Finally, the three of them had returned home.
Auntie Ming Yue and Auntie Su Xiao were like detectives.
They seemed to know that their sons and nephews respectively were somehow injured.

When Auntie Ming Yue and Auntie Su Xiao demanding an explanation, Tang Han Lee sighed.
He guessed that his mother and auntie would not stop until they knew the truth.

So, Tang Han Lee told everything to them.
The first thing that came out from his mother ’s and aunt ’s mouth was ’Good job. ’ At first, he did not understand what his mother and aunt had meant.

”I ’m praising you two.
Good job on protecting your sister.
Our family must be protecting each other when a disaster comes. ” Auntie Ming Yue said passionately.

”Of course.
We will protect our little sister. ” Tang Jin Wei lifted his face proud.

”But in the end, Little Sis was the one who had beaten up those men. ” Tang Han Lee sighed.

That sentence made Tang Jin Wei put off the arrogance on his face.
It was Little Sis ’s doing. ’

”Don ’t mind that. ” Auntie Ming Yue patted his eldest son ’s shoulder.

”I think I need to take some class for it.
Then, I can protect Little Sis. ” Tang Han Lee thought and said.

”That is a great idea, Big Brother.
I will join you. ” Tang Jin Wei nodded.

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”You can go and rest first.
I will cook some soup to nourish your bones. ” Auntie Ming Yue patted Tang Jin Wei ’s head.


After staying one night at Tang Residence, Yu Qi returned to Starlight University by bus.
The family wanted to send her but Yu Qi had refused.
She did not want to trouble others.

As she returned to her room at the hostel, Yu Qi entered her space.
It had been a long time since she had entered the space.

The two little cuties ran towards her, greeting her.

”Master, I miss you. ” Aoi ran around his master.

I don ’t have time.
Don ’t worry.
I will get you out from here, okay? ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Welcome home, Master. ” Bo Ya smiled.

”Yeah, Bo Ya. ” Yu Qi replied to Bo Ya ’s greeting.
”I will cook for you later.
For now, I have some work. ”

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Yu Qi entered her room and opened the computer.
She wanted to see whether to see her skills could be used in L Country or not.

She could not shake off the feeling that she had been watched by someone.
She wanted to detect someone from the surveillance cameras.

So, Yu Qi hacked into the venue where the medical conference had held.
Nothing was suspicious found in the record.
She sighed.

”Bo Ya, do you see someone weird on that day? ” Yu Qi asked Bo Ya.

Bo Ya thought for a second.
When I heard you said that you felt that you had been watched.
I scanned around you but found nothing.
Probably that person was good at it. ”

”Probably. ” Yu Qi sighed.
”Well then, let ’s leave it here.
For now, let ’s cook. ”

”Yeah!!! ” Aoi shouted happily.

Let ’s go. ” Bo Ya also shouted.


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Yu Qi read some reports that her employees gave to her.
Her Qi Qi Skincare sales for two months was rising up.
It had been predicted to rise more.

Qi Qi Skincare only had two physical stores.
The products needed to be stocked since the product would sell quickly.

As for the online store, they had been receiving a lot of orders per day.
The director of the factory requested Yu Qi and Su Yu Hi to employe more workers since they had a lot of orders to complete.

As for YQ Investment, the money kept entering like water.
The investments that she had made, were making a lot of profits.

The most interesting news was Qiaosu Entertainment, the entertainment company that she had acquired before, had undergone some changes.

As Yu Qi made the rules, where everyone could fight for the resource that they wanted without worrying about the rank.
However, there was someone who wanted to disobey the rules.

Xian Anli, an actress.
She was a B grade actress.
Her acting was not so bad but she did not feel confident to get the resources that she had wanted to.

So, she turned to one of the directors of the Qiaosu Entertainment.
She got the resource that she had wanted but that was not so long.
The company directly cancelled that job for her.

Feeling upset about it, she went to complain to the director who had helped her to get the resource.
Unfortunately for her, the director had ended up getting fired by Su Yu Hi.

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Su Yu Hi had already planted his spy among the management to take care of the company since his hands were already full with other things.

He played his power nicely even other shareholders could not rebut.
Some of the directors agreed with the decision since they knew about that director ’s l.u.s.t.

Xian Anli became scared when she heard about the director getting fired.
She was afraid that she would be the next one to be fired.
But that had never happened.
However, she had got a warning letter from the upper management.

Everyone knew about it.
The actress, the singers, the dancers and all of the entertainers in the Qiaosu Entertainment began to improve their skills to be noticed and getting selected for the resources.

And Yu Qi heard another hot story.
Her employees had been talking about it.
When she was walking behind the employees who were talking during ther lunchtime with their friends, Yu Qi had been stopped by the story.

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