Si Su Zen kept her smile on her face.
She knew that Old Master Tang did not like their presence much in the Tang House.
The dinner went nicely after that. 

After dinner, Yu Qi felt that she was eating a lot for today.
So, she wanted to digest the food in her stomach.
She went to the garden where her aunties had planted varies of flowers.

Tang Jin Wei and Tang Han Lee also followed her.
Seeing this, Si Su Zen asked Si Ang Dei to follow them too.
She was hoping that one of the Tang Young Masters would like her daughter. 

”Why are you following me? ” Yu Qi said to them.

”Well… ” Tang Jin Wei looked far ahead.

”Sister, can I pet your dog? ” Si Ang Dei asked Yu Qi.
She was dying to pet the dog.

Aoi looked at Si Ang Dei.
He rolled his eyes.

”Well, you can if you want.
But believe me, he doesn ’t like people to pet him. ” Yu Qi glanced to Aoi.

Aoi walked with an air of arrogance.
Si Ang Dei understood.
She followed Aoi wanting to pet him but Aoi did not let her pet him. 

”This semester break, what are you plan to do? ” Tang Han Lee asked.

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Finding a place to internship…
And expand my business. ” Yu Qi grinned.

Is it the only thing which you think about ? ” Tang Jin Wei looked at Yu Qi.

”Brother Jin Wei, I will like to give you 10 million cash? Do you want it? ” Yu Qi was still grinning.

I want it. ” Tang Jin Wei was happy.
He would buy anything that he wanted to buy.

”My brother, do you think money will fall down from the sky? ” Yu Qi gave out an evil grin.

”You have lied to me, haven ’t you? ” Tang Jin Wei felt like his dream had scattered around. 

”There are three things that I love in this life.
Long Hui, my family and money. ” Yu Qi boasted.

”That ’s right.
If we don ’t have money, our life will be hard. ” Tang Han Lee patted Yu Qi ’s head.

He agreed with Yu Qi.
That was very realistic.
Everyone kept saying that money would not buy happiness.
But without money, everything was hard.
We needed money.
Not many but enough to sustain our life with food and the necessary things needed in our life.

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Like always, Yu Qi ’s aunties brought her with them to go out for the shopping.
Yu Qi had been stuffed by some clothes and shoes.
Her aunties kept saying that her clothes we ’re already old.
It was time to change the wardrobe. 

She could not reject her aunties ’ good intentions.
So, she accepted them but she already told them that she would be buying just three clothes and one pair of shoes. 

After all the stuff, her aunties brought her to History Spa which Yung Ha Ren, her aunties ’ friend owned.
She was forced to take a massage session. 

After that, she took a rest at the waiting lobby.
She looked around and thought about something. 

”Miss, can I meet with Miss Yung? ” Yu Qi went to the receptionist.

”Wait for a minute, Miss Tang. ” The receptionist grabbed the phone and called someone.

They had been talking for a while until the receptionist put down the phone back. 

”Miss Tang, can you wait for 10 minutes? Our boss will also like to meet you, Miss Tang. ” The receptionist replied.

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I can. ” Yu Qi nodded to the receptionist and returned back to where she had been sitting before. 

Her aunties were still in their massage session.
Not passing 10 minutes, Yu Qi could see Yung Ha who was walking towards her.

”Hi, Miss Tang.
I heard that you want to see me.
Is there anything that you want to talk to me? ” Yung Ha Ren sat in front of Yu Qi. 

Then someone came and served them some drinks. 

There is something that I will like to talk about. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Yung Ha Ren observed the girl in front of her.
She had become more mature in passing the time. 

”I want to talk about a business deal with you. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Business deal? ” Yung Ha Ren raised her eyebrows.

”Have you heard about Qi Qi skincare? ” Yu Qi asked.

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It is a skincare brand which has been on the rise in the skincare market.
What about it? ” Yung Ha Ren did hear about that brand.

”What do you think about using the brand here in your facilities? ” Yu Qi asked again.

”You mean using the Qi Qi skincare here? ” Yung Ha Ren did not believe what she had heard. 

She had to admit that the Qi Qi skincare products were very good.
Even she had tried the products.
The products were very effective.
She even made a plan to use the Qi Qi skincare products at her spa but hearing the rules that Qi Qi skincare ’s company stated, she gave up the plan. 

The Qi Qi Skincare had their own policies that any spas could not use the Qi Qi skincare brand at their spa.
The customers who wo d buy the Qi Qi skincare would not be allowed to have the purchases a large quantity.

”But the rules… ” Yung Ha Ren could not finish her sentence, Yu Qi already cut her words.

”Don ’t worry about it.
I just want confirmation from you. ” Yu Qi said. 

”You mean? ”

”Auntie Ha Ren, the skincare brand is mine.
That is why I have said that I want to talk about a business deal. ” Yu Qi smiled.

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”Is it really yours? ” Yung Ha Ren could not believe what she had heard.
The girl in front of her was just around 20 years old or something like that. 

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.
”If you agree, I can call my lawyer to draft the contract. ” 

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