Yu Qi and Long Hui left the hospital.
They returned straight to the hotel.
After stepping into the room, Yu Qi brought Long Hui into space.
Her two little cuties were very happy to see her. 

”Master. ” Bo Ya smiled.

”Master. ” Aoi was running around Yu Qi ’s legs like a normal dog did when their owner came home. 

”Hi, you two. ” Yu Qi patted both of their heads.

As for Long Hui, the two little cuties already had been on an agreement that they would just ignore him unless it was not necessary. 

Long Hui only watched his beloved Qi Qi patting the boy and the dog.
He felt something. 

”Wait here, I will come out after I have stored the sample. ” Yu Qi ran to her room to store the blood sample and sample of the wounds in an appropriate place.

The three of them were left together.
Bo Ya and Aoi looked at Long Hui while Long Hui also watched the boy and the dog.

”What? ” Long Hui asked since he felt both of them had something to say to him.

”Nothing. ” Aoi shook his head.
He was a bit scared of Long Hui.

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”Humph! ” Bo Ya rolled his eyes to Long Hui. 

Long Hui did not say anything to Bo Ya. 

Yu Qi walked faster after she stored those things.
When she arrived, she could sense the weird vibe between the three of them. 

”What are you talking about? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Nothing, Master. ”

”Nothing, Master. ”

”Nothing, Qi Qi. ”

The three of them answered at the same time.
Yu Qi chuckled.
It must be something but she did not want to think much about that. 

”I will go out now.
Two of you, I will bring some food later. ” Yu Qi said to her two little cuties.
Then she turned to Long Hui.
”Brother Hui, let ’s go out now. ” 

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”Okay. ” Long Hui nodded.

Yu Qi handed out her hand to Long Hui for him to hold her as she would bring him out.
But Long Hui took the initiative by hugging her whole body. 

”Brother Hui really knows how to take advantages. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

”Every second is precious.
I wish to hug you all the time. ” Long Hui made a remark.

”Me too. ” Yu Qi also wanted to get closer to Long Hui but she knew it would be impossible since Long Hui was a soldier.
He was bound to do his duty to the nation.
So, like Long Hui said, every second is precious. 

Yu Qi brought Long Hui out from the space. 

”What are we going to do now? ” Long Hui asked.
He was told by his beloved Qi Qi that she would take some sample from her patient and it was done.

”Oh. ” Yu Qi actually wanted to bring Long Hui to meet her real grandfather.
However, before that, she needed to explain to Long Hui about the matter. 

”Well, let ’s go out to a drink first.
I have something to explain to you. ” Yu Qi told Long Hui.

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My pleasure. ” Long Hui smiled.

Both of them went outside the hotel and walked around and found a cafe.
It was the afternoon after all.
It was time for lunch. 

They took a seat and ordered some light food for their lunch. 

”Take your time to talk to me. ” Long Hui noticed that Yu Qi ’s difficulties to talk to him.

”You know that I ’m an orphan, right? ” 

Is that something matters with that? ” 

”Actually, I ’m not technically an orphan.
I have my family. ”

”I know.
Your Tang Family, right? ’

”Well, they are my family now.
But that is not what I meant though. ”

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”Huh? What do you mean by that? ”

”I had found my family.
I mean my real family.
I have told you about it when you have come running to me at the University after we have returned from the medical conference at the Fanghai Nation.

”Really, it is great then. ” Long Hui was genuinely happy with his beloved Qi Qi.
He remembered that time.
At that time, she had not told him much.
After that, she had not talked about it and he had almost forgotten. 

”I want to bring you to meet my real grandfather tonight. ” Yu Qi said happily.

”By the way, how do you find your real family? ” Long Hui was curious about that.

”It is fortunate that I am born with this face. ” Yu Qi pointed to her face.

”Why? ” Long Hui did not understand. 

”This face is very similar to my late grandmother.
Because of this face, my real grandfather has recognised me and has taken a DNA test.
It has been proven that I ’m his biological granddaughter. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”I ’m glad for you. ” Long Hui reached Yu Qi ’s hand and gave a hold on it. 

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”These people that we have met just now are my relatives. ” Now Yu Qi turned serious.

”Your relatives? They seem not to know that. ” Long Hui remembered that part of them seemed to despise Yu Qi. 

”Of course.
It is because they do not know that I ’m their niece. ” Yu Qi nodded.
”My real family is a bit complicated.
My grandfather has two wives.
One is my biological grandmother.
She has already left this world.
Another one is my step-grandmother.
My grandfather has married her after my grandmother has died.
The two men whom you have seen earlier are my uncles but they are born from my step-grandmother. ”

”Oh, I see.
But they should recognise your face. ” Long Hui confused.

”Well, they have recognised.
You must have heard that one of them has shouted ’ghost ’ earlier.
Meaning, they do know my grandmother has died.
But I also don ’t understand that they have not expected me to be part of their family. ” Yu Qi also confused about that.

”Meaning, they probably know that you are not from your father. ” Long Hui made an assumption.

”Know? ” Yu Qi frowned.

You have said that they have not even expected you as their family member even though you bear a similarity of your grandmother.
Meaning, they are confident that you are not a part of their family. ” Long Hui expressed his understanding of this matter. 

”Confident… ” Yu Qi started to think about something.
”Bother Hui, I start to think there is some conspiracy here. ”

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Long Hui did not say anything.

”From what you have said, they are confident that I ’m not part of their family.
Why are they confident about it? ” Yu Qi started to tremble. 

”Qi Qi, you have said that you have found your family.
Then, where are your parents? ” Long Hui noticed that his beloved Qi Qi trembled more when he finished the question.
He held Yu Qi ’s hand.
”Qi Qi, calm down. ”

”My grandfather had said that my father has been missing after their argument.
My grandfather have not agreed with the woman that my father has brought back then.
He has not seen my father after that. ” Yu Qi explained.

Long Hui was in deep thinking after listening to his beloved Qi Qi ’s answer.
He had drawn some conclusions in his mind.
But he did not think that he should tell his beloved Qi Qi about it.
Since it was not a good thing to hear.

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