincare? ” Dongfang Mo was thinking about that as well as Zheng Yiwu.

”Qi Qi Skincare, the brand about which I have told you before.
That based on the herbs, I have said. ” Xin Rin helped Zheng Yiwu to replay his memories.

”Oh, I remember about it. ” Zheng Yiwu nodded.

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”The owner is here. ” Xin Rin mentioned again.

”Oh, that brand. ” Dongfang Mo made an expression that he had already remembered about it.
Then he was astonished.
”Wait, you are the owner? Is it your family ’s business? ”

It is my own business. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

”Holy shit.
Can I ask for some wealth? ” Dongfang Mo asked while grinning.

”Find your own money. ” Xin Rin rolled her eyes.

”Well then, Yu Qi, let me propose to you. ” Dongfang Mo said laughing.

However, Dongfang Mo gulped as his eyes as he looked at the door of the medical station.
He could see that Colonel Long was currently staring at him as Colonel Long wanted to skin him alive.

Everyone in the medical station turned to the door.
They saw Long Hui with unhappy mood.
They also could feel the killing aura from Long Hui. 

”Brother Hui, what are you doing here? ” Yu Qi ’s soft voice lowered the killing aura.

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”Looking for you.
Otherwise, some wolves might snatch you. ” Long Hui answered while giving a deadly glare to Dongfang Mo. 

Yu Qi knew Long Hui was being jealous right now.
She smiled. 

”How can I leave you for other men? They are not as handsome as you. ” Yu Qi pacified Long Hui.

Long Hui felt instantly happy as his beloved Qi Qi praised his handsomeness.
He smirked proudly at Dongfang Mo like saying, ’My beloved Qi Qi will not like you. ’

”Let ’s go lunch together. ” Long Hui invited Yu Qi.
He did not hide his relationship as it was exposed to others already.
He might enjoy this while they were still here.

”Well, then, okay. ” Yu Qi agreed.
”Well, then, everyone.
I will go to lunch first. ”

The couple left leaving the people who were dumbfounded there.

”Did you see that? Colonel Long smirked proudly at me. ” Dongfang Mo blinked his eyes several times.

”Yeah, I also saw that he was giving you a deadly glare earlier. ” Xin Rin snorted.
”That is what you will get when you try to flirt with someone ’s girlfriend. ” 

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”I ’m just joking, okay. ” Dongfang Mo rolled his eyes.
But honestly, he was very scared.
It felt like Long Hui had already put a knife which was aiming at his neck when Long Hui stared at him.

Long Hui walked into the canteen with his beloved Qi Qi.
It was the lunchtime so there were a group of soldiers who were currently eating their lunch.

When they saw Yu Qi and Long Hui walked together, they talked among them.

”It is really true.
They are indeed dating each other.
I thought that it is just a rumour. ” 

”But look.
They are a good match.

”I thought I will have a chance with Doctor Tang. ’ ’ 

”You should watch your face in the mirror first. ”

Yu Qi chose what they would be eating.
Long Hui told her to choose whatever she wanted to.
He would eat whatever she gave to him.
Even if she would give him poison, he would eat it.
But he bet his beloved Qi Qi would never do something like that.

They sat opposite each other.
They started to eat.

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”When are you going to cook for me again? ” Long Hui suddenly threw that question.

”Huh? ” Yu Qi startled.
She did not expect Long Hui would ask that question.
”Well, I will cook for you when the time permits.
How about after I return to Shiwa Town? You will return to Shiwa Town too right? ” 

”Of course, I will return to Shiwa Town.
I have just come here for inspection. ” Long Hui smiled.

”Which inspection lasts long for 3 months? ” Yu Qi chuckled.

”Inspection of your surroundings . ” Long Hui replied.
”You always attract bees everywhere you go. ” Long Hui remembered Bai Shu Jin, Bai Yu and other men who would always try to snatch his beloved Qi Qi.

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