Yu Qi ended the call.
She turned to her friends.
”Sorry girls.
I have something to do.
Will catch up with you later. ” Without waiting for any answers, Yu Qi went to the parking lot where she parked her car.

Her friends were stunned at the place.

”Our friend is very busy. ” Mei Lilli commented.

”She must receive some bad news just now. ” Song Ha Ting said.

”Probably. ” So Pang Lim nodded.

Yu Qi drives to her office.
Thankfully, it was not past the office hour yet.
She needed to discuss something with Su Yu Hi and Ming Xuehai.

Brother Xuehai and Brother Yu Hi, are they in their office right now? ” Yu Qi asked one of the employees while walking in.

”Yes, Miss Yu Qi. ” The employee answered.
She did not expect to see their boss today since their boss told them that not to disturb her unless something happened.
That was what Su Yu Hi told the employees.

Thank you. ” Yu Qi thanked the employee and walked to Ming Xuehai ’s office first.

After knocking the door, Yu Qi opened the door.
”Brother Xuehai, come to the meeting room now. ” She then left.

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Ming Xuehai was stunned as he heard the voice of his boss.
He could see Yu Qi in a second before she left.
Without waiting for any longer, he stood up and went to the meeting room.

Next was Su Yu Hi ’s room.
Su Yu Hi liked to let his door opened.
Yu Qi also knocked.
Su Yu Hi heard that sound and lifted his face up.

”Come to the meeting room, Brother Yu Hi.
There is something that I need to discuss. ” Yu Qi told him.

”Okay. ” Su Yu Hi immediately left his current work and followed Yu Qi ’s order.

When Yu Qi and Su Yu Hi entered the meeting room, Ming Xuehai was already in the room.
They took their seat.

”Before that, I will tell you.
It is not about our work.
It is my personal business.
I need your help, Brother Yu Hi, Brother Xuehai. ” Yu Qi bowed.

”Why are you being so formal with us? ” Su Yu Hi chuckled.

”You can ask my help at any time, Miss Yu Qi. ” Ming Xuehai said.

”If that is the case, I will not hold up. ” Yu Qi smiled.
”It is about one orphanage, Harmony Orphanage.
It is located at Sun City. ”

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”What is this about? ” Su Yu Hi asked.

”The government requested the owner to empty the building since they want to take the land to develop some projects. ” Yu Qi began to explain.
”They did compensate the orphanage with money but looking at the time given to empty the location is suspicious. ”

”You suspect that there is foul play in this case? ” Ming Xuehai began to understand where was this discussion going to be.

The notice seems to come in hurry. ” Yu Qi told them.

”I see.
The land belongs to who? The government or the orphanage? ” Su Yu Hi asked.
It was a related question.

”The orphanage.
That is why the government have to compensate otherwise the owner of the orphanage would leave with nothing. ” Yu Qi sneered.

”So, what do you want us to do? ” Ming Xuehai asked.

”Brother Xuehai, I need you to investigate the purpose of the government want the land and what they are trying to do with that land.
If you find any foul play, in this case, record it.
That would be useful later. ” Both sides of Yu Qi ’s lips curved up as her cold eyes glint.

Ming Xuehai and Su Yu Hi looked at each other.
’She will try to do something. ’ That was what they thought when they saw the look on Yu Qi ’s face.

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”As for Brother Yu Hi, I need you to accompany me tomorrow to locate those kids to their new house. ” Yu Qi looked at Su Yu Hi.

”New house? ” Su Yu Hi was thinking.
The orphanage, meaning there would be many kids.
They would need a big house at the beginning.
So, where would the house that could fit all of the kids?

”Don ’t worry.
I have found a good house for them. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Where? ” Su Yu Hi could not help but ask.

”My house. ” Yu Qi answered it confidently.

”Your house? Is Tang Residence would be enough for them? How about your family? Are they okay with that arrangement? ” Su Yu Hi knew Tang Residence.

”Who says that they will move into the Tang Residence? ” Yu Qi asked.

”But you say your house. ” Su Yu Hi rebuked.

Yu Qi laughed.
I mean my house at Shiwa Town.
I build a mansion.
It is so big that they can live inside it. ”

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Su Yu Hi recalled the mansion located at Shiwa Town.
The location was very good that there was a lake nearby.
”I see.
That is indeed good. ”

”There will be a lot of works to complete.
The kids need to be transferred to the school at Shiwa Town as well.
It probably will take some time to finish that. ” Yu Qi sighed.
”Tomorrow, I will go to Sun City to settle this.
I hope you can accompany me tomorrow. ”

By the way, why are you so concerned with that orphanage? ” Su Yu Hi asked.

”I was left at that orphanage when I was a baby.
They save me.
They took me in before the rain falls.
Otherwise, I would die. ” Yu Qi was very grateful to the orphanage.

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