Yu Qi went to the previous restaurant that Yu Qi went to meet with Grandpa Mu and Grandpa Sang.
Yu Qi was very careful and avoided the suspicious eyes who were spying on her movements.

Yu Qi quickly followed the waiter that led her to the one room.
In front of the room, there were two bodyguards that guarded the room.
As soon as the bodyguard saw Yu Qi, the bodyguards bowed down.

”Young Miss, come in.
Master has been waiting for you. ” One of the bodyguards said to Yu Qi.

”Your master? ” Yu Qi became more alert.

”Yes, Chairman Mu. ” The bodyguards answered the question.

”Open the door.
Let me see him. ” Even though the bodyguards told her, Yu Qi felt it was safe if she confirmed the truth first.

The bodyguards opened the door.
Yu Qi sneaked a peak.
Her eyes lifted up as she found her grandfather.
She then turned to the bodyguard.

”Sorry for doubting you guys and thank you. ” Yu Qi bowed a little to the bodyguards.

The bodyguards were stunned as they received an apology from her.
They did not expect that this girl would be so polite to them since they were just bodyguards.

”Grandfather. ” Yu Qi called Grandpa Mu.

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The bodyguards were stunned again as they heard the girl called their master.
’Grandfather ’

”Is she Master ’s granddaughter? ” One of the bodyguards asked his comrade.

”Master has two granddaughters.
But I have never seen this one. ” His comrade answered.

”She is very polite even though she became alert before she has seen our master. ”

That ’s right. ”

”Well, enough.
Let ’s not talk anymore about her.
If Master hears about this, he will be angry. ”

”Yeah. ”

In the room, Grandpa Mu looked at his granddaughter.
From the tone that his granddaughter used just now, it was urgent.

”What is the matter that you want to talk about? ” Grandpa Mu asked.

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”When did grandfather realise that my father had gone missing? How much time had passed when you stopped meeting with my father? ” Yu Qi got to straight the point.

”Huh? ” Grandpa Mu was startled to hear those questions from his granddaughter.

”Grandfather? ” Yu Qi tilted her head waiting for a response from Grandpa Mu.

Actually, Grandpa Mu did not want to talk about this.
It was his biggest mistake that he made, resulting, he lost his son.
If he could reverse the time, he really wanted to do it.

”It had been about 26 years ago.
I still remember that your father came home bringing a woman that I assumed she was your mother.
She was a beautiful woman.
But she did not have any good background that suited your father.
When I asked your father about her career, the woman answered that she was a scientist but not working here.
I have a bad judgement at that time.
I immediately assumed that this woman came to want to have a little fortune of Mu Family ’s money.
I was very angry with your father and that woman, I asked them to get lost.
I had not met him and that woman since then. ” Grandpa Mu answered.

There were some tears on the corner of Grandpa Mu ’s eyes.
He was very sad as he talked about this.
It felt he had done something wrong to his late wife, love of his life.
He swore to his late wife that he would take care of their son but failed to do so.

”I ’m sorry to make you remember that sad memory. ” Yu Qi placed her hand on Grandpa Mu ’s hands.

It already got the confirmation from Grandpa Mu.
26 years ago…
Something was not quite right.
She was just only 22 years old.
There were four years of gap when she thought it very thoroughly.

”Have you find them? ” Yu Qi asked again.

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”I have not.
I don ’t find any reliable clues as well.
So, the search was stopped.
But if I get some clues about your father whereabout, I will investigate the clues from where it comes from. ” Grandpa Mu said.
”But now when I have found you, I ’m thinking that your father and mother have already left this world. ”

It was the truth.
Before found Yu Qi, Grandpa Mu did not think that his son and that woman had already died.
He just assumed that his son was very angry at him because he did not allow his son to get married to the woman that his son wanted to spend his life with.

Until he found his granddaughter and knowing his granddaughter ’s life story.
His granddaughter had lived as an orphan meaning his son and that woman had already died, leaving his granddaughter.
Grandpa Mu did not know that Yu Qi had been left in front of the orphanage.

Yu Qi was thinking about something.
Grandpa Mu just did not know where his son was.
But when she remembered Mu Li Zei talked to his mother like he was 100% sure that his father had already died.
And that why they did not expect that she was related to them.

26 years ago…
Oh, it was why they said that the age did not match.
They knew that her father had already died 26 years ago.
They assumed that it was impossible for Yu Qi to be his father ’s daughter because she was only 22 years old right now.
There must be some conspiracy going on here.

”What has happened, Yu Qi? You look pale. ” Grandpa Mu immediately asked his granddaughter as he realized that she had turned pale.

I ’m okay.
I just feel tired. ” Yu Qi did not want her grandfather to know about her discovery.
It would be hard to explain to her grandfather since it was involving her space.

Her current concern was her grandfather ’s safety.
What if they had already began to plot against her grandfather?

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