”Tang Yu Qi, what have you done to my cousin? ” Yi Ren Shiang came forward and looked at Yi Su Ran.
”I will report to my uncle, telling him that you want to kill my cousin. ”

Yu Qi did not respond to that accusation.
However one of the female students who had just witnessed at the scene before rebuked.

”Hey, your cousin wants to kill Tang Yu Qi with that knife. ” She pointed the knife that was still in Yi Su Ran ’s hand.

I record the video. ” Another person said to Yi Ren Shiang.

Yi Ren Shiang was surprised to see it.
Two hours ago, she was talking to Yi Su Ran.
Yi Su Ran was very angry that the news about her getting the abortions had spread.
When she asked Yi Su Ran if she had any idea who revealed the news to others, Yi Su Ran firmly believed that it was Yu Qi.

Now, Yi Su Ran was trying to kill Yu Qi.
And it had been witnessed by a lot of people.
Right now, Yi Ren Shiang really wanted to distance herself from Yi Su Ran.
She was afraid that this matter would affect her as well.

”Call her parents. ” Yu Qi said to Yi Ren Shiang.

”What? ” Yi Ren Shiang was thinking so she could not catch what Yu Qi had said to her.

”I said, call her parents. ” Yu Qi repeated the question.

”For what? ” Yi Ren Shiang asked a foolish question.

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”To settle this matter, of course.
I think that she is not fully mentally stabilized.
So… ” Yu Qi could not manage to finish the sentence as Yi Ren Shiang had interrupted her.

”How dare are you say that she is crazy? If not because of you… ” Yi Ren Shiang closed her mouth before she said something else.
It was a secret.
Everyone should not know about it.

”If not because of me, what? Do you dare finish the sentence? ” Yu Qi smirked.

Yi Ren Shiang needed to complete the sentence.
Otherwise, people might suspect something.
But what else could she said at this time?

”Because you have stolen her lover. ” Yi Ren Shiang just threw some nonsense.

”I have stolen her lover? ” Yu Qi let out a small laugh.
”Tell me, who is her lover? ” Yu Qi questioned Yi Ren Shiang.

Yi Ren Shiang was having a problem right now.
Seeing Yi Ren Shiang could not reply to her question, Yu Qi turned to other students.

”I don ’t steal anyone ’s lover.
My boyfriend and I love each other.
I ’m pretty sure that I ’m his first love.
And do you think because of that reason, she can attack others? ” Yu Qi asked.

”What has happened here? ” Mrs Gu, the warden stepped forward.
She could see Yi Su Ran who had already lost her consciousness, Yi Ren Shiang who held Yi Su Ran on the ground and Yu Qi who was standing beside then while looking at those two girls.

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”Mrs Gu, apparently Yi Su Ran has wanted to attack Tang Yu Qi with the knife. ” One of the onlookers who had seen the whole thing told Mrs Gu.

Mrs Gu frowned and looking at the knife which was still in the Yi Su Ran ’s hand.

”Mrs Gu, they are lying.
You can not believe them. ” Yi Ren Shiang wanted to protect Yi Su Ran.

”Yi Ren Shiang, you have come late.
Yi Su Ran has indeed attacked Tang Yu Qi.
If she has not managed to avoid Yi Su Ran ’s knife, she will be laying down there instead.
And Tang Yu Qi has just made Yi Su Ran faint because she does not want Yi Su Ran to attack her again. ” Another onlooker voiced what she had seen before.

Hearing that, Mrs Gu sighed.
It would become a tricky situation if she did not handle it well.

”First, Yi Ren Shiang, pull the knife from Yi Su Ran ’s hand.
And lift her and bring to the guest room first.
As for others, please return to your rooms first. ” Mrs Gu began ordering other students.

”Tang Yu Qi, you can return to your room.
We will settle this matter tomorrow. ” Mrs Gu looked at Yu Qi.

”Thank you, Mrs Gu. ” Yu Qi nodded.


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Yu Qi had been called by the university management team.
She knew it must be because of yesterday ’s matter.
She wondered whether they had already called Yi Su Ran ’s parents.

When she stepped in the office, her eyes spotted Yi Su Ran, Yi Su Ran ’s parent, Mrs Gu and another two men whom she did not know.

When Yi Su Ran ’s mother, Yi Han Tong saw at Yu Qi, she wanted to pounce at Yu Qi but Yi Su Ran ’s father, Yi Dang Kui held his wife.

”You evil creature, how dare you to harm my daughter again? ” Yi Han Tong shouted angrily and Yu Qi.

Yu Qi just kept her mouth tight.
She did not even respond to Yi Han Tong ’s shout.

”Mrs Yi, in this case, Yi Su Ran is the one who has tried to harm Tang Yu Qi. ” Mrs Gu explained to them.

”Where is she injured? She is fine. ” Yi Han Tong pointed at Yu Qi.

”Is Mrs Yi mean that I need to be injured first to bring this matter to justice? ” Yu Qi began to open her mouth.

”Or is Mrs Yi mean that I need to be laying on the bed or in the coffin to make you believe that your daughter has attacked me with the knife? ”

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”What are you saying? ” Yi Han Tong became agitated.

”Shut up!!! ” Yi Dang Kui said to his wife.

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