Long Hui ignored the women and paid full attention to his beloved Qi Qi.
Everyone was not as important as his beloved Qi Qi.

”Brother Hui, are you on holiday? ” Yu Qi asked Long Hui.

For two days. ” Long Hui answered.
”Let ’s go. ” Long Hui brought Yu Qi and entered his car.

Then, his phone was ringing.
His face showed an annoying expression.
He felt that he did not want to answer the phone.

”Who is calling you? They seem to have urgent matters.
You should answer it. ” Yu Qi looked over at the ringing phone.

Long Hui followed his beloved Qi Qi ’s instruction.
Long Hui picked the phone.

”Hello. ” Long Hui answered the phone.

”Second Brother, why are you so slow in picking my call? ” A lively voice could be heard on the phone.

Yu Qi looked at Long Hui interested to know who was behind the call.
The voice she had never heard before.
And he was calling Long Hui as ’Second brother ’.

”What do you want? ” Long Hui asked in an annoyed tone.

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”You are on holiday, right? Then you definitely have time right now. ” At first, the person seemed to be asking Long Hui a question then, he had confirmed himself that Long Hui had free time right now.

”How do you know that I ’m currently on the holiday? ” There should be no one who knew that he was off duty right now except for the military.

”Fourth Brother has told me. ” The person answered it fast.

’That annoying creature. ’ Long Hui rolled his eyes.

”Then, what do you want? ” Long Hui asked the person on the call.

”Second Brother, today is the First Brother ’s wedding.
You can attend it then.
We are waiting for you. ” The person told Long Hui.

”His wedding? ” Long Hui suddenly felt that he had remembered about it.

Remember to come, Second Brother.
We are waiting for you. ” The person had ended the call without waiting for Long Hui to agree.

Long Hui looked at his beloved Qi Qi.
”Qi Qi… ” He called her.

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What is it? ” Yu Qi tilted her head to the right.

”Actually today is my First Brother ’s wedding.
Do you want to go? ” Long Hui invited Yu Qi.

”Your First Brother? ” Yu Qi did not know that person.
To think about this, she knew less about Long Hui.
It was a great opportunity to know more about Long Hui.
”Sure, why not? Where is the wedding being held? ”

”At Jinxue City.
Two hours from here. ” Long Hui told her.

Yu Qi looked at her watch.
It was currently 9 am in the morning.
”When will the wedding start? ”

”Probably in the afternoon. ” Long Hui told Yu Qi.

Yu Qi looked at her outfit and Long Hui ’s outfit.
Their outfits were not suitable for the occasion.

”We need to change our outfits first.
Let ’s go and buy some clothes. ” Yu Qi said.

”Okay. ” Long Hui nodded.
He did not need to think about anything.
His beloved Qi Qi is always right.

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The two of them drove to the shop that sold formal clothes.
The shop helper welcomed the two into the shop.

”Welcome to La Praris. ” The shop helper displayed a professional smile.

”We will like to purchase one female outfit and one male outfit. ” Yu Qi informed the shop helper.

”Which style do you like to purchase, Madam? ” The shop helper asked.

”Brother Hui, do you know which theme your First Brother ’s wedding has? ” Yu Qi turned to Long Hui.

”I don ’t know. ” Long Hui did not pay attention much to his First Brother ’s wedding.
If that person had not called him, he would not remember and could spend his precious time with his beloved Qi Qi.

Yu Qi sighed.
She would know this.
Well, Yu Qi could select anything that looked nice.
Yu Qi wanted to select the clothes for Long Hui.
She browsed many clothes for Long Hui.
The clothes that she browsed were very stylish.
She was sure that Long Hui would look very very good in these clothes.

”Qi Qi, you don ’t need to choose so intensely. ” Long Hui did not think much about his appearance.

”Of course, you can ’t.
Even though it is just another a wedding but still, you need to have better appearance. ” Yu Qi did not look at Long Hui at all.
Her eyes were still on the suits which she was choosing and thought which one was better for Long Hui.

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While his beloved Qi Qi was still choosing the suit for him, Long Hui ’s eyes looked around the dresses.
Then his eyes spotted one particular dress.
It was a dark turquoise green colour.
The dress seemed to call for him.

”Miss, pick this dress for me. ” Long Hui called one of the shop helpers.

”Of course, Sir.
Wait for a minute. ” The shop helper nodded.
She took the dress and brought it to Long Hui.

”Bring the dress to the lady with me. ” Long Hui ordered.

The shop helper brought the dress to Yu Qi.
Yu Qi had already made her choice.
She had chosen the suit for Long Hui.
The suit was black combined a turquoise colour in its gorge and lapel.

”Qi Qi, here is your dress. ” Long Hui pointed to the dress that the shop helper was holding.

”We do synchronise. ” Yu Qi commented when she saw the dark green turquoise dress selected by Long Hui.

We do.
You choose this suit? ” Long Hui asked.

You will look nice in it. ” Yu Qi smiled while imagining Long Hui in that suit.

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Long Hui approached Yu Qi.
He pulled Yu Qi by her waist.
”I know you will like me better without anything on. ”

Yu Qi was stunned.
She did not expect that Long Hui would tease her like that in front of others.
Her face became red.
She looked around.

The shop helpers who were with them also showed some red faces.
Meaning they heard the sentence.

”Shut up.
Hurry up and put the suit on. ” Yu Qi grabbed the dress from the shop helpers and ran to the fitting room to avoid the embarrassment.

Long Hui just smiled as he grabbed the suit that his beloved Qi Qi chose for him.
He slowly stepped up into the fitting to get changed.

The shop helpers were still hanging around.
Their topic was about the earlier couple.

”That is the most beautiful couple that I have ever seen. ”

They match each other a lot. ”

”Look when they choose the outfit for their partners. ”

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”They have a matching taste too.
Look when they choose the colour. ”

”They have probably discussed among them before. ”

”I don ’t think so.
The lady seemed to have trouble earlier. ”

She can not decide which is more colour suitable for the man. ”

”Then, the man has gone to search for the dress and he has spotted that dress.
He has immediately chosen that dress.
The lady has not noticed the man has gone away from her.
There is no chance that the lady knows what the man will choose that colour. ”

”By the way, do you hear the man saying something just now? ”

It is so embarrassing. ”

”His body must be amazing without clothes on. ”

”That ’s right.
I ’m imagining it… ”

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”Idiot. ”

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