The new semester.
Yu Qi did not fell much difference since she already stayed at the hostel for the time period.
The usually quiet university began to become noisy as the student came back for the new semester.

Yu Qi walked around the university with Aoi.
Aoi was eager to walk since it was a long since he had a walk with his master.

’Master, there are a lot of people today. ’ Aoi looked around.

’Of course, the new semester is about to begin.
The students have come back. ’ Yu Qi answered.

Then suddenly someone hugged her from the back.
”Yu Qi. ” Song Ha Ting called Yu Qi.

”Long time no see. ” Song Ha Ting said.

Long time no see. ” Yu Qi looked at Song Ha Ting up and down.
”You look different. ”

”Different like what? ” Song Ha Ting was kind of expected that nice thing. 

But she was bounded to be disappointed.
Yu Qi said the complete opposite to that.
”Did you add some weight? ” 

”What? Do I look fat? ” Song Ha Ting looked down at her body.

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I don ’t mean that way.
It is just…
You look different than usual.
But I think it is good to have more weight on her body.
It will not nice if you look so skinny. ” Yu Qi explained.
She did not want to hurt Song Ha Ting ’s feeling.

”Really? You think so? ” Song Ha Ting still looked at her body. 

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Song Ha Ting then lifted up her face and looked at Yu Qi up and down.
”Yu Qi, your body looks amazing.
Do you have a diet routine to practice? Can you share to me? ” Song Ha Ting begged.
Her current look resembled a puppy that wanted a meal.

”To be honest, I don ’t do the diet at all.
I just eat and exercise regularly. ” Yu Qi really did not have a diet to practice.

”Really? ” Song Ha Ting asked.

”If you don ’t believe me, why don ’t you follow my routine? ” Yu Qi suggested.

”Girls, long time no see. ” There was So Pang Lim and Mei Lilli followed by Ding Na An.

”Hi, long time no see. ” Song Ha Ting said.
”Girl, let ’s be honest with me. ” Song Ha Ting immediately put on the serious expression on her face.

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”What is wrong with her? ” So Pang Lim pointed to Song Ha Ting while asking Yu Qi.

”Do I look fat? ” Song Ha Ting asked her other friends.

”Well, not fat but you did gain some weight. ” Mei Lilli answered.

”I become fat. ” Song Ha Ting cried.

”Why did you tell her so? ” So Pang Lim said to Mei Lilli.

”She asked us to be honest.
So, I ’m being honest. ” Mei Lilli replied.

Yu Qi chuckled seeing her friends bickering in front of her.
Ding Na An approached her.

”How ’s your holiday? ” Yu Qi asked Ding Na An.

I got some training with my sister. ” Ding Na An told her.

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”Training? Yeah.
To defend myself.
I took note of what happened to you on our volunteer programme.
If something like that happens to me as well in future, I will be able to stay calm and access the situation. ” Ding Na An explained.

But let ’s hope that something like that would not happen to us in the future. ” Yu Qi smiled.


The class started.
Yu Qi began back her student ’s life.
Class, practical study and her business.
She was busy as usual.
However, something changed. 

Song Ha Ting followed Yu Qi jogging in the morning.
She fought herself to keep following Yu Qi.
Yu Qi did not change her pace.
At first, Song Ha Ting only could follow about 1/4 of distance that Yu Qi ran.
After a while, she managed to half of the distance. 

Yu Qi really impressed with Song Ha Ting.
Song Ha Ting body began to change back to her usual size.
She was happy with her shape.
However, she did not stop following Yu Qi. 

When Yu Qi asked about that, Song Ha Ting told that she wanted to keep this routine since she thought it was nice.
At first, she just joined Yu Qi because she wanted to her body shape returned to her previous shape.
But now she wanted to keep her body healthy.
She could feel that her body felt different right now.

Yu Qi was happy with Song Ha Ting.
She could tell that Song Ha Ting was a pampered girl with her character.
Whose knew that she had a strong determination when she decided to do it.

On the weekend, Yu Qi decided to go to one of the shops of her brand skincare that just opened a few weeks ago.
She wanted to see the shop since she did not go to see the opening ceremony. 

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The shop located at the neighbour city, Jing City.
It was at the mall.
Since it was the weekend, so there was a lot of people that currently in the mall. 

Yu Qi walked into the shop.
The shop was full of women that wanted to buy the skincare.
The staff in this shop were the new staff.
So they did not know that their big boss to look at the shop.
Only the branch managers would recognize her since she already met Yu Qi in the meeting.
However, the branch manager was not here.

Yu Qi looked at the arrangement of the shop.
She already set up the plan that all of the shops would be arranged in the same interior design to make sure that they were standardised. 

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