”What are you talking about? ” Jiang Na Na asked since she did not understand what the two men had talked just now.

”Nothing. ” Mu Li Zin did not want to talk about it. 

It was like a taboo topic.
Their mother liked to talk about that woman.
Their mother told them that this woman robbed her happiness.
It was a good thing since she had died.
Because after she had died, their mother finally could be happy. 

That time as he was very young and did not understand much about human relationship, Mu Li Zin did not get the meaning of what their mother was talking about.
After he grew up, he finally understood. 


Mu Yian walked towards the ward.
Today was the day that the girl, Yu Qi would come and try to treat her sister.
She hated that girl but for the sake of her sister, she would let her be for the time being.
After that, she would not let that girl off.

She had almost arrived at her sister ’s ward and suddenly she saw something that picked up her interest.
It was the first time she thought someone was worth her.
His figure was very good.
His face was very handsome even without a smile.
She wondered how his face with a smile.
It must be very charming.

Mu Yian was kind of wondering what was this man doing here.
It was her sister ’s ward.
Other wards were empty.
So, he would not visit anyone. 

Mu Yian braved herself wanted to ask the man.
So, she slowly walked towards the man.

I am just wondering what are you doing here? Have you come to visit my sister? ” Mu Yian asked the man in a sweet voice. 

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The man glanced at the girl who had talked to him and then ignored her.
He did not have time to talk with some girl whom he did not actually know. 

Mu Yian felt very embarrassed when the man directly ignored her.
She was confident with her body and her face.
She was confident that men would like her instantly when they would lay their eyes on her for the first time.
This was the first time that a man had ignored her.
Usually, the men came and talked to her. 

Mu Yian smiled awkwardly as she walked away from the man.
She saw her father, uncle and aunt standing outside Mu Rong Xie ’s ward.

”Father, Uncle, Aunt. ” Mu Yian greeted all of them.

”Father, why are you waiting outside the ward? ” Mu Yian asked.
It was weird to see him outside. 

Mu Yian wanted to enter the ward so she tried to open the door.
Unfortunately, the door was locked.

”Father, this? ” Mu Yian asked again.

”Miss Tang is already inside. ” Mu Li Zei said.

”You have let Rong Xie alone with her? ” Mu Yian was surprised.

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”Don ’t worry.
Your mother is inside too. ” Mu Li Zei assured Mu Yian.

”Oh, I see.
By the way, father, who is the gentleman over there? ” Mu Yian asked while pointing at the man who wore a cold expression on his face.

”I don ’t know.
However, he has come with Miss Tang. ” Mu Li Zei answered.

”Oh. ” Mu Yian nodded.
She felt annoyed that Yu Qi knew this man.
However, she did not show anything on her face. 

While in the ward,

Yu Qi looked around.
The ward looked very dark.
It was also gloomy.
The girl whom she would treat had wrapped herself in the blanket.

”Get out. ” The girl shouted angrily as she sensed someone new inside the room.
Someone other than the assigned nurse. 

”Rong Xie, this is mom. ” Su Yu Qing said slowly while walking towards her daughter.
She was already crying. 

”Mom…. ” Mu Rong Xie cried.
She hated herself. 

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The atmosphere became sad with both of them cring.
Even the nurse was affected by their cry.
Yu Qi was still wearing her stoid face.
She was not affected by the cry. 

The nurse happened to turn to Yu Qi ’s way.
The nurse was shocked when she saw the dangerous glint on Yu Qi ’s face as she watched the pair of mother and daughter who were crying. 

”Can I start it? ” Yu Qi was already bored seeing this scene. 

”You??? What are you doing here? ” Mu Rong Xie shouted angrily when she saw another person in her ward. 

”Rong Xie, she is trying to help you heal those wounds. ” It was Su Yu Qing who answered that question.

”No!!! Get out!! Get out!!! ” Mu Rong Xie shouted like she was losing her mind. 

”Mrs Mu, and you. ” Yu Qi called the nurse.
”Come and help her.
Restrain her movements. ” 

Su Yu Qing and the nurse hesitated. 

”Are you going to do or not? ” Yu Qi was irritated.
She wanted to settle this matter fast.
Her Hui was waiting for her outside. 

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”Okay. ” Su Yu Qing tried to hold her daughter.

The nurse also tried to hold Mu Rong Xie.

”You better hold her firmly.
If not, she will get hurt with my needle and knife. ” Yu Qi already letting the things out from the bag and ready to get the thing done.

Seeing the knife and needle in Yu Qi ’s hand, Su Yu Qing hardened her heart to hold her daughter firmly.
It was better to get hurt now for the sake of getting better.

”You, hold strongly. ” Su Yu Qing told the nurse.

Yu Qi walked closer to Mu Rong Xie.
She pushed the needle into Mu Rong Xie ’s skin and started to draw out Mu Rong Xie ’s blood.
She drew out Mu Rong Xie ’s blood about 20 ml before going to look at the wounds. 

Yu Qi was very impressed to see the wounds.
She really did a good job.
Yu Qi took the knife and took some of the samples of the wounds.
She then started to pack her things into the bag.

”I ’m finished. ” Yu Qi walked out leaving Su Yu Qing, Mu Rong Xie and the nurse stunned with this. 

”I have already taken the sample.
I ’m going to do some research on it first.
I will inform you if I get the result. ” Yu Qi did not pay attention to others and talked to Mu Li Zei.

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”Okay, Miss Tang.
I will wait for your news.
Thank you. ” Mu Li Zei nodded.

Yu Qi walked passing Mu Yian.
She glanced at Mu Yian for a moment before approaching Long Hui.

Mu Yian watched the man.
When the man saw Yu Qi, she could see the gentleness on the man ’s face which made her jealous about it.
Why did the man treat her like a precious thing? She clenched her fists holding back her anger. 

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