Yu Qi was waiting for Long Hui to come to her location.
Her location was nearby the lake.
Since it was not a holiday, the lakeside seemed to be empty without visitors.

She had already informed him about her location and also the location where the Su Nie and Fue Sulli were being kept.
Her location and its location was about two kilometres apart.

Yu Qi wore the attire which was suitable for their operation.
After waiting for a while, Yu Qi saw a group of men who were walking towards her.
She saw the man who was leading the group.

Long Hui also saw his beloved Qi Qi.
He fastened his steps.
Arriving beside his beloved Qi Qi, he ignored his subordinates and gave a kiss on his beloved Qi Qi ’s lips.

His subordinates widened his eyes expect Ren Qian Yi.
Ren Qian Yi sighed.
’This man always likes to feed others some dog food. ’ 

Long Hui ’s subordinates this time were his personal subordinates who had just returned from the mission.
So, they did not know that their leader had already changed to someone like this.

”Oh, he…
he is kissing a girl… ” One of his subordinates patted Ren Qian Yi ’s shoulder.

You guys have just returned so you don ’t know.
Our cold blooded leader has already fallen in love.
That is our sister in law.
Oh, you must remain careful since they are the same. ” Ren Qian Yi dropped two bombs in the statement.

All of them looked at Ren Qian Yi and turned around to watch the couple who was busy exchanging their words.
It felt unrealistic for them to believe that their leader had fallen in love.
He seemed to dislike women so much in the past that they thought he was gay.
Now he was smiling gently at the girl.

For the another part of the statement, they thought that Ren Qian Yi was lying.
There was no way that the young and beautiful woman would be the same as their leader. 

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”Stop it.
Your men are here. ” Yu Qi pushed Long Hui after he kissed her for a long time.

”Just ignore them. ” Long Hui grinned.

”Stop it.
We are having a mission to do. ” Yu Qi rebuked Long Hui.

”But I miss you so much. ” Long Hui made a wronged expression like he was a dog who had been abandoned by its owner.

”As I have said on the phone before, I will give you a reward. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, I have forgotten.
I will remember to claim that reward. ” Long Hui quickly changed his expression.

Long Hui ’s subordinates widened their eyes while their jaw dropped down.
They could not believe that their cold blood leader would be this skilful in flirting. 

”Okay, let ’s discuss our mission for today. ” Yu Qi said.

Yu Qi unfolded the paper on the table where she had sat before.
On the paper, there was a complete map of the location where their mission was going to take place.
The position where the guards had been located around the warehouse.

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”Where do you find this? ” Long Hui glared at Yu Qi sharply.

Yu Qi did not look at Long Hui.
”Well, I have gone to the location before to take a look.
Forget about it.
From what I have observed before, there are about 5 people inside the warehouse.
Also, there are 8 guards outside. ” She explained the situation.

Long Hui sighed in his mind.
This girl of his really liked to make him worried.

Yu Qi explained how the plan would be going to execute.
Others who were listening to her were stunned with her plan.
The young and beautiful girl was not the same as their cold blooded leader but even more ruthless than him.

”8.15 pm.
We will go to the location in 15 minutes. ” Long Hui told everyone.
He then turned towards his beloved Qi Qi.

”Don ’t stop me.
I ’m going too. ” Yu Qi felt that she knew what he would be going to tell her.

But make sure you will be careful. ” Long Hui patted her head.

I know. ” Yu Qi said.

”By the way, how do you know their exact location? ” Long Hui lowered down his voice.

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”Well, it is all because of Aoi. ” Yu Qi lifted up Aoi.

”Him??? ” Long Hui showed the unconvinced look while glancing at Aoi.

’What? How dare you show that face to me? I ’m much better than your military dog, okay? ’ Aoi glared at Long Hui.

Yu Qi laughed when she heard Aoi talking like that.

”What is he saying? ” Long Hui asked when seeing his beloved Qi Qi laughed.
It must be something that this dog talked to her.

”He is saying that he is much better than your military dogs. ” Yu Qi laughed.

Long Hui did not reply anything.
He knew that it must be the truth since Aoi was not a normal dog.
Even though, he was still growing.

”I know.
He is not a normal dog. ” Long Hui said after a moment of silence.

”Of course.
My little cuties are still the best. ” Yu Qi kissed Aoi ’s head. 

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Aoi smiled when his master kissed his head.
Then, he felt his body had been pulled a thrown down.
Luckily he landed perfectly.
He turned around and glared at Long Hui who had thrown him just now.

Long Hui kissed Yu Qi again and looked at Aoi provokingly.
Aoi felt very angry with this man. 

The subordinates of Long Hui looked at their cold blooded leader.
They felt ridiculous when seeing this situation.
The situation where their cold blooded leader felt jealous when looking at his girlfriend kissing her dog.
He even provoked the dog. 

”Hey, Qian Yi, are you sure he is our leader? Is someone impersonating him? ” One of Long Hui ’s subordinates asked Ren Qian Yi.

”Who do you think is brave enough to impersonate him? ” Ren Qian Yi asked back.

Everyone shook their heads at the same time. 

”There is your answer. ” Ren Qian Yi said while smiling. 

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