A week later, the good news came.
All of their applications were accepted by their chosen hospitals.
As Ding Na An had suggested before this, they would celebrate at Rose Night Club.

Like before, Yu Qi drove her car, bringing in the four girls with her.
This time, Yun Xiao also joined them.
He was also in a good mood since he also had been accepted by his chosen hospital.

When he heard that they wanted to celebrate, he would like to join as well.
But the girls said that he needed to go to the club by himself since the car was full.
Well, he did not mind it at all.

The girls arrived at the club.
Yun Xiao was already waiting at the parking lot.
They went to the entrance.
Like before, two tough-looking men were guarding the entrance.

They had been requested to show their ID Cards before entering the club.
As they stepped in, loud music can be heard.

”This time, I have already booked a room for us.
It is better than last time. ” So Pang Lim said proudly.

”Oh, you make some preparation.
What if you might not be accepted? ” Mei Lilli asked.

”Well, I will drink in the name of sorrow. ” So Pang Lim grinned.

The other four girls looked at So Pang Lim speechless.

”By the way, let ’s order some drinks and snacks. ” Yu Qi suggested.

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”Yes. ”

”By the way, Yun Xiao, how do you come here? ” Ding Na An asked.

”Well, I have asked someone to send me. ” Yun Xiao grinned.

”Good, then.
I have thought you come here in your motorcycle. ” Song Ha Ting said.

”I know that I want to drink.
It will be dangerous then. ” Yun Xiao shook his head.

”I will not drink.
I ’m driving. ” Yu Qi said.
She remembered Long Hui ’s warning that reminded her not to drink without his presence.

When she remembered the things that she had done with Long Hui, she was blushing and faked some coughs.

”Are you okay, Yu Qi? ” Ding Na An asked when she heard that Yu Qi was coughed.

”Oh, nothing. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

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The drinks came in.
So Pang Lim and another two girls still ordered a weird beautifully looking c.o.c.ktail.
Yun Xiao ordered some beer.
Yu Qi and Ding Na An just ordered some cola.
They drink happily.

Then, their door was knocked from outside.

Yu Qi carefully opened the door, afraid that outside the room was some kind of gangsters.
That would be bad for her friends.

Outside the room, a waiter was standing with a tray containing some food.
Yu Qi frowned.

”What is this? ” Yu Qi asked the waiter.

”It is from Mr Black. ” The waiter said with a standard smile.

”Who is it, Yu Qi? ” Ding Na An stood up and came to look.

”Miss, please receive them. ” The waiter said again.
”Otherwise, I may lose my job tonight. ”

Yu Qi sighed.
”Wait. ” She quickly scanned and tried to smell whether the food had been drugged.

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Seeing no drug had been added in the food, she was relieved.
That Mr Black probably wanted to make peace about the last incident.

”Tell Mr Black that I have received it.
I thank him for this. ” Yu Qi said and nodded to the waiter.

”Thank you, Miss. ” The waiter bowed before leaving there.

”Are you sure this food is good? ” Ding Na An looked at the food in the tray.
She still felt suspicious about this food.

”Don ’t worry.
You can believe my nose. ” Yu Qi pointed to her nose.

”Oh, okay. ” Ding Na An knew about Yu Qi ’s ability to distinguish any smell.

”Hey, here.
Some food. ” Yu Qi told her friends.

”Oh, you have ordered this, Yu Qi? ” Mei Lilli asked.

Because she did not want to be questioned by her friends, she just nodded.
”Let ’s eat some. ”

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Song Ha Ting pulled Mei Lilli to get out from the room and went to the dance stage.
Those two drunkards danced until they had managed to get some attention from the men around.

The men approached the drunk girls attempting to bring these two girls away.
Not like they knew, the two drunkards had their knights beside them.

Yu Qi approached the men and pushed the men away.
The men wanted to fight back.
That when the light flashed on Yu Qi ’s face, they froze.

They remembered this girl before.
It was the girl who had beaten up the Young Master Han without mercy or scare.
Even Mr Yan, the person in charge of this Rose Night club had helped her before.

This girl must have some connection with the owner of this Rose Night Club to have Mr Yan help her because Mr Yan was known as a person who would only obey to the owner of Rose Night club.

The men ran away leaving the place.
They did not want to die yet.

Yu Qi was feeling weird when she saw the look that the men had given her.

It seemed that they were scared of her.
’ Have I done something to them? I have just pushed them only. ’ Not like she had let her aura out.

The two drunk girls danced until they were tired.
So, they returned back to their room.
Yu Qi ordered some water for them.

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”I ’m so happy. ” So Pang Lim suddenly said.
”But I ’m sad too. ”

Her friends turned and looked at her.

Mei Lilli asked her.
”Why do you feel sad? ”

”I want a boyfriend too.
Others already have their boyfriends. ” So Pang Lim cried out.

I ’m still single, okay. ” Mei Lilli rebuked.

The only one who had a boyfriend was Yu Qi and Ding Na An ’s story was in progress.
Others were still single.

”I want a boyfriend too. ” So Pang Lim ignored Mei Lilli and still talked about wanting to have a boyfriend.

Yun Xiao looked at So Pang Lim with a different expression.
Yu Qi noticed it.
Well, she would not intervene.
She would let them handle themselves.

The night ended up with So Pang Lim mumbling about wanting a boyfriend for the whole night.

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