Long Hui took his beloved Qi Qi ’s hand and brought her away from that place.
The movie that they wanted to watch, it was about to start.
So, both of them had forgotten about the earlier incident and entered the cinema.

Long Hui thought to be a shield to his beloved Qi Qi, in case, his beloved Qi Qi would be scared by the ghosts.
Unfortunately, his beloved Qi Qi was not afraid of the ghosts.
His beloved Qi Qi only showed her disgust on seeing the blood. 

Long Hui chuckled when he watched that.
Yu Qi realized that Long Hui did not watch the movie but her.

”Why are you not watching the movie? And why are you chuckling by yourself? ” Yu Qi turned and asked Long Hui after the movie had finished.

”I am just wondering why are you showing the disgusted expression when you watch the bloody scene? You are a doctor so, the bloody scene shall be fine to you. ” Long Hui said

”The blood that I saw in my patient, of course, it was different.
I don ’t know why but yeah, the blood on the ghost scene disgusted me a lot. ” Yu Qi explained. 

”Oh, by the way, let ’s go out for dinner.
I ’m hungry. ” Yu Qi said in a sweet voice.
She did not feel shy anymore to act like a silly girl now in front of Long Hui.

Let ’s go. ” Long Hui.

There was a food court nearby.
So they went to the food court. 


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Bo Ya and Aoi were staring at Long Hui who was also staring at them.
Three of them were silent.
They were actually waiting for Yu Qi who was cooking the breakfast for them in the kitchen inside her space.

Long Hui stayed inside the space after having their date yesterday.
So, after that, he wanted to spend more time with Yu Qi.
Therefore, he insisted that they spent time inside his beloved Qi Qi ’s space.

They were having so much time together yesterday.
So, they woke up late.
When Yu Qi opened her door in the morning, she looked down and saw her two little cuties looking at her with puppy eyes.

Well, Aoi is partially a dog though.
Forgot about that, the two of them were standing in front of her door.

When she asked them about it, the two of them said that they were waiting for her to cook some food for them.
It had been so long since Yu Qi had cooked for her two little cuties since she was very busy with her training, study, and work.

Because of them, Yu Qi went to the kitchen to cook some breakfast.
Leaving her two little cuties together with Long Hui. 

”What have you done to my master last night? ” Bo Ya asked sternly.

Yesterday Bo Ya heard that his master was crying somehow.
He was frowning.
Then his master was asking for more to the man in front of him.
He could not understand it.
She was crying but she was asking for more.

”You heard us? ” Long Hui asked Bo Ya ignoring the tone that the little boy used.

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”Of course, I heard.
I can hear anything inside this space.
No matter where I am. ” Bo Ya lifted up his chest showing off his power to the man. 

”You shall close your ear next time. ” Long Hui did not explain it to him.

”Tell me what have you done to my master yesterday? She was crying. ” Bo Ya asked angrily.

”What? Master was crying? ” Aoi who was just sitting there without doing anything lifted up his face looking at Long Hui.
He then asked.
”What have you done to my master? ”

Long Hui watched them.
Both of them wore the same expression.
He wondered whether he should tell them the truth or not.

Then Long Hui opened his mouth and said, ”Cultivating our feelings. ”

”But she was crying. ” Bo Ya argued.

”But you heard that she asked for more, right? Meaning she liked it and wanted more. ” Long Hui replied back.

Bo Ya was silent.
Yeah, it was indeed true.
Even though his master was crying but she asked for more.
Meaning she was not hurt or hated that at all.
But he did not understand anything about it.

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”Is that true, Bo Ya? Master was crying but asked for more? ” Aoi looked at Bo Ya.

Bo Ya nodded.
At first, he heard that his master was talking to the man.
He did not understand the content.
Then his master was giggling. 

Not long after that, he heard that his master was crying.
At the moment, he was about to go to his master ’s room and wanted to find his master.
He wanted to ask why his master had cried.
Suddenly he heard that his master asked for more.
More what? He did not know.
So, his first intention disappeared.

As for Aoi, he was anxious when he knew that his master was crying.
He wanted to bite Long Hui since he was the one who had made his master cried.
Then he heard that his master asked for more.
Meaning his master was not hurt at all.
His master ’s safety and wellbeing were his priority.
His anxious feeling slowly disappeared.

It was silent again.
Not until Yu Qi entered the area.

”What are you talking about? ” Yu Qi asked.

She was about to finish her cooking.
She just needed about ten more minutes and it would be done.
So, she was curious about what would the three of them would talk about. 

”He asked what did we do yesterday? ” Long Hui pointed to Bo Ya.

”What? ” Yu Qi shouted subconsciously.

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Bo Ya and Aoi shrank and lowered their heads somehow as they felt guilty.

”No no no…
I am just shocked.
Don ’t act like this. ” Yu Qi said.
”But tell me why did you ask? ”

”I heard that you were crying.
So, I wanted to ask about it. ” Bo Ya explained.

Long Hui ’s lips slightly curved up.
He wondered what kind of explanation that his beloved Qi Qi would give to Bo Ya. 

”We are cultivating our feeling. ” Yu Qi smiled.
However, she was feeling embarrassed at that moment. 

Bo Ya nodded several times.
Meaning that man told the truth since his master also told him the same thing.

”How did you hear me while I am in my room? ” Yu Qi was curious.

”I can hear everything inside the space. ” Bo Ya said.
His expression was like he wanted his master ’s praise.

However, he was bounded to disappointed. 

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”Next time, can you ignore or close your ears if I am with Hui? ” Yu Qi requested.

”Okay, master.
I will do it. ” Bo Ya had no questions for Yu Qi.
What his master wanted him to do, he would do it straight away.
His master was right, no wrong. 

The food will be ready soon. ” Yu Qi smiled.

The food…
The food. ” Aoi was chanting.

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