”Happy birthday, Father. ” Feng Yue made a faint smile.
She was sad when she saw her father stood beside Fuang Cian Xie.

”Thank you, Yue-er. ” Feng Cho Kang smiled.
He was very happy to see Feng Yue, his daughter had came to celebrate his birthday and wished him.

Fuang Cian Xie looked at her husband ’s expression.
She frowned in her heart.

”Yue-er, I ’m happy to see you here.
Your sister also misses you too. ” Fuang Cian Xie said.

However, Feng Yue totally ignored Fuang Cian Xie.
She did not even turn to look at Fuang Cian Xie.

”Father, I will go and greet some people. ” Feng Yue excused herself.

Feng Cho Kang was a little upset with Feng Yue ’s behaviour.
But he did not show it on his face.
”Okay. ”

Fuang Cian Xie was very angry.
’This little bitch! She dares to embarrass me like this. ’ However, her lips slightly curved up.
The more she behaved like this, the more Feng Cho Kang disliked her.

This was what she wanted to happen.
Her daughter should be the true heiress of the Feng Family.
She would allow this bitch to act like this for now.
She would settle her later.

People around who saw the scene understood the situation without anyone telling them.
It was indeed the truth that Feng Cho Kang ’s first daughter did not like Feng Cho Kang ’s current wife.
Feng Cho Kang ’s daughter had totally ignored her.

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”Miss Tang. ” Someone called Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was alone at that moment.
When she turned around, she saw Ling Zhu Yao and Wei Hai Jin.

”Never thought will be seeing Miss Tang here. ” Ling Zhu Yao said.

”Well, I also do not expect to see you here. ” Yu Qi replied.

Ling Zhu Yao felt that Yu Qi was insulting her.
She felt that Yu Qi said that she did not have any status to come to a party like this.
Her status was not enough to attend this party.

”Miss Tang, you seem to forget your roots. ” Ling Zhu Yao said and approached Yu Qi.
She whispered to Yu Qi.
”You are just an adopted into the Tang Family.
You should not think that you are a Pheonix.

Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.
This girl wanted to have a fight with her.
”Say the loser.
You also seem to forget that your grandfather has embarrassed himself by saying that he is a close relative to my TANG FAMILY.
Shame on him whom my grandfather does not want to recognize him.

”You!!! ” Ling Zhu Yao wanted to slap Yu Qi ’s face.
However, she calmed down.
”Humph! Just Tang Family.
One day, I will crush it. ”

”Oh, I have forgotten that you have a boyfriend that comes from a powerful background.
I also have a boyfriend that also has a powerful background. ” Yu Qi smirked.
She continued.
”If you want to use that power, remember to use it earlier, well, in case… ” Yu Qi did not finish that word.

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Ling Zhu Yao frowned.
Even Wei Hai Jin frowned.
What did she mean by that? She seemed to indicate that she knew something that could destroy the Wei Family.
That secret, others would not have ideas about it.

”Miss Tang, you should be careful with your words. ” Wei Hai Jin gave a reminder.

”Mr Wie, you also need to remind your girlfriend.
Just now, she has been telling me that she will destroy my family. ” Yu Qi glanced coldly at Wei Hai Jin.

Wei Hai Jin was silent.
It was indeed the truth.
Without saying anything more, he pulled Ling Zhu Yao away from Yu Qi.
Ling Zhu Yao who had been pulled overturned around and gave a sharp glare to Yu Qi.
Yu Qi just stood there and the corners of her lips slightly curved up.

’Someone is inviting me to fight.
Well, I will be prepared. ’ It seemed that Ling Zhu Yao felt brave with powerful backing.
With that background, she wanted to destroy the Tang Family.
It seems that the Wei Family needed to be destroyed. ’

Her eyes were searching for Wei Zhu Feng.
After a moment, she found him.
Wei Zhu Feng was currently talking to someone, accompanied by a woman by his side.
It was probably his wife or his mistress.

Wei Zhu Feng was a link to the white powder.
She wanted to monitor Wei Zhu Feng ’s movement.
Turned out Wei Zhu Feng became more careful after she attacked the defence system.

’Master, if you want to know where he is going, you can use a tracker. ’ Bo Ya ’s voice sounded.

’A tracker? It is not useful.
It can be detected.
And if he will not continuously wear the same clothes every day. ’ Yu Qi shook her head.

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’That is a normal tracker, Master.
What I am talking here is a spirit tracker. ’ Bo Ya ’s sounded very proud.

’Spirit tracker? What is it? ’ Yu Qi asked.

’Spirit Tracker is one thing that can be used to locate someone. ’ Bo Ya explained like a teacher.
He continued.
’You need to insert your spirit into the part of that person.
With that, you can know where he is. ’

’Attach my spirit? How can I do it? ’

’It is easy, Master.
You can use your needle.
Prick his visible skin.
Then you can monitor his movement even if he is hundreds of kilometres away from you. ’

’Oh, I see.
But I don ’t know to attach my spirit to the needle. ’

’Master, I will teach you.
Now, bring out the needle. ’

Yu Qi brought out the needle.
She always brought her needle in case something happen and she could not use her strength.
Her needle was special.
She took them from the space from the weapon room.
Meaning this thin needle was clarified as a weapon.

’Now, gather your energy into the finger which isholding the needle. ’ Bo Ya guided Yu Qi.

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Yu Qi did as Bo Ya told her to do.
Even though she had never done something like this, she felt that she did something like this numerous times.
She could feel a warm feeling on the needle.

’Master, you did it.
Is this your first time? ’ Bo Ya asked.

’Yes. ’ Yu Qi nodded.

’Master must be a genius, then. ’ Bo Ya was feeling proud of having a master like her.

’What should I do next? ’ Yu Qi asked the next step.

’You can shoot the needle at the target.
Aim at his visible skin like hand or head. ’ Bo Ya told her.

’I see.
Okay, then. ’ Yu Qi nodded.

Yu Qi walked approaching Wei Zhu Feng.
He seemed to be having a talk.
10 metres from Wei Zhu Feng, Yu Qi shot the needles into Wei Zhu Feng ’s neck.

Wei Zhu Feng could feel something had pricked her back neck.
He quickly touched the back neck.
Nothing was there.
The pain had already disappeared.

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”My dear, what happened? ” The woman asked when seeing Wei Zhu Feng suddenly stopped talking and touched his back neck.

”Oh, nothing. ” Wei Zhu Feng brushed it off.
He assumed it was just a mosquito that bites him.

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