After talking with the old woman for a while, Yu Qi and Aoi left the place.
Yu Qi planned to go to the place where Fua Sui Jue ’s wife and child had been kept.

Using Aoi as the GSP, Yu Qi arrived at a place where there was an abandoned warehouse.
However, something was weird at that place.
There was a group of people that controlled, well, guarding the place.

Yu Qi looked at Aoi and smiled.
’We are in the right place, I guess. ’

’Yeah, Master.
The smell of that child is very strong here. ’ Aoi nodded.

’Can you detect how many men are present inside the place? ’ Yu Qi asked.

’About 5 men inside.
There are another two men at each side outside the warehouse. ’ Aoi explained.
He could see the different smell from others apart from Fua Sui Jue ’s wife and child. 

’Meaning it will be difficult for us, alone to handle this situation. ’ Yu Qi sighed. 

If Yu Qi tried to break in forcefully, she would be spotted and would alert other men.
They might use Fue Sui Jue ’s wife and child as the hostages.
Yu Qi would not afford to risk their lives.
Even using her poison would not be great. 

’Let ’s leave the place first.
I need to think of a plan to save them. ’ Yu Qi grabbed Aoi and left the place quietly. 

They already left the place and were currently at a small cafe.
Yu Qi was sitting outside since the cafe did not allow the pet to enter the cafe.
They only allowed them outside.

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Suddenly her phone was ringing.
On the screen, showing the name, ’King Of Vinegar Jar ’.
When she saw the name, her eyes lifted up.
She already came out with the plan.

Her hand quickly grabbed the phone and answered it. 

”Hello. ” Yu Qi answered.

”Qi Qi. ” A sweet and masculine voice could be heard on the other side.
It was Long Hui.
”How are you? ” 

You? ” Yu Qi asked.

”As usual.
By the way, where are you right now? ” Long Hui really wanted to meet his beloved Qi Qi right now.

”Wenya City.
Are you busy right now? Do you have some time? I want to talk about something. ” Yu Qi wanted to explain to Long Hui quickly.

I ’m free right now.
What do you want to talk about? ” Long Hui noticed the serious tone in his beloved Qi Qi ’s voice. 

”I need your help. ” Yu Qi began to explain the situation to Long Hui. 

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”So, you have already gone to that place? ” Long Hui asked.
His beloved Qi Qi really knew how to make him worried.

But I have left the place as soon as I know that it will be too dangerous for me to stay there.
And I ’m not alone.
I ’m with Aoi. ” Yu Qi talked just like she was a child who had gotten caught while doing something wrong. 

Aoi who was currently eating looked at his master.
’Master, why are you mentioning my name? He will kill me…
Just not kill, but he will be glaring at me the next time we meet.
That glare can get my back damp in a cold sweat. ’ Aoi sighed. 

Back to Yu Qi and Long Hui

”So, can I request your help? If you are busy, can you spare some of your men to help me to rescue them? ” Yu Qi begged in a cute voice.

”Okay. ” Long Hui quickly agreed.
’I will help my beloved Qi Qi. ’

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi thanked Long Hui.

”Well, I want some reward later. ” Long Hui smiled.
It was a shameless smile.
If Yu Qi saw this smile, she would know what Long Hui had been thinking right now. 

I will reward you later. ” Yu Qi innocently agreed.
If she knew what Long Hui would request her later, she would not easily agree. 

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Ren Qian Yi entered the room but suddenly stopped in his steps.
He was stunned to see Long Hui.
That man was currently smiling. 

Long Hui ended the call.
The smile had already disappeared as soon as he saw Ren Qian Yi in front of him.

”What do you want? ” Long Hui asked.

”Well, I just want to tell you that our men have already returned from the mission. ” Ren Qian Yi gave the report.

Tell them to meet me as soon as possible. ” Long Hui ordered.

”Oh, okay. ” Ren Qian Yi went out.
’It must be another mission, ’ Ren Qian Yi thought.

It was quite normal to go to another mission after finishing one.
Ren Qian Yi was thinking what kind of the next mission they would do later.

Not long after that, about 10 minutes later, a group of men consisting of ten men stood in front of Long Hui. 

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”I have the next mission for you.
This mission is requested by myself. ” Long Hui gave the introduction.
Then he continued again.
”It is a rescue mission.
Two hostages have been caught and been hold.
Woman and child in an abandoned warehouse in the Wenya City. ”

”Shouldn ’t this case handle by the police? ” Ren Qian Yi asked.

”The police needs to investigate the case first.
When they come to investigate, they may alert the culprit which can endanger the hostages.
The main aim of this mission is to save the hostages.
Second, don ’t kill those men.
Capture them and someone will handle them after that.
I will lead this mission.
We will leave at 3 p.m. ” After explaining about the mission, Long Hui told them to get ready for the mission.

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