”Hey, you are not an employee here? Who has allowed you to enter this place? ” Someone shouted at Feng Yue.
It was a woman.

Feng Yue frowned.
She was indeed not an employee here but she should not shout at her like this.

”Come with me.
I will report you to someone. ” The woman wanted to restain her hand.

Feng Yue stepped back.
”Wait a minute. ”

”You want to run away? Everyone, a thief has entered our greenhouse. ” The woman shouted loudly.

Yu Qi and Jung Lian were nearby.
So, they heard the shout.
Yu Qi frowned.
The security supposedly could prevent the thief from entering the greenhouse.
Both of them went to the source of the scream.

When they arrived there, a lot of people were there.
Yu Qi could see that Feng Yue was arguing with a woman.

”Eh, I ’m not a thief. ” Feng Yue said.

”You still want to argue with us? ” The woman rolled her eyes.

Aoi barked at the woman.
Even though he disliked Feng Yue but Feng Yue was his master ’s friend.
He would never allow someone to hurt his master ’s friend.

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”Oh, you have brought a dog here. ” The woman wanted to kick Aoi.

Everyone wanted to save Aoi since they knew the dog.
It was their boss ’ dog.
However before the leg arrived at Aoi, the woman did not feel her leg.
Her leg was numb.
She fell on the ground.

”Woof. ” ’Master. ’ Aoi looked over and saw his master.
He knew that his master made her move with her needle.

Everyone looked at their boss.
Yu Qi walked and approached Feng Yue.

”What is just happening here? ” Yu Qi asked.

”This woman has accused me of being a thief.
I have tried to explain but she does not even want to listen to me. ” Feng Yue told Yu Qi.

”Who are you? Oh, you must be her friend.
An accompanied thief.
Everyone, you must catch them. ” The woman who was still sitting on the ground said, asking for her colleagues to catch the women in front of her.

But no one moved.
They were looking at her like she was an idiot.

”Why are you not moving? ” The woman asked.

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Jung Lian stepped forward.
When the woman saw Jung Lian, she was like ’Oh, someone will help me ’.

”Mr Jung, catch them. ” The woman said the same thing to Jung Lian.

”Are you stupid? ” Jung Lian looked at the woman.

”What? ” The woman was dumbfounded.

”Do you don ’t know who is she? ” Jung Lian pointed to Yu Qi.

The woman looked at Yu Qi.
She obviously did not know this woman.

”This is our big boss. ” Jung Lian said while pointing at Yu Qi.
”And this is her friend. ” He then pointed to Feng Yue.

The woman ’s jaw dropped.
’Their boss? ’ She had never seen their boss before since she started working here.
She even thought that Song Tao who managed and supervised the greenhouse was the boss.
But it turned out that the boss was just a young girl.

”What? Then… ” The woman looked at Feng Yue and turned to Yu Qi.
”Young Miss, I ’m sorry. ” She began to beg Yu Qi.

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”Who has hired her? ” Yu Qi asked Jung Lian.

Then someone from the crowd came out.
”Miss Yu Qi, I ’m sorry.
She is my cousin. ” A young man said and faced Yu Qi.
His face showed a wronged expression.

”She should try to ask and confirm the identity of the people she sees.
Not shouting like this. ” Yu Qi said.

”I understand, Young Miss.
Please, give me one chance. ” The woman was asking for a chance.

The man did not say anything anymore.
He just stood there and looked down.

”Apologize to my friend and my dog. ” Yu Qi told the woman.

The woman turned and looked at Feng Yue.
”Miss, I ’m sorry. ” She apologized.
As for Aoi, she thought that there was no need to apologize to a dog.
That was ridiculous.

Yu Qi was waiting for the woman to apologize to Aoi but she did not do it.

”You are fired. ” Yu Qi did not think anymore.
She had already given a chance to the woman but she did not appreciate it.

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”What? Young Miss, I have already apologized to this miss.
Why have you fired me? ” The woman asked.
She did not understand.

”I ask you to apologize to her and my dog.
However, you have only apologised to her. ” Yu Qi stated the reason.
She did not allow anyone to wrong Aoi.

”Young Miss, I have not done anything to the dog.
Anyway, it is just a dog. ” The woman still did think that she did not do anything wrong to the dog.

”If not because I have stopped you, you may have kicked him badly.
And what do you mean by it is just a dog? If it is just an animal, meaning you can kick or do whatever you think you can do? ” Yu Qi asked angrily.

Even other people heard that woman ’s sentence felt angry.

”I… ” The woman could not finish her sentence.

”Fire her.
I don ’t want people like her in my greenhouse.
If she thinks about the animals like this, what ’s about the plants? Every plant here needs care from the workers. ” Yu Qi did not change his mind.

Song Tao, Yin Wen Ding and Lang Bing arrived there.
They heard about the noisy atmosphere.
The workers in their sections wanted to see the scene but they did not allow the workers to go and watch it.

When the woman saw Song Tao, she dragged herself since she could not move one of her legs.
”Mr Song, please give justice to me. ” She tried to beg Song Tao.

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The woman already had another aim after getting the work here.
She did not want to work hard.
Her aim was to get Song Tao to fall in love with her.
After that, she could enjoy the privilege of being his girlfriend because she thought he was the owner of this greenhouse.

She always tried to impress Song Tao by bringing lunch to Song Tao.
She always thought her beautiful face could get Song Tao.

”In this greenhouse, the final say is Miss Yu Qi.
And this time, Miss Yu Qi is not wrong at all.
Everyone has a mindset as you have no place here. ” Song Tao heard the reason why Yu Qi wanted to fire the woman.

”Mr Song… ” The woman felt her world crumbled.

”Fire her. ” Yu Qi said it again.
”Someone, call the security here. ”

Someone went to call the security.
The woman still could not believe this has happened to her today.
The security came and took the woman.

” As for you, I am giving you a warning.
Don ’t let that woman come near the greenhouse or in my sight or else, next person to be fired will you. ” , Yu Qi said while pointing to the man who was the woman ’s cousin.

” I understand, young miss. ” He took a breath of relief as he himself was not fired.

Yu Qi sighed.
Everyone can go and do your own work. ” Yu Qi ended the topic.

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