The news about Yu Qi being in the night club seducing men was still hit.
Adding to Yu Qi ’s outburst at a female student, making her hot in the discussion.

Yu Qi obviously ignored the situation like she was not the one on the discussion.
However, people had been talking so much even the university management team also started to look for the student.

Then, they found out that she was a medical student.
And 4th year A student who had even participated in the international conference this year.
Her research had been recognised by other medical organization.

With her performance, it was impossible for the student to behave in an immoral act like seducing the men.
The student also had a handsome boyfriend, to begin with.

Other students found out that the university management time had investigated about Yu Qi ’s matter.
They could not wait to see the result.

After some of waiting, the university management team cleared the news about Yu Qi.
There was a notice stated that the students should not waste their time on something like this.

They also mentioned the news about Yu Qi.
The news was fake.
They had also investigated news from the story.

”Humph! She comes from a wealthy family.
She must have paid the university to make her looked good outside. ” One female student said.

”Yeah. ” Her friends nodded.

However, they never knew that the people that they talking about was just behind her.
Even the after the university management had cleared this rumour.
Yu Qi glanced at the notice

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Yu Qi frowned.
She walked to the library and saw Mei Lilli there.
Mei Lilli also saw Yu Qi.
She came and greeted Yu Qi.

”Yu Qi. ”

”Hmmm… ” Yu Qi replied to the greeting.

”I heard your news on the page is still available.
And the views are still increasing. ” Mei Lilli informed Yu Qi.

Yu Qi thought about it.
Looks like someone is playing some tricks behind it. ”

”Yeah, that is what I am thinking about before. ” Mei Lilli nodded.

”Well, I will handle it later. ” Yu Qi smiled.


She leaned on the chair.
Her face showed a wicked smile.
She had already found out the person who was behind the scene.

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”Yi Su Ran…
Yi Su Ran…
You should have lived your life.
You should not bother about others lives. ”

Yu Qi mumbling alone.
Yeah, the person was Yi Su Ran, lackey of Fung Meng Xuan.
Of course, the person who had spread the news on the internet was someone else.
But under Yi Su Ran ’s orders.

This person was very careful.
He did not use his own equipment for the job.
He used the public computer and even used his other account.

Yu Qi grinned.
It was time for her to display her skills.
Her fingers started to dance around the keyboard.
She wanted to find out the person who had posted the picture and the article.
And the way they had made the story about it, had amused Yu Qi.

After one-hour of typing the codes, Yu Qi finally found out the person behind it.
She grinned.
She was sending messages to that person.

Snow: Yo.
Nice to meet you.

The person on the other side was surprised as he was doing something on his computer.
He should not receive any message on this username.
It was a private username.

Snow: Your skill is amazing.

Shiro: Who are you?

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Snow: The one who wants to appreciate your talent.

Shiro: What do you want?

Snow: Do you want a proper work at the same time maintaining your other works?

Shiro frowned.
This person knew him very well.
But he did not want to surrender yet.

Shiro: Don ’t disturb me.

Snow: Han Baise.
20 years old.
Current address, No.
1289 Baxie Street, Wenya City.

Shiro: You…

Shiro was shocked as he read the sentence.
This person knew where he was currently living.

Snow: So, what do you think?

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Shiro: What do you want?

Snow: I want to hire you for five years.

Shiro: What job do you want me to do?

Snow: Well, I ’m running a business.
I want you to be in charge of the IT department.
Well, it is the front.
I probably will have you to help me with various things.

Yu Qi was waiting for the answer.
The person on the other side used such a long time to think about this matter.
She did not mind waiting for the answer.

Shiro: Okay.
I accept it.
Can I ask you a question?

Snow: Sure.

Shiro: I think you are more powerful than me.
Why do you need me?

Snow: Well, I ’m kind of busy.
I can not handle it by myself.
That is why I want to hire you.
Is my answer fine?

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Snow: First, you can come to my office tomorrow.

Shiro: The address?

Snow: No.
485, Erha Street, Wenya City.

Shiro: Your office in Wenya City too?

Snow: Yeah.
You can come at 2 pm.
I hate latecomers.

Shiro: Okay.

Yu Qi leaned on the chair feeling satisfied with the result.
Hiring someone who had skill would be able to help with developing her company.

”Master, has something happened? ” Aoi looked at his master noticing her smile on her lips.

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”Hmm, why? ” Yu Qi asked.

”You look so happy right now.

”I have found another employee for my company.
His computer skill is very good. ” Yu Qi told Aoi everything.

”Oh, good for you, Master. ” Aoi felt happy for his master.

”Let ’s enter the space.
I will cook something for the two of you. ” Yu Qi mentioned cooking.

Aoi from laying down position quickly stood up.
”Yes, Master.
Let ’s go. ”

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