Speaking of Yu Qi ’s study, she had already entered in the last semester of her study at Starlight University.
After that, she would be attending 6 months of internship.

Yu Qi did not have any class anymore.
She mostly spent her time in the surgery room to watch and participate in the surgery that her professor led or at the corpse room to practice her skills.

Yu Qi also began to practice her surgery skill in the space with actual surgery.
Space provided the doll that had actual human organs as well as its blood veins and everything.
With that, Yu Qi ’s skills had improved so much.

Even her professors were astonished by her improvement.
Her professors could tell that their skills seemed to be inferior when comparing to her skills.

Because of that, Yu Qi had been invited by her professors to be their assistant in the surgery theatre.
Yu Qi got a lot of experience assisting her professors.

On the weekend, Yu Qi went to the office to settle the necessary doc.u.ments that needed her attention.
Her business had exploded when the promotional video about Qi Qi Skincare was released.
Not only the Qi Qi Skincare Brand became famous but her hotel ryokan, as well as her greenhouse, became the attractions for some people.

The visitors came and requested to enter the greenhouse.
Seeing this as a potential profit, Yu Qi suggested in the meeting for the greenhouse to be opened to the public.

However, it would be only on the weekend.
As also, the number of visitors that can be entered the greenhouse would be limited.

Yu Qi did not want the greenhouse to be packed with the visitors which could give a bad effect to all the plants in the greenhouse.
Like someone knocked off the plants to avoid collision with others.

Another suggestion that had been suggested by her employees was a sale.
The employees had suggested that they could sell the products in the greenhouse directly to their customers which were the visitors.

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The visitors that had experienced themselves by picking the fruits or anything that they wanted to.
They also could taste some of the fruits freely and could buy the fruits.

Yu Qi felt it was a good idea.
So, she immediately agreed to it.
Since Yu Qi could not return to Shiwa Town, Su Yu Hi went to inform the greenhouse about the changes.

After settling the company matters, Yu Qi returned to the university with a tired body.
Entering her room, she grabbed Aoi and went into space.

”I want to sleep first.
Wake me up after 6 hours okay. ” Yu Qi reminded her two little cuties.

”Okay, Master. ” Both of them answered at the same time.

Yu Qi went to her room and climbed onto her bed to sleep.
After 6 hours, Bo Ya and Aoi went to their master ’s room to wake their master up.

Master… ” Bo Ya climbed up his master ’s bed and placed his small hand on his master ’s cheek.

Yu Qi struggled to wake up.
But she forced herself to wake up.
”Thank you, Bo Ya. ” Yu Qi patted Bo Ya ’s head.

The boy looked very happy when getting pat from his master.
Yu Qi refreshed herself and began her usual morning training.
After a nice breakfast, Yu Qi sat in front of her laptop.

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Yu Qi opened the files that contained the information from Ling Zhu Yao ’s phone as well as Wei Hai Jin.
There was a lot of information telling that they were the sellers who sold the white powder.

The sales of the white powder were very making them a millionaire.
With that money, Ling Zhu Yao could live in the luxury.
She began to help her family by upgrading her family ’s status.

Ling Man, Ling Zhu Yao ’s grandfather was very happy with this.
He also wanted to upgrade his family ’s status however he did not have many chances to do so.
With his granddaughter ’s help, everything began to change.

Ling Man asked about the money.
Ling Zhu Yao made a lie that she was doing some online business by selling something like a t-shirt, mug, and something like that.

Ling Man did not want to ask more about it.
What thing that was most important was money.
The source of the money was not important at all.

Finally, Ling Man could stand up proudly in front of others.
Especially that Tang Jiang Man.
He never thought he would feel that he was equal to Tang Jiang Man.
He always bootlicked Tang Jiang Man, however, Tang Jiang Man always ignored him.

Ling Man felt that Tang Jiang Man would regret now because he had refused to marry one of his grandsons to his granddaughter.
Neither he knew that Tang Jiang Man did not think about that, not even for a moment.
That man was busy taking care of his herbs.

Yu Qi felt ridiculous about this when she read this.
With that money, Ling Zhu Yao felt good.
That money came from where she sold other women to others.

She tricked many women using white powder.
Then the woman being sold to a man, at worst sold to men.
To make the vic to obey her, she asked the man to record the video.
She also made sure the victim was being injected with the white powder.

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The white powder was not dangerous if someone had it in the small amount of them.
But if they continuously injected the white powder into their bodies, it would lead to the serious case.
Especially the internal organs, they might destroy.

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