Yu Qi had returned from Fanghai Nation after spending for four days together with Song Jue Rei.
Upon returning to Binhai Nation, Yu Qi received the notice that she would go to L Country because of the paper that she had submitted to her professor.

Her professor, Professor Su Man He, submitted those papers to the medical conference.
This time, the medical conference would be held in L Country.

Yu Qi needed to prepare for the medical conference since she would give a speech too regarding her research.
Only Yu Qi together with three other lecturers had managed to get a spot in the medical conference this time.

So, Yu Qi gave a call to her family and told them about this matter.

Auntie Ming Yue: ”Oh, Yu Qi? Are you doing fine? ”

Yu Qi: ” Yes, Auntie Ming Yue.
I ’m fine.
Is everyone good? ”

Auntie Ming Yue: ” Of course.
We are fine here. ”

Yu Qi: ”Then, it is good.
I ’m calling because I just want to inform you that I ’m going to L Country. ”

Auntie Ming Yue: ”Huh? For course? ”

Yu Qi: ”I ’m participating in the medical conference. ”

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Auntie Ming Yue: ”Huh? Wait a minute. ”

Then Yu Qi heard that Auntie Ming Yue asked Uncle Tang Jung Wen about something.
Since Auntie Ming Yue was still holding the phone while talking, she could hear what Auntie Ming e was asking about from Uncle Tang Jung Wen.

”Dear, where have our sons said they will be going for this time? ” Auntie Ming Yue asked.

”If I ’m not mistaken, it is L Country.
Why are you asking? ” Uncle Tang Jung Wen asked his wife back?

”Oh, meaning Yu Qi will go the same place too.
She says that she will be participating in the medical conference too. ” Auntie Ming Yue said.

”Really? This is great.
It is a great experience for her. ” Uncle Tang Jung Wen nodded.

Then Auntie Ming Yue returned to talk to Yu Qi back.

Auntie Ming Yue: ”My dear, your brothers are going to L Country too. ”

Yu Qi: ” Really? Who? ”

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Auntie Ming Yue: ”All of them. ”

Yu Qi: ”What? Including Brother Qin Hao too? ”

Auntie Ming Yue: ”Yeah.
Han Lee has told us during dinner just now. ”

Yu Qi: ”I see.
When are they departing to L Country? ”

Auntie Ming Yue: ”I ’m not sure about it.
Better you call one of them. ”

Yu Qi: ”Okay Auntie Ming Yue.
i will do so. ”

Auntie Ming Yue: ”Okay, my dear.
Take care of yourself. ”

Yu Qi: ” Goodbye Auntie. ”

Right after that, Yu Qi called Tang Han Lee.
She heard two ringings before someone picked up the call.

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Yu Qi: ”Hello.
Big Brother Han Lee. ”

Tang Han Lee: ”Oh, Yu Qi.
What ’s wrong? ”

Tang Han Lee asked like that because it was unusual for Yu Qi to call him directly.
She usually messaged him.

Yu Qi: ”Big Brother Han Lee, are you going to attend the medical conference in L Country this time? ”

Tang Han Lee: ”You know about it too? Yeah.
I have been invited by the organiser.
Actually, Jin Wei and Qin Hao also have been invited. ”

Yu Qi: ”I ’m going there too.
When will you get there? ”

Tang Han Lee: ”Probably, the day after tomorrow. ”

Yu Qi: ”I see.
I will see you there. ”

The call ended.

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The flight from Binhai Nation to L country was about 8 hours compared to Fanghai Nation that took 12 hours on the flight.
Yu Qi and Professor Su Man He, as well as the other two lecturers who were also participating in the medical conference, departed to L Country.

Yu Qi was very excited because it was the first time that she was coming to the medical conference as a formal participant.

After spending 8 hours in the air, they had arrived at the L Country ’s Airport.
There were a lot of people coming to the L Country this time.
Probably due to the medical conference.

Yu Qi saw a lot of different race here.
Japan, Europe, Arab and others more.
Then she saw someone whom she might know.
Probably it was a just flash.
When she wanted to take a proper look, that person was no longer there.

”Yu Qi, let ’s go.
We are going to check in the hotel. ” Professor Su Man He called Yu Qu when she saw Yu Qi was staring at something.

”Oh, okay. ” Yu Qi nodded and followed others.

As for Aoi, he was in her space.
Yu Qi would like to bring him outside.
But the procedure to enter the pet into L Country was too complicated, and Yu Qi did not have time to do it.
So Yu Qi decided to put him into her space.

Everyone had their charms.
It also applied to L Country.
L Country used its unique design and implemented them in their architecture.
Yu Qi was impressed with it.

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Thirty minutes of driving, they arrived at the hotel that they would stay during these three days.

Professor Su Man He settled the check in process and handed the key rooms to them.

”You can go anywhere you want but remember to be here tomorrow morning at 7:30 am.
I don ’t want anyone to be late. ” Professor Su Man He reminded them.

”Yes, Professor Su. ” They answered.

So, they went to their rooms.
Yu Qi entered the room and took a rest on the bed.
She reached out her phone calling for Tang Han Lee.

Tang Han Lee had already told her to call her after she had arrived in L Country.

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