Chapter 639: The Welcome Gift

Yu Qi thought that she had become famous in the Rose Night Club ever since Mr.
Yan had helped her in solving the problem.
When the people wanted to disturb So Pang Lim and Mei Lilli, after seeing Yu Qi, they ran away immediately.

Yu Qi did not want to hack their informations forcefully since they helped her once.
Better ask someone else.
Probably Su Yu Hi knew about the club.

Yu Qi messaged Su Yu Hi.

Yu Qi: ”Brother Yu Hi, are you busy right now? ”

Su Yu Hi: ”Why? ”

Yu Qi: ”Well, can I ask you something? ”

Su Yu Hi: ”Suspicious. ”

Yu Qi: ”Eh, why are you saying that? ”

Su Yu Hi: ”Nothing.
What do you want to ask me? ”

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Yu Qi: ”Do you know Rose Night Club? ”

Su Yu Hi: ”Yeah.
I have gone there twice. ”

Yu Qi: ”Do you know its owner? ”

Su Yu Hi: ”Why are you asking that? ”

Yu Qi: ”Well, he has helped me in some matters.
I just want to say thanks. ”

Su Yu Hi: ”Oh, he has helped you? ”

Yu Qi: ”Yes, he has helped me but not directly.
He has asked his subordinate to help me. ”

Su Yu Hi: ”Sorry to disappoint you but I don ’t know him. ”

Yu Qi: ”Okay.
Sorry to disturb you.
Good luck on your date. ”

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Yu Qi just wanted to tease Su Yu Hi.
She did not know that Su Yu Hi was together with someone at this time.

Su Yu Hi was currently sitting on the stall with Song Su Jin, speechlessly.
’Is she spying me? ’ He could not help but to look around.

”Brother Su, what are you looking for? ” Song Su Jin noticed Su Yu Hi ’s behaviour.
”Is there someone around? ” Song Su Jin already looked around.

What she afraid was the presence of a paparazzi.
They might take some pictures and make some fake articles to have their sales increased.
They would not even investigate whether the story was true or not.
They knew sometimes their articles might destroy others ’s lives but still in order to increase the sales and fame, they did not care.

It is just Yu Qi. ” Su Yu Hi said.

”Miss Tang? ” Song Su Jin looked around again.

”She has been texting me.
And she said, ’Good luck on your date. ’ I subconsciously have thought that she is around. ” Su Yu Hi explained.

Song Su Jin listened to that explanation and realized the situation.
She blushed and faked some coughs.

Well, it is not a date.
Just having dinner together. ” Song Su Jin said.

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”I do treat this as a date. ” Su Yu Hi suddenly said in the serious tone.

”What??? ” Song Su Jin was very shocked to hear that.
Her face started to turn red.
To hide her embarrassment, she did not even lift up her face and only faced her food.
”This food is delicious.
Let ’s eat. ”

Su Yu Hi looked at her.
He chuckled.
He thought that it was cute when she would act like that.
It seemed that he needed to classify the matter later in a better place.
He would let her be for now.

Yu Qi thought about Han Baise.
He had lived in this city for a long time.
He must have some information about the Rose Night Club.

She opened her chat room with Han Baise.

Snow: ”Yo. ”

After waiting for a while, Han Baise entered the chat room and replied her message.

Shiro: ”What? ”

Snow: ”Are you busy right now? ”

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Shiro: ”Well, not in particular.
Why? ”

Snow: ”I have some matters to ask you.
Is it okay to ask now? ”

Shiro: ”What is it? ”

Snow: ”Do you know about Rose Night Club? ”

Shiro: ”I know. ”

Snow: ”Do you know who is the owner? ”

Shiro: ”Why do you want to know and why don ’t you just find the information by your own? ”

Snow: ”Well, they have helped me.
So, I don ’t want them to have trouble about that.
So, I have thought you must have this kind of information. ”

Shiro: ”You have found the right person.
Take it. ”

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Snow: ”Thank you. ”

Shiro: ”You are my boss.
No need to say thank. ”

Snow: ”Of course, I need to.
You are helping me. ”

Yu Qi clicked on the link that Han Baise gave her.
It was a complete information about Rose Night Club.
She was stunned as she read the information.
Then she chuckled.

”No wonder he has helped me. ” Yu Qi understood why the owner of the Rose Night Club lent his hand to help her.

He was someone that Yu Qi knew but they were not close at all.
Probably because of his friend, he did it.
Nevertheless, she was grateful for what he did.

”I will express my gratitude later. ” Yu Qi smiled.


Han Cooperation had been declared bankrupt when the head of the Han Family had been caught in the corruption scandal.
After that, several cases had been re-investigated again because of his involvement.
Everything belonged to the Han Family had been seized by the authorities.

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”I have never thought that a good family like Han family will go bankrupt like this. ”

”It was a good family.
Now, it is not anymore. ”

”The previous head was a good person.
That is why the family is prosperous.
This Head is not from the Han blood line.
He has been married into the Han family and selected as the head after the previous Head has died since the previous head only had a daughter. ”

”I pity the wife.
Her good life is destroyed. ”

”No need.
Because the current wife of the Han Head is not the daughter of the previous head. ”

”What? ”

”She has died a long time ago.
The current wife was the mistress of the current head when the first wife was still alive.
And their son is not from the Han bloodline. ”

”Oh, that young man who called himself as Han Young Master? ”

The son of the first wife has been chased out from his house by his own father.
Cruel, isn ’t it? ”

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”No wonder, they are bankrupt. ”

Everyone had been discussed about the Han Family.
Han Baise finally got the news.
He chatted with Yu Qi right away.

Shiro: ”Is that your work? ”

Yu Qi at the moment was eating with her friends when she heard the notification from her phone.
She looked at her phone and noticed that it was a text from Han Baise.
She smiled.
Probably the news had hit his ears.

Snow: ”You have heard? ”

Shiro: ”They are talking about it.
I ’m stupid if I don ’t know about it. ”

Snow: ”I have told you that is your welcome gift. ”

Shiro: ”Thank you. ”

”Yu Qi, what are you doing? ” So Pang Lim asked when seeing Yu Qi had stopped eating and looked at her phone.

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Yu Qi just smiled and put down her phone.
”Nothing. ”

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