Then the girl returned with an old man.
It must be that Grandpa Hua.
He was younger than Grandpa Tang.
That was for sure.

”Yes, Miss? I hear that you are looking for me.
Is there something matter that needs my help? ” Grandpa Hua asked while observing the young girl.
He did not know whether this girl came to his store to cause problem or not.

”Are you the one who taking care of these herbs? ” Yu Qi asked the same question.

”Yes. ” Grandpa Hua.

”Sir, the ways you taking care of these herbs are wrong.
You are ruining the herbs. ” Yu Qi told him.

Grandpa Hua was stunned.
’Are they want to make trouble in this shop? Who sends them? ’

”Why do you say so? ” Grandpa Hua asked.

Yu Qi started to explain.
At the first, Grandpa Hua did not believe the girl.
He thought that she talked nonsense but when he heard the detail of the herbs, he was stunning.
The girl was indeed an expert in this area.

”You are an expert.
I never meet someone at your age has knowledge in this area. ” Grandpa Hua placed his admiration.

”Of course, our little sister is amazing.
She is the disciple of Tang Jiang Man. ” Tang Jin Wei felt proud.

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”Tang Jiang Man…
Tang Jiang Man…
Is that the legendary doctor? ” Grandpa Hua was shocked.
”Wait… ” He looked at Tang Han Lee.
The more he looked, the bigger he opened his eyes.

”Are you related to that legendary doctor? ” Grandpa Hua asked.

Grandpa Hua had seen the legendary doctor before.
He was very good looking.
He was just like this man that stood in front of him right now.

”We are his grandchild. ” Tang Han Lee said something simple.

But to Grandpa Hua, it was something big.
He did not expect to see the legendary doctor ’s grandchild here, in his shop.
Meaning this young girl that been explained to him just now was that legendary doctor ’s granddaughter.
No wonder she was an expert on the area.
She must be learning from her grandfather.

”Thank you for explaining everything to me.
I will change my method to take care of these herbs. ” Grandpa Hua expressed his gratitude to Yu Qi.

It ’s okay.
By the way, do you sell some herbs seed? ” Yu Qi remembered the reason she was here.

”What ’s kind of seed are you looking for? ” Grandpa Hua asked.

”Spirit Glass, Weitang, Lanbori, Qongsia and Xilan. ” Yu Qi listed the herbs that she wanted.

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”Miss, do you want to plant the seed by yourself? ” Grandpa Hua asked.

”It is present for my grandfather. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Oh, okay.
We have those seeds.
Wait for a moment.
I will get them for you. ” Grandpa Hua quickly ran to the back door.

After waiting for a while, Grandpa Hua returned with different bags.
Grandpa Hua placed the bags on the place.

”Miss, here…
Look at this. ” Grandpa Hua showed the seeds to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi looked at the seeds.
They were a good seeding.
Grandpa Tang must be happy receiving these presents.

”Do you get the seeds that you want? ” Tang Han Lee also looked at the seeds.

I get it.
Grandpa must be happy with my presents. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”How about others? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

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”For Aunties, I probably will buy them Wanfei Fabric.
I will ask someone to design the clothes for them.
For Uncles, I ’m still thinking of it.
Big Brother, Brother Jin Wei, can you suggest what to buy for uncles? ” Yu Qi did not know about her uncles ’ preference.
So, she did not have ideas to buy to them.

”Big Brother, what did our father like? ” Tang Jin Wei turned and asked Tang Han Lee.
He rubbed his chin as he thought about it.

Tang Han Lee also made a face thinking about that.
Little Sis, why do you buy this Wanfei fabric to mother and Auntie Su Xiao? Is there something is special with this fabric? ”

”The fabric is very beautiful.
It is a local product here.
We can get this fabric outside of L Country but the price is a little bit higher compare when we buy this fabric in L Country itself.
And what makes it so special is the thread is been woven by using a special machine.
It also uses the silk thread to make the fabric. ” Yu Qi explained the detail to her two brothers about the Wanfei fabric.

”Well, why don ’t we buy that fabric for them too? ” Tang Jin Wei suggested.

Is brilliant.
Why did I don ’t think about that before? ” Yu Qi was excited.
”They can also wear custom made clothes matching with their wife.
Nice one, Brother Jin Wei. ” Yu Qi showed a thumb up.

”Of course.
I ’m brilliant. ” Tang Jin Wei lifted up his face feeling proud.

Let ’s make payment for this seeds and buy the fabric. ” Tang Han Lee put a stop to Tang Jin Wei.

So, Yu Qi made the payment.
The place that the fabric had sold was at Wanfei store.
The place was about 1 kilomtere from their current place.

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The seeds that she bought just now, half of them would be given to Grandpa Tang while the another half would be given to her greenhouse.

The seeds were rare in the Binhai Nation.
Yu Qi already knew that they could grow up if the soil was mixed with the water in the lake in her space.
The water lake was almost a magical water.

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