”You are willing to give me this? ” Su Yu Hi asked.

The file ’s content was the share transfer of shares in the YQ investment company.
The YQ investment company was the most profitable company that was under Yu Qi.

In the file, Yu Qi had the intention to transfer about 20% of the shares under Yu Qi to Su Yu Hi.
Making Su Yu Hi another shareholder in the YQ investment company beside Yu Qi herself. 

”Are you serious? ” Su Yu Hi could not help to ask the girl in front of him once again. 

”Of course.
I prepare this as my present for your birthday. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Huh? My birthday? ” Su Yu Hi blinked several times.
He tried to remember.
’Oh, it is my birthday today. ’

”Brother Yu Hi, don ’t tell me that you have forgotten about that? ” Yu Qi asked. 

”Well, to be honest, yeah.
I forget. ” Su Yu Hi nodded as he was scratching his back head. 

Yu Qi laughed.
”So, this is my present to you.
Sign it. ” 

”Are you really sure about this? ” Su Yu Hi questioned her again.

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”Of course. ” Yu Qi nodded firmly.

She thought hard about Su Yu Hi ’s present.
Su Yu Hi was one of the first people that worked for her.
With Grandpa Feng ’s connection, she met him.

He was willing to be her assistant at that time even though he did not know her much.
He worked for her.
Because of her study, he handled a lot of things for her.
She was very grateful to him.
So, this present was the most perfect present that she could think of.

Su Yu Hi signed the agreement.
Now he owned 20% of the shares. He did not think that one day he would become one of the shareholders in the company that he worked right now.
It was beyond his imagination. 

”Thank you, Yu Qi. ” Su Yu Hi felt his eyes became teary. 

”Brother Yu Hi, you have helped me a lot. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Then, suddenly, the door of Yu Qi ’s room had opened by someone.
All of the staff members appeared at the door and one of them that stood in front was holding a cake with one candle on it.

With that, they sang the birthday song to Su Yu Hi.
Su Yu Hi was stunned at first, then he let out a smile. 

”Happy birthday to you, Mr.
Su. ” The staff asked Su Yu Hi to blow the candle. 

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Everyone expected Su Yu Hi to do so.
Their eyes lifted up waiting for Su Yu Hi to blow the candle.
Su Yu Hi thought he could be childish for the moment, so, he blew the candle.

After blowing the candle, he could hear the staff was saying ’happy birthday ’ to him.
Yu Qi stepped in front of him.

”Brother Yu Hi, you only need one more thing. ” Yu Qi said.

A girlfriend. ” Everyone shouted and they laughed.

”All of you!!! ” Su Yu Hi opened his eyes widely.
”Go to work. ”

Go to work now.
Tonight, we will have dinner together. ” Yu Qi said.

”Yeah. ” The staff shouted happily and returned back to their work. 


Yu Qi already booked a room enough for all of her staff members to come and enjoy dinner together.
Actually, she booked at the restaurant in the hotel that she usually came to stay with Long Hui. 

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”Oh, welcome back Miss Tang. ” The receptionists actually remembered her.

”Oh, you are alone today? Where is your handsome boyfriend, Mr.
Long? ” Another one asked jokingly.

Yu Qi smiled with slight blushing on her face.
”He is not here.
He is busy.
I come with my colleagues for dinner. ”

”I see.
Enjoy your dinner, Miss Tang. ” They bowed.

”Miss Yu Qi, are you regular here? ” One of the staff said.

”Miss Yu Qi must come here with her handsome boyfriend, Mr.
Long. ” Another staff replied without waiting for Yu Qi ’s answer.

I heard that this hotel has an awesome view from its room. ” 

”I want to spend one night at this hotel once with my girlfriend. ”

”Do you have a girlfriend? ”

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I don ’t have a girlfriend.
But really, I will like to spend the night with my future girlfriend. ”

”Just make that your goal. ”

All of them chatted happily when heading back to the room that Yu Qi had booked earlier.
Entering the booked room they took a seat.

The waitress came to serve the wine to them.
Yu Qi already ordered the food for them. 

Yu Qi stood up and raised the wine cup on her hand.
”Today is a good day.
It is Brother Yu Hi ’s birthday.
Brother Yu Hi is one of my trusted people.
He became my assistant when I have nothing.
He helped me a lot in the business.
Without him, I, and my companies probably could not stand until today. ” She then turned to Su Yu Hi and raised the wine cup higher.
”Happy birthday, Brother Yu Hi and thank you, Brother Yu Hi.
Thank you for helping me so much.
For Brother Yu Hi. ” She drunk the wine.

Others also stood up and raised their wine cups.
”For Mr.
Su. ”

They also drunk the wine.

”Thank you for all of you. ” Su Yu Hi was very happy.

”For your information, Brother Yu Hi has already become one of the shareholders in my company. ” Yu Qi made the announcement. 

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”Wow, congratulations Mr.
Su. ” 

Numerous congratulation wishes being received from others.
Su Yu Hi nodded.

”I only have one hope for Brother Yu Hi. ” Yu Qi suddenly said this. 

Everyone waited for her to finish the sentence.
However, Su Yu Hi seemed to know what she wanted to say right now.

”I hope for Brother Yu Hi to get married soon. ” Yu Qi grinned.

’I know it. ’ Su Yu Hi wore that expression on his face.

They all laughed.

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