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Can we change…
the place? ” Yu Qi tried to talk.
Her lips were trembling.
Even her eyes slightly trembled.

Long Hui did not wait for a second.
He lifted up his beloved Qi Qi and carried her in a princess style. 

Yu Qi was very embarrassed so, she buried her face on Hui Long ’s chest while hugged Long Hui ’s neck.
She could feel that Long Hui ’s heartbeat beating very faster. 

Long Hui gently put his beloved Qi Qi on the bed that was prepared by the ryokan.
His beloved Qi Qi ’s n.a.k.e.d body was fully exposed in front of his eyes.
He swallowed his saliva. 

Yu Qi looked up at Long Hui and saw that Long Hui was watching her n.a.k.e.d body with a l.u.s.ty look in his eyes.
She also could see that in his eyes, he was fighting with something. 

Yu Qi had actually already made the decision.
She wanted to become one with Long Hui.
Seeing Long Hui did not make any movement, Yu Qi stood up and hugged Long Hui.
She kissed Long Hui innocently. 

Long Hui narrowed his eyes.
’My beloved Qi Qi wants to play with fire. ’ He immediately responded to the kiss.
After a while, he let his beloved Qi Qi go.
He pushed Yu Qi back onto the bed.
Using his tongue, he licked her collar bone, down to her one of the white b.r.e.a.s.ts that stood proudly. 

He stopped there for a while.
He was playing with the
One using her tongue and another one using his hand.
His beloved Qi Qi gave the response by m.o.a.ning e.r.o.t.i.cally.
He was pleased when his beloved Qi Qi responded like that. 

The journey did not end there.
His tongue moved back passing the button belly.
Long Hui stopped at a certain point.
Long Hui, using both of his hands, separated the long white legs of his beloved Qi Qi.
Revealing the place between the legs.
It was already wet.
Long Hui could see that the liquid slowly came out from it. 

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”It is beautiful the more I see it. ” Long Hui praised.

Yu Qi was blushing in excitement.
She was waiting for Long Hui to make another move.

And he did.
Long Hui bowed down and kissed Yu Qi ’s ’place ’.
Yu Qi m.o.a.ned in pleasure again.
It felt like a large amount of current was running inside her body.
Long Hui kissed that ’place ’ many times.
Then using his fingers, he opened it.
He saw his beloved Qi Qi ’s ’charm point ’.
It had already hardened.
Long Hui took a bite on it. 

It feels good…
Hui… ” Yu Qi screamed in pleasure. 

Long Hui followed his beloved Qi Qi ’s order and bit, licked even sucked his beloved Qi Qi ’s ’charm point ’.
A series of Yu Qi ’s scream asking for more.
Her body reacted strongly to Long Hui ’s action.
Suddenly her body made a beautiful arch.
She reached her orgasm.

”Ah!!! ” Yu Qi shouted while holding Long Hui ’s head close to her ’place ’. 

After a while, Yu Qi started to calm down.
Her chest went up and down searching for the air to breathe.
It was wonderful.
That was Yu Qi thinking right now.

Long Hui caressed Yu Qi ’s cheek while smiling at her.
”Feeling good? ”

”Hmm… ” Yu Qi nodded weakly.
I ’m ready…
To give myself to you… ” 

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Long Hui freeze when he heard that sentence.
He looked at his beloved Qi Qi eyes.
”Is it true? ”

”Hmm… ” Yu Qi answered.

Right after that, Long Hui kissed his beloved Qi Qi ’s lips again.
It was not a gentle kiss but more like a man who had been starving for a long time and suddenly he had been offered with delicious food. 

While both of them were kissing, Yu Qi could feel the hotness of Long Hui ’s little brother touching her ’place ’.
It felt like Long Hui ’s little brother was kissing her ’place ’.
It was hard, big and long.

Long Hui released Yu Qi.
He could not help to ask again.
”Qi Qi, are you sure? ” Since he started, he did not feel that he could stop even if she asked to, so, he needed to confirm it once again.

”Yes, I ’m ready. ” Yu Qi was firm with her decision.
She loved him.
And he loved her.
She already knew him long enough. 

”Thank you. ” Long Hui said.
It must not an easy decision for a girl like his beloved Qi Qi to make.

Long Hui placed his ’little brother ’ at his beloved Qi Qi ’s place.
He tried to push in but he did not succeed.
He was not experienced with this kind of things before so, he looked somehow foolish when he did not succeed.

Yu Qi felt it was funny and she wanted to laugh.
”Hui, the entrance is down there…
Yes, lower. ” Yu Qi shyly gave a guide to Long Hui.

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Long Hui followed his beloved Qi Qi ’s instruction.
He found it.
But he did not push in yet.
He kissed his beloved Qi Qi again.

”Are you really sure about this? ” Long Hui whispered into his beloved Qi Qi ’s ear. 

I want to be yours. ” Yu Qi also whispering. 

It might hurt. ” Long Hui slowly pushed his ’little brother ’ into his beloved Qi Qi ’s ’place ’.

Yu Qi could feel something big and hot trying to get inside her.
Long Hui pushed in until he felt that something was preventing him in. 

’This is… ’ Long Hui ’s eyes flashed in excitement.
”Qi Qi, please bear it. ” 

Yu Qi understood what Long Hui meant to, so she nodded.

Long Hui directly pushed his ’little brother ’ crushing the obstacles.
He was finally in.

Yu Qi bit her lips to withstand the pain.
Her tears came out.
Long Hui panicked as he saw the tears.

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”Qi Qi, I ’m sorry. ” 

”It ’s okay.
Don ’t worry. ” Yu Qi said. 

Long Hui did not dare to move as he was afraid to hurt his beloved Qi Qi more.
So he just let his ’little brother ’ inside her ’place ’ in order to get her ’place ’ got over the pain.
Then he felt that her ’wall ’ was feeling his ’little brother ’.

”Hui, you can move now. ” Yu Qi smiled.
The hurt already decreased. 

Listening to his beloved Qi Qi ’s words, Long Hui moved his ’little brother ’ in and out.
He was hissing in pleasure.
This was the sensation that he would never think before this.

”Qi Qi, it feels very good. ” Long Hui said in a low tone while feeling immense pleasure. 

Me too…
It feels..
Good… ” Yu Qi also m.o.a.ned. 

Long Hui speeded up.
In out in out…
Yu Qi also gave massage to Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’ as it went in and out.
Both of them m.o.a.ned. 

Yu Qi felt that she was about to reach her climax.
Her breathing became faster as she m.o.a.ned loudly. 

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”Ah!!!!! ” It was her second orgasm. 

”Feels good? ” Long Hui asked by whispering.

”Mmmm… ” Yu Qi did not have to speak it.
Her orgasm was proof that she was feeling good.

”Then, I will make you feel more. ” Long Hui started to move faster.
He was growling while pounding into his beloved Qi Qi ’s ’place ’.
Then he felt that he wanted to let something out.

Yu Qi also felt it.
She lifted up her legs and hugged Long Hui ’s waist.
Long Hui had opened his eyes wide and looked at his beloved Qi Qi.
His beloved Qi Qi was smiling and nodded.
He began to move faster than earlier.

And suddenly…
”Ah!!!! ” Long Hui let out something form his ’little brother ’. 

Yu Qi felt something was spraying into her ’place ’.
It was very warm.
”Ah!!!! ” Yu Qi orgasmed again. 

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