’ ’What do you think about your father and that Tang Girl? ” Kang Pian Sue asked her son.

”Honestly, I don ’t know.
But I can assume there is something between them. ” Mu Li Zei expressed his opinion.

”That ’s right. ” Kang Pian Sue also thought that way.
”I think she is somehow related to us.
She has Mu blood. ”

”What? It is impossible.
She is not…
The age does not match at all. ” Mu Li Zei was shocked when thinking about that possibility.

”Son, remember those things can be tampered.
It is not impossible, though. ” Kang Pian Sue told her son.

”That ’s right. ” Mu Li Zei frowned.

His mother was right.
Things like that could be modified.
If something like that happened, Yu Qi might be his half brother ’s daughter.

If son or daughter from his half brother appeared, it would affect the will of his father.
His father loved his half brother so much that he might be biased and favour his half brother ’s son or daughter.

”We need to verify her identity.
You can start from the orphanage that she had been when she was a baby. ” Kang Pian Sue told the next move that Mu Li Zei should do.
”If you get nothing, you can do a DNA Test between your father and that Tang Girl. ”

”DNA test? I am not sure if I can get the sample from that girl. ” Mu Li Zei already felt that Yu Qi was not a simple and normal girl.

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However, Kang Pian Sue did not think so.
She thought that Yu Qi was just a little bit different than other girls.

”You can just hire someone to get her DNA sample.
You can select one of her friends for example.
Just some sad stories to get their help. ” Kang Pian Sue suggested.

You can use this story.
Tell them, that she looks like someone from our family.
So, you want to check her DNA but you don ’t want her to know yet. ”

Mu Li Zei thought for a few second.
”I see.
I will check the orphanage first but if nothing is useful from that, I will move to a DNA test ’s plan. ”

”If there is something, quickly inform me. ” Kang Pian Sue said.

”Yes, Mother.
I will inform you as soon as I get the information. ” Mu Li Zei nodded.

I want to spend time here. ” Kang Pian Sue waved her hand.

It had already become her hobby spending her time in her garden.
She already did not care much about her husband.
She had already done everything to get into his husband ’s heart but her husband did not open his heart to accept her love.

After trying so many times, Kang Pian Sue finally gave up.
Luckily for her, she got two sons from his husband with a little trick.
So, she just cared about her sons.

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”Oh, they are doubting my identity. ” A cold smile appeared on Yu Qi ’s lips.

These people did not know that there was another person who was watching and listening to their conversation.
Yu Qi was currently sitting in the Spirit Room.

Yu Qi decided to go to the Spirit Room after returning to her hotel from Mu Li Zei ’s house.
She could guess that the two mother and son pair would discuss about her matter after she left the house.
And Wala…
She was right.

The mother and son pair were doubting her relationship with Grandpa Mu.
So, they wanted to confirm it whether she had a family relationship with them.

”They want to find the truth.
Well, I can decide which truth that I will give to you. ” Yu Qi smirked.

However, there was something that Yu Qi heard from their conversation and felt confused about it.
The two of them said something that made Yu Qi wondered about it.

It was when Mu Li Zei said something, ’The age does not match at all ’.
What has he meant by that? What age? Match? Mu Li Zei seemed could believe that she is his half-niece.
Wait!!! Something is wrong here. ’ She needed to confirm something.

”Bo Ya, Aoi, I ’m going out.
I want to confirm something with my grandfather. ” Yu Qi told Bo Ya and Aoi.

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”Okay, Master. ” All of them walked out leaving the spirit room together.

”Master, let me follow you, ” Aoi said when Yu Qi was about to exit the space.
Aoi was a little bit worried to let his master went out alone since it was her enemy ’s place even though he knew his master was strong.
But he did not want to regret if something happened to his master.
Better followed her master.

”Oh, sure. ” Yu Qi did not think much about it.

So, Yu Qi and Aoi went out to the outside world.
Yu Qi gave a call to Grandpa Mu ’s private number.
After waiting for about one minute, Grandpa Mu answered the call.

Grandpa Mu: ”Yu Qi? ”

Grandpa Mu had already saved her number in case of emergency.
So, he knew who was the caller.

”Grandfather, where are you right now? ” Yu Qi asked.

Grandpa Mu: ”I ’m still in the office.
Why? ”

”Can I meet you tonight? I have something to confirm with you. ” Yu Qi asked normally.
She did not have what she wanted to confirm with Grandpa Mu.

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Grandpa Mu: ”Okay.
Meet me at the previous restaurant.
Be careful on the way. ”

Then, Yu Qi called Song Jue Rei that she would not join for dinner.
Song Jue Rei knew that her big boss had another job here.

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