The matter about her father had been pushed back in her mind.
She wanted to investigate but she had no lead on this matter.
She barely remembered her father ’s face.
Because she did not think much about her father in the previous world.
She would have to ask for some pictures of her father from her grandfather. 

As promised, Yu Qi brought Long Hui to meet her grandfather.
Since Long Hui was with her, Yu Qi followed Grandpa Mu ’s suggestion on where they would be having dinner. 

Grandpa Mu booked a private room at a famous restaurant.
Yu Qi arrived with Long Hui.
The waiter had been informed about them.
So, he brought them to the room where Grandpa Mu had been. 

”Grandpa. ” Yu Qi went and hugged Grandpa Mu. 

Grandpa Mu smiled when his granddaughter came and hugged him intimately.
”How are you, my dear? ”

”I ’m fine. ” Yu Qi released her grandfather.

”Take a seat. ” Grandpa Mu said.

Yu Qi and Long Hui took the seat side by side.

”Oh, by the way, this is my boyfriend, Long Hui. ” Yu Qi turned and introduced Long Hui to Grandpa Mu.

Grandpa Mu turned his eyes to the young man who had come with his granddaughter.
He was impressed with how he looked like.
His looks were comparable with his granddaughter.
In the terms of that, he was satisfied.
However, the looks were not enough.
The man needed to provide enough to his granddaughter.

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”What are you doing for your life? ” Grandpa Mu asked.

”I ’m a soldier. ” Long Hui answered it shortly.

”Soldier? ” Grandpa Mu was impressed again. 

”Brother Hui is currently Colonel rank. ” Yu Qi added. 

”Colonel? How old are you? ” Grandpa Mu wanted to ask because he looked at Long Hui and wondered about this young man ’s age.

”26 years old. ” Long Hui answered it.

”Colonel rank in this young age? ” Grandpa Mu opened his eyes widely.

”Brother Hui joined the military at a young age. ” Yu Qi bragged about her boyfriend to her grandfather.

”I see.
No wonder. ” Grandpa Mu nodded.
”Oh, let ’s order the food.
I hope you two will like the food here. ”

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”Okay. ” Both of Yu Qi and Long Hui nodded.

Grandpa Mu asked many things to Long Hui.
Long Hui answered them with a short answer.
Yu Qi told Grandpa Mu that Long Hui was someone who did not talk much, so his answers were short.

Grandpa Mu did not mind about that.
Since he liked the man who did not talk much compared to the one who talked much.
Because Grandpa Mu thought a man did not talk too much was a man that did not like to make things complicated and straight to the point. 

The dinner ended happily.
In the end, Yu Qi asked her grandfather about her father ’s pictures because she wanted to know.
Grandpa Mu told her that he would deliver the pictures to her.
Grandpa Mu thought his granddaughter might want to know about her father. 

Yu Qi told Grandpa Mu to sent the pictures to her home at FINN City.
Because tomorrow she would fly to somewhere else. 


”Are you sure about this? Don ’t you have work to do? ” Yu Qi asked Long Hui.

They were at the airport.
They had a last-minute plan.
They planned to go to Japan, specifically, Osaka for a holiday together.

It was because Yu Qi found out that Long Hui would be on leave even after they flew back to Binhai Nation.
Long Hui even wanted to stay with her for the next two weeks.
So, Yu Qi changed their plan, instead of flying back to Binhai Nation, they would have a trip to Osaka for a week.

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I just come back from a mission.
The high-rank militaries officers has granted me a long leave. ” Long Hui smiled.

”I hope you will not be called later and destroy our holiday. ” Yu Qi said.

”Well, it can not be avoided. ” Long Hui really could not control that. 

”Let ’s things go on their course.
As for now, let ’s enjoy our first vacation together. ” Yu Qi was in high spirits. 

Yu Qi and Long Hui entered the first-class seat.
It would be six hours on the air. 

The flight attendants did their job attending the passengers.
They also came to Yu Qi and Long Hui ’s seat.
Well to be specific, Long Hui ’s seat.
One of the flight attendants paid too much attention to Long Hui.
Like asking Long Hui whether he wanted to drink or not, whether he was comfortable or not, whether he wanted a blanket or not and so many things. 

Long Hui only shook his head telling her that it was not necessary.
Then the flight attendant encouraged herself to ask his phone number. 

Listening to this, Yu Qi turned to the flight attendant.
”Excuse me, he is my boyfriend. ” 

The statement made the flight attendant felt embarrassed but she did not leave since the man still did not answer her request.
Even though the girl had said the sentence was beautiful, she thought she did not lose to the girl. 

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”Qi Qi, don ’t be mad.
It is not good for your health. ” Long Hui pulled Yu Qi ’s hand to calm down his beloved Qi Qi.

The flight attendant still did not leave.
Long Hui turned to her.

”What? Still don ’t leave? Do I need to tell you? ” Long Hui glared to the flight attendant with cold flash. 

The flight attendant suddenly felt very weak on her legs.
She fell down.
Her body trembled.
The man in front of her was very scary.
Her colleagues came and helped her to stand up and get away from that place.

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