”Yu Qi, I felt someone was following us. ” Ming Xuehai said after they entered the hotel.

”It was not just a feeling.
Someone did follow us. ” Yu Qi had already noticed that someone was lurking around them.

Sometimes, it was one of them.
And sometimes it was more than that.
She did not know who they were.
Well, she did not want to take action since they did not try to do something to her yet.
The moment they tried to lay their hands on her, she would respond to them accordingly. 

”What should we do? ” Ming Xuehai became worried.
He did not care about himself.
The one he was worried about was Yu Qi.
After all, she was a girl. 

”Just ignore them for now.
If they try to do something, we will retaliate. ” Yu Qi smiled to Ming Xuehai. 

Ming Xuehai looked at Yu Qi ’s face.
It seemed that things like this had happened before.
Yu Qi seemed to understand and know what she should do next.
So, for now, he would follow Yu Qi ’s instruction and ignore those people who had followed them. 

”As for tonight, you don ’t need to follow me.
I ’m going to a private meeting. ” Yu Qi suddenly said.

”Private meeting? ” Ming Xuehai frowned.
It was dangerous for Yu Qi to be alone at Fanghai Nation.

”Don ’t worry.
That person would come to this hotel to meet me.
I will be completely okay inside the hotel, right? ” Yu Qi knew Ming Xuehai was worried about her.

”Really? ” Ming Xuehai still did not completely believe Yu Qi.

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”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Okay. ” Ming Xuehai finally believed in Yu Qi.

Actually, Yu Qi was going to meet Grandpa Mu.
Grandpa Mu seemed to know that his granddaughter was currently here, at Fanghai Nation. 

Yu Qi was about to give a call to Grandpa Mu, suddenly got the call from Grandpa Mu himself.
Grandpa Mu wanted to meet her since she was here.
Yu Qi agreed with that.

Yu Qi decided to meet him at the hotel where she was currently staying, in the private room at the hotel restaurant.
It was convenient and safe. 

When Grandpa Mu asked why Yu Qi did not hide anything.
She directly told the truth to Grandpa Mu saying that there were some people who had followed her around and she did not know their motives of following her.

Listening to his granddaughter, Grandpa Mu was worried and agreed to meet his granddaughter at the hotel.

When the time had approached the meeting time, Yu Qi slowly came out from her room and walked towards the restaurant.
The room was booked by Grandpa Mu.
Grandpa Mu told her that she needed to tell the waitress that she was meeting with him.

So, she went to the counter and told the person in charge.
When they heard about this, they bowed ninety degrees to Yu Qi. 

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”Let me lead the way, miss. ” The waitress said respectfully to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi followed the waitress to a private room. 

”Here, Miss.
Please enter the room. ” The waitress opened the door and gave way to Yu Qi.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi responded.

”We have been informed by Master Mu that he is going to be here in 15 minutes.
You can order first. ” The waitress said while handing out the menu book.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi took the book.

Yu Qi felt that it was better if she ordered for two people directly.
When her grandfather arrived, he would not need to order anymore and he could enjoy the food faster.

Yu Qi pointed to several items on the menu.
She chose the food after considering his grandfather ’s health.
She remembered her grandfather ’s favourite foods and the foods that she chose were also her favourites.
She requested the waitress to tell the chef to put less sugar and salt into the food. 

”Please wait for a moment, miss.
We will deliver the food as soon as possible. ” The waitress left.

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Yu Qi was humming a tone.
After a while, the door was opened.
Entering the room was a group of men in black.
Then an elderly man appeared between them. 

”Yu Qi. ” Grandpa Mu called Yu Qi.

”Grandpa. ” Yu Qi stood up and hugged her grandfather.

”You can stay outside. ” Grandpa Mu ordered his men to stand outside.

The pair of grandfather and granddaughter sat. 

”What are you doing here? ” Grandpa Mu asked his granddaughter.

”Well, I come to see the progress of my greenhouse ’s construction.
It is going on the schedule. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Why don ’t you tell me about it? I also can help you. ” Grandpa Mu wanted to spoil this granddaughter but he did not have any chance.

”Grandpa, you don ’t need to worry about me.
I can handle it myself. ” Yu Qi assured Grandpa Mu.

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”Good child, good child. ” Grandpa Mu smiled.

”Have you told your family about Mu Family? ” Grandpa Mu asked.

”Not yet.
But I will after this trip. ” Yu Qi already made that decision.

”Can I meet your current family? ” Grandpa Mu wanted to thank Tang Family.

”Of course.
But let me explain to them first. ” Yu Qi said.

”Okay. ” Grandpa Mu nodded.

The conversation was stopped for a moment because the waitresses came in to deliver the food.
Grandpa Mu ’s eyes lifted up when he saw the food which had been put onto the table.
Almost everything was his favourite. 

”You have ordered this? ” Grandpa Mu asked.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi knew Grandpa Mu would like the food since they were his favourites if his taste had not changed.

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”All of these are my favourites. ” Grandpa Mu said happily.

”These are my favourites too. ” Yu Qi said.

”You are really my granddaughter. ” 

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