After finished attaching the spirit on Wei Zhu Feng, Yu Qi was standing, leaning to the wall.
She picked a glass of juice from the drinks table.
Well, she did not intend to drink any alcohol.
She had a weak alcohol tolerance.
She would never forget the night when she had drunk the wine and attacked Long Hui.

She was drinking the juice when someone came and greeted her.

”Hi. ” It was a young man.
Probably a second generation young master of the rich family.

”Hi. ” Yu Qi just nodded and greeted him back.
Otherwise, it would be rude.
However, she did not know the man.

”It seems you are alone.
Want to accompany me? I also don ’t have a partner for tonight. ” The man smiled.

I already have a partner. ” Yu Qi rejected his invitation.

”You don ’t have to lie.
I just observe you.
You have just talked to a woman and a man.
No one is by your side. ” The man still did not give up.

”Do I need to spell to you that I don ’t want to follow you? ” Yu Qi already changed her aura.

The man felt that he was suffocated right now.
Adding to the girl ’s cold glare.
He finally understood that this girl was different than any girls that he had ever met.

I will not disturb you anymore. ” The man barely could talk.

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Feng Yue finished greeting anyone that she knew and approached Yu Qi.
She saw that a man had tried to talk to Yu Qi.
Then she saw the man walked away with the weak steps.
She walked towards Yu Qi.

”It seems that you have become more and more like my Brother Hui.
Can hurt someone just by talking to others. ” Feng Yue joked.

”Oh, then, do you want to try me? ” Yu Qi lifted up her right eyebrow.

”Spare me, my dear friend. ” Feng Yue shook her head.

”Finish your greetings? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yeah. ” Feng Yue nodded.

Then, a voice could be heard.

”Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my birthday party.
Thank you for coming here.
I hope that you will enjoy the party. ” It was Feng Cho Kang ’s voice.

Next was the giving presents to Feng Cho Kang.
A lot of people gave out the presents to Feng Cho Kang.
Fuang Cian Xie stood beside Feng Cho Kang with a graceful smile in her lips.

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However, her eyes were not.
She glanced at the numerous presents given by the people who had attended the party.
Even if someone had not attended the party, but they had sent the present to Feng Cho Kang.

When her birthday party was held, it was also numerous present given to her but some of them were the cheap items.
Like telling her that she was a poor woman that had Feng Cho Kang ’s love as her backup.

Even her father in law did not like her.
However, he did not show much about that.

Feng Ma Ri stepped forward in front of Feng Cho Kang.
Feng Cho Kang was smiling.
He did not care much about other present but he was looking forward to his daughters ’ present to him.

”Dad, happy birthday.
I hope you can live a hundred years. ” Feng Ma Ri smiled while handed out a scroll to Feng Ma Ri.

Feng Cho Kang took the scroll.
”Ma Ri, what is this? ”

”It is the painting which is drawn by Grandmaster Hai.
I have brought it for you.
Its title is ’Immortal Life ’.
I hope that you will like it. ” Feng Ma Ri said.

”I like it. ” Feng Cho Kang nodded.

”Grandmaster Hai ’s paint? It must be expensive. ”

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”Feng Ma Ri must have to spend millions to get her hands on that painting. ”

”She is very filial piety to her father. ”

”Not like his first daughter. ”

”Yeah, from last two years, she has showed up with the empty hands. ”

”It was even worst, last year, she did not even show up. ”

”Wait, does she come this year? ”

Everyone was comparing the former and the latter.
Everyone praised the latter.
Feng Yue just smiled.

”Where is Sister Yue? ” Feng Ma Ri asked with a loud voice.

Now everyone searched for Feng Yue.
Feng Ma Ri smiled.
Feng Yue probably did not prepare any present for their father.

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Feng Yue that stood beside Yu Qi leaned to the wall started to move.

”She is here. ”

”I can see that she has not brought anything. ”

”How unfilial piety. ”

”No wonder, Feng Cho Kang likes Feng Ma Ri more. ”

Feng Yue walked as she ignored everyone else.

”Sister Yue, you don ’t prepare any present for dad? ” Feng Ma Ri asked.

Feng Cho Kang looked very disappointed at his first daughter.
It seemed that she still could not accept Feng Ma Ri and Fuang Cian Xie.

”Who has said that I haven ’t prepared any present for dad? ” Feng Yue asked Feng Ma Ri.

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Feng Ma Ri stiffened.
’She has prepared? ’ Then, she smiled back.
”Where is the present? ”

Feng Yue ignored Feng Ma Ri.
She brought out the small box from her purse.

”Dad, here is your present.
Well, it is not an expensive present like Feng Ma Ri has given to you.
But still, I have choosen them myself for you. ” Feng Yue handed out the small box.

”Sister Yue, how can you choose some small present for dad? ” Feng Ma Ri smirked.
’Just a small present.
It can ’t compare to my gift. ’ Feng Ma Ri put on a proud expression on her face.

Fuang Cian Xie also smirked.
Everyone should know by now, who was the good daughter for Feng Cho Kang.

Feng Cho Kang accepted the small box.
He opened it and saw a pair of cufflinks and tie clip.
They suited his taste.

”You have bought this for me? ” Feng Cho Kang asked.

Like I have said just now, it is not expensive like Feng Ma Ri ’s gift. ” Feng Yue said.

I love it. ” Feng Cho Kang quickly said.

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When Feng Cho Kang said that, everyone wanted to know what Feng Cho Kang ’s first daughter had given him to make him express his feelings like that.

Feng Ma Ri and Fuang Cian Xie were also curious.
They glanced at the gift.

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